Today see’s the Moon in Cancer trine Mercury and Neptune, and squaring Chiron in Aries for the first part of this morning. Any lingering butthurt or vulnerability fades as the day progresses, and the feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings can have us feeling highly idealistic. We can be sensitive and impressionable in regards to communications, and our antenna can be picking up all sorts of impressions from the world around us, as this is a highly receptive energy. There’s a lot of compassion and understanding to go around. The Moon opposes Pluto as the day wears on, and this can see something felt or perceived really make impact, and there are some major transformations and shifts taking place. With the Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries now, there are some new beginnings interpersonally, commercially, or financially taking place, and it’s a fresh new chapter unfolding. This week can see a sort of transitioning and settling in process, and we end the week with a Full Moon in Libra, heralding an end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, particularly in relation to partnerships and alliances. Some may be graduating to entirely new levels within a relationship, a phase representing a new mutual milestone. To those of you getting hitched or engaged or reaching some other “next level” phase, congratulations. Others may be taking more independence or autonomy, walking away entirely, or dipping their toes into new waters with new folks. Regardless, an old phase is dissolving. For others this can involve new phases in business partnerships or commercial enterprises. With Mars in Gemini trine Saturn, it’s a busy and transitional time and there’s a lot of plates to spin, but it’s leading to more stability or getting something more firmly established for the future.  This evening can be comfort seeking and reflective, as there may be a lot of intense changes to digest. This is a highly idealistic, sensitive, artistic, and deeply intuitive atmosphere, and it can be easy to Vulcan mind meld or pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others. The freshness and enthusiasm of the Sun and Venus in Aries will really begin to be felt when the Moon enters Leo tomorrow afternoon PST. 


Today begins with the Moon in the late degrees of Cancer, seeing the first half of the day focused on establishing a new comfort zone or safe space, and getting hunkered down and settled in for an exciting new phase after a process of transformation, change, and for some, a cathartic release. Minor lunar aspects to Mercury and Mars can see a lot of busyness and activity surrounding getting more comfortable with or around something. Some people may even literally be settling into a new space or in some sort of transition. Such transitions don’t necessarily have to be physical, they can be mental, emotional, financial,-or even in regards to the internet or technology. The Moon enters charismatic Leo at 2:56 PM PST, to trine the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries, while going on to oppose Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Taurus. This can see the beginning stages of a very healing, liberating, and empowering process. Relationships to others are very highlighted now, and those that most facilitate our autonomy, independence, and personal empowerment will grow in value and importance during this Venus cycle. But in the simplest of terms, this is a time of fresh beginnings, courage, and most importantly,- a time of healing. For some, this can see a breaking away from oppressive and stagnating forces that inhibited growth, pleasure, joy, and all the things that make life worth living. These configurations can be somewhat invigorating, even if it accompanies some challenges or an uphill climb of some kind. There is renewal and healing in the air (and the smell of blossoms!) Spring has most definitely sprung, and the Sun and Venus in Aries has the Goddess Aphrodites in a fiercely independent frame and beaming with vitality and passionate healing life-force. If the tail end of Pisces season had you feeling somewhat down, it’s possible to feel a sense of things springing back to life again, even if there are still some challenges to navigate. Today can contain the excitement of new and pioneering paths, and there can be surprises, perhaps a bit of an unstable energy, but very easy to find things to be enthusiastic about. With Venus conjunct Chiron now, the Universe conspires to put us in touch with people who have the energy medicine our soul needs to advance itself, heal, trigger untapped potentials, and strike inner gold. Beautiful. A new journey unfolds and it’s fresh and revitalizing. Signs of new and positive growth begin to appear. 


This morning begins with the lingering presence of the Moon in Leo syncing up to the Sun, Venus, and Chiron, an energetic impression of healing, renewal, passion, and vital life force. Today see’s the Leo Moon also form a sextile to Mars in Gemini, while opposing Saturn and trine Uranus. This signifies the residual effects of a breaking away from oppressive or demoralizing influences, or taking a path that requires we individuate ourselves and embrace more independence and authenticity. In some ways, the lunar/Saturn opposition can create a feeling of loneliness or even of feeling abandoned or isolated on our path, but this strengthens self love, self esteem, and our sense of identity in the long term. There is a feeling of self assurance and motivation with the lunar sextile to Mars, and this can see a push ahead take place today, with an action oriented and ambitious, enthusiastic, and motivated energy. A healing and compassionate streak can also be present with the lunar/ Chiron contact, and a sense that we are headed into a better time. There can be a deep inner knowing that even if there’s hardship or struggle, -or even some loneliness, that we’re on the right path and just have to keep on trudging forward, onward and upward. Later, a lunar opposition to Jupiter can add to excitement and optimism, and there may be a sort of extravagance and self indulgence here, as if there is something to celebrate, and perhaps there is! Regardless, it’s still wise to seek some moderation, but this shouldn’t be difficult as Saturn keeps us in check, realistic, and focused on goals-(at least, today it does…tomorrow may just be a good excuse to party). Even if there are positive signs of progress and advancement, there’s also a feeling that we can’t rest on our laurels about it and we still need to “keep that same energy.” The Moon forms a trine to Juno in Sagittarius and this can see supportive relationships that benefit our personal growth come into focus. The Leo lunation can see warmth and enthusiasm amidst a whole lot of change, and many can be entering phases of life that are completely new to them, but it seems the Universe has a peculiar way of bringing us into contact with guides who have the wisdom or medicine we need to navigate these new, and perhaps foreign experiences or phases. 


Today see’s the Moon void of course in Leo, suggesting a pause or perhaps just a period of just taking it all in. The one aspect the Leo Moon holds for the first portion of today is the opposition to Jupiter, which suggests a sort of celebratory atmosphere, and a sense of excitement and optimism about the future. This can see today focused on simply having a good time, indulging in some well deserved fun or play, or simply idealizing about the future from the vantage point of the progress made thus far. Yesterday may have seen a motivated push forward, and for the most part of today, perhaps we sit back and take some of it in, while enjoying some well deserved entertainments, fun, or imbibements.  The Moon enters perfectionistic Virgo at 8:25 PM PST, going on to trine Uranus, and this can see the weekend get off to an anxious, anticipatory start, with a whole lot of changes or perhaps some cram sessions happening, and a feeling that “anything can happen.” Maybe some last minute problem solving or improvisation around challenges. There may be some surprises or the unexpected to contend with this weekend, maybe some hiccups, or extra work, so keep an eye on pets, don’t lose your keys, and do what you can to ground your energy or sooth your nerves, as this weekend see’s the Full Moon, of which the build up to can feel intense, with a lot of nervous energy, and perhaps a bit of (probably unnecessary) worry warting. As for the rest of this evening, we could be in analytical and experimental frame, or perhaps focused on tweaking our approach to something, ironing out imperfections, organizing, minimizing, simplifying, purifying, and tying up loose ends. A feverish spring clean, a sageing the fuck out of your life? A new appliance or new tech to adapt to? A new approach to health, work or diet? A more streamlined use of time or an adaptation process to a new schedule, lifestyle, or environment? Who knows?…. It’s Sunday the 21st of March as I write this, so hello from the past as I write about the future! NEATO! *Waves.*



Today can be pretty busy, perhaps a lot going on, (or a lot trying to go on anyway) with the Moon in opposition to Mercury in sleepy Pisces, while trine Uranus and square Mars in multitasking Gemini, burnout or a high-strung sort of impatience on top of weariness from all of the changes is but one possibility. A lunar opposition to Neptune later on adds to the looniness of it all, and there can be a little bit of worry or anxiety over a full schedule and a lot of unknowns. As they say, worry is wasteful. But what appears to be happening in this math to with the Moon and Mercury both squaring up to Mars while the Moon also opposes Mercury in Neptune is that maybe we’re pushing ourselves to take on even more when our plate is already plenty full. Like “I MUST BE PRODUCTIVE 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME EVEN WHILE I’M ASLEEP.” Or perhaps we’re being asked to consider taking on more by others when we’re barely managing and still adapting to the plates we’re already spinning, and in reality maybe we need more time. Maybe we need a nap. Maybe we need a rest. Maybe we need a soak in the tub. Idk. (Again, I’m writing this from the past.)  In either case, there could be some unexpected communications or drop ins, or some unexpected news or happenings, that although may be exciting on the one hand, the possibility for nervous overwhelm, tension, or exhaustion is also a possibility. There may be vague worries to keep at bay, or anxiety over whether we can keep up with it all, and keep the plates spinning, while perhaps also meeting unexpected demands on our time, energy and attention. Conversely, as mentioned above, there is the alternative possibility for some, where perhaps we are pushing ourselves to take on and do and engage with more, when we really need to be checking in with ourselves, with the body, mind, and soul, in order to gauge what our true needs of the moment really are. So under the Virgo lunation build up to the Full Moon, do yourself a favor and check in with the body before you overcommit yourself to more to-ing and fro-ing, more driving, more peopling, more busy work. Given these configurations, a certain level of nervous excitement, indecision, and squirreliness looks unavoidable, but it’s possible to channel this into something constructive and neutral, like cleaning or getting more organized. Anything that can help avoid unnecessarily amplifying tensions or allowing anxiety or worry to exacerbate a full moon atmosphere. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo go on to trine Pluto while still opposing Neptune and making minor tense aspects to Saturn and Uranus, and a square to Juno. There can be a slight feeling of being a bit drained, and maybe a bit under pressure, but over all, signs of healthy transformations and a feeling of heading into new and empowering territory. In spite of somewhat draining influences, we can rise to the challenges before us, and there can be a feeling that the things unfolding are ultimately good for us anyhow. There may be a need to negotiate our timetables, schedules, and energy levels with others. Ask for what you need. Rest. Seek solace. Replenish the body and the spirit if you can. The Moon enters Libra at 10:22 PM PST, placing the emphasis on relationships with others. Big changes and shifts are happening here, and there can be some vulnerability felt as the Moon opposes Chiron. It’s highly likely that many people are simply just totally fucking drained from navigating so many changes over the last few weeks, and that includes the usual “sturdy” folk that people tend to lean on in a crisis or a time of need. So there can be a need to skillfully communicate if you’re one of those people that folks tend to lean on when they’re down and out, -but you happen to be totally tapped, sapped, and in need of a dirt nap. The Full Moon will bring up the dichotomy between self and other, being on the Libra/Aries axis, so everyone will need to act in their own best interests. Don’t be guilted into ignoring your own needs or boundaries if you really need to be tending to yourself and minding yours. It’s a matter of striking a balance between self and other, and with the Sun and Venus in Aries, it’s okay and even *healing* to act in your own best interests and desires. So tune into that. (You’ll be glad you did).


The Full Moon in Libra occurs today at 11:48 AM PST. 

This Full Moon opposes the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries, and trines Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. There may be a slight conflict between our own needs and those of others to negotiate here, and there is a trend towards more independence and self interest. Other peoples wants/needs/desires may be somewhat out of sync with our goals and trajectories and this may take some diplomacy skills. For some, this is a mere issue of timing and circumstance, and a little breathing space can work wonders. For others, this can be more complex, such as an actual conflict of interests, values, or longterm objectives, and is actually resulting in a more permanent parting of ways, or in the very least, a totally transformed dynamic.  Needless to say, the lunar opposition to both Venus and Chiron can create some vulnerability, as many are being called at this time to place their own healing and their own interests above the interests of the “We”. Naturally, this can bring up some tensions and complexities. But people have much more to offer to others when they allow themselves to become whole inside, so tending to, growing, nurturing, satisfying, and cultivating the “me” ultimately benefits the “we” anyhow.  The Moon goes on to trine Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, while the Sun and Venus in Aries sextile’s Saturn, with Mars keeping the baseline strong with it’s steady Saturn trine. This can see a really beneficial path being taken, that has positive implications for the future. For some, it could involve the formation of strong partnerships and alliances, or the strengthening of already existing partnerships and alliances. Others are negotiating more independence, freedom and autonomy for themselves within a sturdy, stable, loving, and reliable partnership, -and/ or in regards to their work or financial life. Still, others are negotiating themselves the fuck out of partnerships that were really, really bad for them, and maneuvering themselves into positions of autonomy, self empowerment, and healing, perhaps via the assistance of special alliances. Overall, regardless of how this is currently transpiring for you specifically, the results are intended precisely for your healing, development, and personal empowerment. 


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