Today see’s the ingress of Mercury into etheric and spiritual Pisces in the afternoon. We begin today with the Moon in assertive Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn, sextile Jupiter in Aquarius, while trine Juno in Sagittarius. This can see the early part of the day driven and enthusiastic to push for big changes in regards to laying down fresh foundations and expanding in positive directions. With Jupiter in Aquarius this may have a social or community aspect to it, or involve the internet, humanitarianism, or simply just off beat or eclectic ideas and endeavors. With the Moon squaring Pluto, this is a very driven and even somewhat obsessive energy that can see tunnel vision around making something happen or pushing a transformation through. Mercury, planet of communication, short distance travel and commerce, enters reclusive and mysterious Pisces at 3:26 PM PST. This Mercury cycle will square Mars in multitasking and plate spinning Gemini, and can see a transition process, and this can be a bit loopy and disorienting, as Mercury in Pisces is more artistic, idealistic, and creative than rational. There may be one thing or situation dissolving, while there is a sort of scramble to get another more firmly established. Or it can be a case of simply keeping everything afloat while adapting to changing situations or increased activity in some area. Adaptation will be a key theme here, as this will represent a period of flux, but also one of eventual renewal, as the Sun and Venus also enter Aries this week, indicating fresh starts, and new initiatives. Certain things are just getting off the ground now, or are in a process of coming back to life. Evening see’s the Moon in late Aries sextile Mercury fresh into Pisces and conjoin Uranus, giving hints at tomorrows innovative, inspired and creative atmosphere. The Taurus lunation will embody a theme of working some practical magic and manifesting some ideals into reality. There may be some challenges to work around this week, but there’s also a lot of idealism, innovation, and determination to see certain things through.


This morning begins on an inspired but determined note, with the Moon in practical Taurus conjunct innovative Uranus, sextile Mercury in imaginative Pisces, while going on to square Saturn in Aquarius. This can see some challenges to navigate around, and with the Moon also squaring the asteroid Hygeia, for some, this may have a health or healing component in some way, shape or form, but the lunar square to Saturn which builds in strength in the later hours of the day offers a lot of emotional resilience to see challenges of any kind through, or to make the best of any situation that may be less than ideal at the moment.  The lunar conjunction to Uranus can see some excitement, shocks or surprises, or strokes of genius and innovation, combined with a steady energy that grounds the current. With Venus and the Sun both linking up to Neptune and Pluto it’s possible for powerful, and perhaps long avoided reforms to be taking place from deep within that can almost feel spiritually guided or ordained somehow. A process of surrender, healing, and release. The Sun and Venus’ movement through Pisces has brought people into contact with others or illuminated certain things in an almost pre-ordained fashion. Certain others that have just the information or medicine needed to enter into a sort of sacred initiation process that has been long overdue, inevitable. Fated.  Mercury, now fresh into Pisces, begins it’s square to Mars in Gemini today, which will see a long-ish period of adaptation, flux, dissolution, and possible confusion or uncertainty. This aspect is a bit drunk at the wheel, but Mars in Gemini makes a stable trine to Saturn, which guides the trip like a master shaman. The desired destination is clear, but the pathway there may require a release of expectation, surrender and acceptance of things beyond our control, compassion, faith, belief in our dreams, as well as a good dose of innovation, imagination, a willingness to experiment with different approaches or perspectives, and creative problem solving. Today may require a stoic and steady discipline, as new ways of doing things or new foundations are on their way to being more firmly established, while deadweight or old cycles are in a process of dissolving and mutating. There can be a bit of a rebellious energy to the Taurus lunation, and a sort of spunk and desire for excitement. This resourceful, willful, independent, and inventive energy can help make an otherwise “serious” or practical process feel like a sort of adventure or epic mission. Tomorrow can see optimism and idealism building, and there can be evidence that things are heading into a more positive direction and truly transforming. 


Today see’s the Moon in Taurus square Jupiter in Aquarius, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto. This can see some impactful experiences, perhaps even a sort of larger than life energy. A lot of serendipity and a sensitivity to what is perceived can be felt, and things can also feel pregnant with meaning, or in the very least there could even be some well timed, lucky breaks or significant breakthroughs, subtle but powerful shifts, or experiences that cut right to the point of a matter. A semi square to Chiron can suggest some vulnerabilities that need to be faced, but over all there is compassion present. The Moon/Jup square can make us want to make everything as easy as possible on ourselves, and these contacts tend towards a bit of laziness or indulgence, and in the very least, a need for things not to be made any more difficult than they need to be, as it’s clear that some big shifts are happening. New beginnings, fresh initiatives, signs of life and renewal are right around the corner, and with the Moon in tactile Taurus joining the Sun and Venus in Pisces in contact to Pluto and Neptune today, there can be some viscerally stimulated ideals today and something can be so close to actualizing that we can taste it. Optimism and the power of positive thinking can really help facilitate a good practical focus amidst a sort of unwavering idealism. It bears mentioning that today is a holiday revered by alcoholics the world over, and it’s possible the evening could see a loosening of inhibitions and of peoples tongues. With Mars and Mercury both square, it’s possible for subtle undercurrents of tension, but Mercury in Pisces prefers to slink off and avoid confrontation, sticking to more indirect approaches to any sort of intelligence gathering.  In the final hour of the evening, the Moon in Taurus sextile Venus in Pisces. This can see the wee hours focused on pleasure, enjoyment, creativity, beauty, and/or relationships to others. There are some definite turning points and transformations happening in regards to these matters, and there can be a focus on making things more idyllic. Tomorrow can see certain things illuminated, with an emphasis on meetings and communications. With Mars in inquisitive Gemini, there’s a desire to get to the bottom of something and shine a light on any fuckery or confusion or expose any inconsistencies or even outright deceptions. Mars trine Saturn seeks out congruency and stability to make sure that future foundations are sound, and that anything being set up for the future can stand the test of time, as many are entering experimental ground, but there is still some murkiness or uncertainty to clear up as old situations dissolve. 


Today begins with the Moon in late Taurus, sextile the Sun and Venus in Pisces, trine Pluto, and square Mercury. Today can see some interpersonal or even commercial or creative situations reach some sort of breakthrough. The afternoon see’s the Moon in the most urgent and final degree of Taurus making a conjunction to Mars in Gemini, which see’s the emphasis on meetings and communications growing. There could be some significant interpersonal encounters today that can be very illuminating or impactful, as well as beneficial. There appears to be a desire to get to the bottom of something or cut right to the essence of things, perhaps shine a light on whatever has been submerged or obscured. There can also be a desire to bring relief, clarity or aid to someone who is distressed or vulnerable somehow. There is a lot of compassion here. Regardless of how this transpires, there can be some very compelling pulls, and an almost investigative curiosity amidst a lot of mystery. There’s a highly spiritual component to interactions and exchanges that happen now. For some, todays mathscape can see this transpire around creative or commercial endeavors, and some sort of breakthrough can be occurring here. For others, the potential for significant meetings with others is too emphasized to ignore. There is definitely a desire to talk here, perhaps about deeply psychological and spiritual things, or to swap secrets or obtain privileged information, provide healing, or simply get some things off our chest. There can be something healing about interactions or meetings that transpire now, and meetings can occur in person, with the Moon in physical Taurus in the first half of the day. Compelling spiritual pulls can draw people together, there can be a lot of serendipity at play, with an emphasis on pleasure, creativity, harmony, selfless compassion, spirituality and healing. It seems the universe is facilitating some sort of breakthroughs. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 4:47 PM PST, emphasizing communications and information gathering even further. The lunar conjunction to Mars is determined to confront something here, perhaps some sort of mystery, uncertainty, or some lack of consistency. This can also see an emphasis on networking here, but this day can be significant commercially, financially, and/or interpersonally, and in relation to goals for the future somehow.  Perhaps whatever Mars confronts or unearths, or whatever contacts are facilitated leads to a sense of more stability or certainty about the trajectory of a project, endeavor, or relationship. It’s possible more consistency or integrity is brought to a situation and we can feel more certain of ourselves, new connections are established, or something or someone proves themselves to be reliable and steady amidst a lot of change and fluctuation. The Moon goes on to trine stable Saturn in the evening, and there can be a sort of success here or a feeling of having conquered some demoralizing forces or feelings of uncertainty (Moon square Mercury in Pisces.) Not everything is clear, and we may not be entirely out of the woods with regards to figuring it all out, but a strategy, and even networks or connections can be in place that are solid. 



Today see’s the Moon perfect a conjunction with Mars which can see the end of the week get off to a busy and talkative start. Whatever has come to light or been facilitated via talks or networking can be bringing more courage and confidence in the path we are taking, and it’s also possible something has brought some healing, with the Moon sextile Chiron for the first portion of today. With lunar contacts to Mars and Saturn, there can be some challenges to navigate but there’s a desire to nail something down and really get it settled. The later portion of the day brings a lunar trine to Jupiter and this can see optimism and a feeling of expansiveness and positivity around new foundations or trajectories. A lunar square to Neptune in the evening can see some uncertainties, unknowns, or some lingering doubts, but with Mars trine Saturn, and the Moon conjunct Mats, there’s a decided push to clear the fuckery out of the way. Idealism and sensitivity can be very high,  and in some cases perhaps it’s more a sensitivity to what is not said or what is not known that can be at issue. A lack of information or experience in something, or something being deliberately obscured? Regardless, things look ultimately positive, and optimism can be fueled by positive networks or a feeling of having a supportive community base. Mercury in Pisces now sextile Uranus can bring some powerful moments of psychological awakening, insights,  or revealing spiritual downloads, so whatever is submerged will work it’s way to the surface, regardless of whether there are actual efforts to deceive or submerge information. This includes ways that people lie to themselves, so this can be very positive for spiritual and psychological growth. It can also be interesting for commercial endeavors, which can tend to have a very idealistic, humanitarian, and spiritual component, or there is something unique and futuristic or ahead of it’s time about it. This aspect can be spiritually and psychologically revitalizing and invigorating, with bursts of inspiration and insight coming left and right. Very awesome for artists or spiritual healers. Also interesting for the markets, as old things dissolve and make way for new and futuristic or humanitarian trends. Tomorrow see’s the Sun’s annual ingress into Aries, which places emphasis on new beginnings, new growth, new initiatives, and renewal. Spring has sprung. 


Today is International Astrology Day, and the Sun moves into Aries, marking the Spring Equinox. The Moon in Gemini goes on to square Venus in 29 degrees Pisces, while squaring Neptune and trine Jupiter. This can see idealism very high, and combined with Mercury squaring Mars and sextile to Uranus, any attempts at fuckery, manipulation, or deception of self or others will be very difficult to conceal and very obvious to the trained and even untrained eye.  In any case, if there is any way in which you have been lying to yourself or avoiding self honesty, or if there have simply been things that you haven’t been seeing clearly, these aspects will help facilitate awakenings. The Moon squaring Venus in the final degree of Pisces can see certain interpersonal or financial situations dissolving, to make way for a fresh era and a renewal. There can be optimism felt around leaving something behind that may have been somehow demoralizing or less than fulfilling. This can also impact areas of self worth and earned income. A new and self affirming path is being forged, perhaps involving more independence and self empowerment somehow.  The Moon in Gemini goes on to Square the Sun in the early evening, now freshly in Aries, and this can see a certain forthrightness and a desire to push for clarity and a liberation away from anything that has negatively impacted confidence, independence, or morale.  Anything demoralizing or muddling is being confronted, left behind, and broken away from, energetically, psychologically, spiritually, interpersonally, or otherwise. This mathscape harkens new beginnings and a period of renewal and liberation from undermining forces, from either within or without. The Moon’s shift into Cancer tomorrow morning, along with Venus shifting into Aries can help facilitate cathartic release from muddling forces and an inner alignment with a more life and self affirming trajectory. Healing. Renewal. Rebirth. 


Today see’s Venus move into independent and pioneering Aries, seeing new beginnings, regarding relationships (business and personal), finances, values, and self worth. The Moon enters comfort seeking Cancer, to trine Mercury n Pisces, and squaring the Sun, Chrion and Venus in Aries. In some ways, this can see some goodbyes to a past that is no longer viable. There can be some vulnerability present as the winds of change thrust us into a new, perhaps more independent direction, but this will be very healing. The Moon goes on to sextile liberating Uranus, and along with it’s trine to Mercury in sensitive Pisces, this can see some insightful, even cathartic conversations or realizations. There may even be some surprising news. Again, with the Moon squaring Chiron there may be a bit of vulnerability in the atmosphere, but what is clear is that for the sake of healing, and authenticity, radical new approaches need to be taken. This can mean that any cloying influences or even emotional hangups or insecurities that are mucking up progress need to be broken away from and transcended in order to pursue a path more in alignment with our true will. This can see new initiatives taken within relationships to others, either financially or otherwise, more independence is sought. The new period of growth that lies ahead will require freedom from constraints and a lot of room to breathe. Interesting, revealing and enlightening discussions can be had today, and there can be a lot of psychological and/or spiritual realizations. Perhaps this is facilitated via friction with others on the one hand, with a simultaneous kismet with a different set of folk, or just an inner alignment with self and a commitment to further self realization and development. Perhaps what is transpiring now and over the coming Venus cycle has been long overdue. This period can see some goodbyes but also some hellos. It’s possible for some the hello in question is standing in the mirror. For others, fresh starts with others or new partnerships, personal, creative, or financial can see new life breathed into them. There could be some challenges as a radical authenticity is being embraced, but this can have a very healing and spiritual component that can feel guided by something higher. 


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