This morning begins with the Moon in Libra, trine Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius, and square Pluto in Capricorn, which can see the early morning hours motivated towards the future with a desire to transform situations, and set things on to a new and more promising path, interpersonally, socially and otherwise. For some this can see a desire to wipe the slate clean and begin a whole new epoch with more promising potential. A lunar sextile to Juno can see a pull towards relationships that encourage growth, optimism, learning and freedom. With both the Sun and Venus in Aries sextile Saturn, with Mars in Gemini trine Saturn, there’s an emphasis on fresh starts with longterm implications. Mars trine Saturn can see us busy laying down new longterm foundations. With the Moon having just been Full in partnership oriented Libra, and now squaring up to Pluto, there’s a deep element of transformation to this, and in some ways, waving goodbye to a particular era.  For some there can be a certain driven intensity to this, and relationships (business and/or personal) can evoke a certain amount of preoccupation or deep thought, as we transform the landscapes of our lives and contemplate our next moves into the future, and who belongs there with us, and how.  Mercury now perfects it’s conjunction to Neptune which can see an inspired and dreamy atmosphere, a lot of dreaming and fantasizing, excellent aspect for creative flow, imagination, and vision. This can also see us rather sensitive and impressionable, as well as highly idealistic, and we can be seduced by beauty, color, sound, and anything inspiring. In many ways there is still much we are thinking and dreaming about, and Mercury will join the action oriented “fresh start brigade” in Aries on Saturday evening, which can see certain communications initiated that perhaps have been contemplated for some time. Late this evening, at 10:33 PM PST, the Moon enters reflective and sensitive Scorpio, which can see us go within to contemplate more radical changes and taking some risks. The Mercury/Neptune conjunction adds an element of fantasy, creativity, and a touch of the fantastical to this, and the Scorpio lunation can see us challenged to bring certain high ideals down to reality. 


Today see’s the Moon in intense Scorpio squaring up to Saturn in Aquarius while opposing radical Uranus. There can be certain changes or moves we’re contemplating here that might have an element of risk or unconventionality to them. With the Sun, Venus and Mars also aspecting Saturn this may be something that has been a long time coming or something we’ve thought about for a while. This could involve partnerships, money, creative projects, aesthetics, or any number of Venus ruled endeavors, but whatever it is, it’s something that is in alignment with our own empowerment, autonomy, and independence. Anything or anyone that doesn’t support a sense of enlightened self interest is being tested, and whatever or whoever doesn’t bolster self empowerment will have it’s durability and feasibility questioned as a new era continues to gather steam. Today can see an unpredictable atmosphere, and perhaps a bit of rebelliousness in the air. There may be a need to release certain inhibitions around certain moves or risks we may be contemplating, and a late night lunar trine to Neptune can be of assistance here in regards to visualizing desired results. With Mercury spending it’s final week in Pisces, there is an element of wrapping up loose ends to this mathscape, as we step more fully into a fresh, liberating, personally empowering,- and even deeply healing era. One that has been a long time coming. The Mercury Neptune conjunction suggests that there’s no rush, and taking our time and stepping in gently can help ensure more stability in the future. You can’t rush perfection. This aspect also highlights the beauty of “the process” of whatever fresh starts, endeavors, or interactions are getting off the ground now.  In either case, the lunar square to Saturn indicates a sort of clearing the way, in order to make way for new foundations that can feel really promising. Although the Aries placements can be impatient to get things going, Saturn knows the value of patience and making sure things are done properly and not gone about sloppily or hastily. This way, the potential and promise contained within the fresh starts offered by the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries aren’t wasted, squandered or sabotaged by overeagerness, impetuosity, or a hurried enthusiasm. Look to the house in your chart that Aries rules to see where it is that you’re clearing the way and restructuring in order for this new start to flourish and take root. This is truly harkening in an incredibly healing time for everyone. 


Today see’s the Moon in deep and reflective Scorpio trine Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, while squaring Jupiter in Aquarius, and going on to form a sextile to Pluto. Idealism can be high, and we can be very sensitive to signs, signals, synchronicities, and our intuition can be lit up. We can be operating on instinct and hunches here, and something we hear, see, read, or communication we receive can really make an impact. Conversations can go into interesting waters, as inhibitions can be lower than normal. It’s possible that topics or territory long thought about can finally be broached. In either case there’s something significant and impactful, perhaps even kind of magical, about today’s mathscape. Mars now links up to Jupiter, having been synced up to Saturn for quite some time now, and it’s possible that something we’ve been planning or working towards for quite a while now can begin to show signs of promise, or in the very least our optimism and enthusiasm around it is beginning to grow. Perhaps something we thought “could never happen” begins to show signs of actually, really happening. This can also see our drive to actualize our goals and ideals really increase. Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune can see some confusion however, and at times it can make us wonder if our aims, ideals, and goals are realistic or simply a pipe dream. Collectively, this aspect can also predispose people to being bamboozled, tricked, or manipulated, so take care not to fall prey to silver tonged (and very pushy) car salesman or clever marketing psychology. In other words, -keep your 3rd eye wide open. Today can see a lot of communication, inspiration, creativity and receptivity. If there’s something you really want to see happen, don’t underestimate your power or agency. The potential within something can be more apparent, and this can be yet another day where synchronicity or glimpses of divinity or the sense of something “higher” at work within our lives can be difficult to ignore. This can also be a potent day creatively. Regardless, there is a focus on impactful cognitive/emotional/psychological or spiritual experiences, news, or communications, even under the more reflective and private nature of the Scorpio lunation. Late night (10:59 PM PST), the Moon enters more outgoing and adventurous Sagittarius, which can see the evening end on an optimistic and enthusiastic note. It’s possible something has really put the wind in our sails. 


Today see’s the Moon in happy go lucky Sagittarius trine the Sun, Venus, and Chiron in Aries, while sextile Saturn in Aquarius and opposite Mars in Gemini. Today can be brimming with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure and expansiveness. There can be a highlight here on relationships to others that enhance our personal growth and encourage us to be our best, most free and authentic selves. This is an inspiring looking mathscape, with a sense of entering new and pioneering territory interpersonally, creatively, financially, or otherwise, with a lot of opportunity for growth. A very healing time that can feel revitalizing as sunshine. These configurations really bring out the “spring” in well… spring. With the Moon and Sun both sextile Saturn as well, there’s a feeling of stability here as well, and it can be reassuring to know that something or someone is reliable, enduring, steady, while also encouraging our freedom to grow, explore and expand. A platform from which to springboard off of. Something about these configurations is very inspiring, encouraging, expansive and even healing. Relationships working their way into our lives now, or those that are already pre-existing, can be very supportive of our individuality, independence, growth, expansion, and freedom, while also functioning as a dependable port of inspiration, mutual support, love, passion, enthusiasm, warmth, and encouragement. The Moon/Mars opposition can see an abundance of energy, and in some regards, we can be on entirely different pages as certain others, but the other aspects suggest these different pages can actually be very complimentary to one another, -even a source of learning, curiosity, or fascination. In either case, the day looks over all enjoyable and inspiring. Like a breath of fresh air or new life.



Today begins with the Moon in Sagittarius squaring Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, trine Venus in Aries, while opposing Mars in talkative Gemini and sextile Jupiter in unconventional Aquarius. There may be a lot of ideals around certain interactions, and to a certain extent, some things or people can feel a bit out of reach or there could be some longing present or a feeling that something is missing, but some things are only a matter of time. There can be a focus on communications today, but things can seem muddled or confusing, or a bit drunk at the wheel. Perhaps there’s vague worries about unknowns. Mars trine to Jupiter can see a lot of optimism about the future, but it’s square to Neptune can also indicate that we can be challenged by a fear of unknowns, or challenged to release certain illusions or delusions about something or someone, or simply challenged to release whatever has been holding us back or weakening us, preventing us from diving into something more fully or getting off of a fence of some kind. With Mars square Neptune, there is a wariness, weakness, or indecision. At it’s lowest octave, it is an aspect linked to con artists, trickery, sleight of hand, and manipulation, and with Mars also making trine to Jupiter in Aquarius (the collective), the potentiality here for such things to be occurring on quite a large scale simply cannot be discounted, and bullshit and fuckery have clearly been exceedingly rampant in painfully obvious ways. Interpersonally of course this worst case scenario exists, but it also contains the more innocent manifestations of indecisiveness, unknowns, fears, wistfulness, insecurity, general weariness, fantasy, or a sort of Peter Pan syndrome that doesn’t want to be pinned down to anything due to underconfidence in the outcome. In either case, the Moon enters keep it real Capricorn tomorrow, along with Mercury’s ingress into assertive, no bullshit Aries, and this can see a sort of breaking away process from any weakening or demoralizing influences that may have been preventing a more thorough and decisive immersion into the promising fresh start offered up by the Aries transits. Whatever the case, we can be more determined to take things into our own hands, strengthen weak spots, and be less willing to settle for mere fantasy or "what if's". We can be more inclined to take a more proactive approach in the coming days to tackle what's been holding us back or weakening our resolve. 


Today see’s the Moon in earthy and grounded Capricorn trine liberating Uranus and square Chiron. The lunar square to Chiron could see a bit of vulnerability felt around making a more decisive break towards a new start or fresh era, but the lunar trine to Uranus is rather unsentimental and very independent, it’s a sort of “Gotta do what I gotta do” kind of vibe, in the name of ’Tegrity (TM), authenticity, -and self preservation and personal empowerment. The Moon goes on to square the Sun in Aries as well, suggesting that any restrictive, weakening, or inhibiting influences must be shaken off, and there’s work to be done in order to push something into it’s next phases, -and kick a new, more empowering era off in earnest. No more dithering, half assing, or merely just dreaming about it. Evening see’s the Moon square Venus in Aries and this could see some action in regards to partnerships, relationships, finances, beauty, or creative projects. It’s a very “put your money where your mouth is” kind of Saturday. The lunar square to Chiron suggests there’s some weaknesses, vulnerabilities or insecurities to address, and these aspects could see a sort of strengthening exercise where perhaps a decided effort towards increasing confidence and courage is made before we enter more decisively into new territory, confrontations, or conversations. Something about these configurations looks very preparatory. Mercury enters pioneering Aries at 8:41 PM PST. It’s very first aspect is not to a planet, but to the asteroid Hygeia, currently in Leo. This is the asteroid of healing. This singular nuance doubles down on the fact that the phase everyone is entering in their lives right now is one of healing-particularly in regards to self confidence, self esteem, and courage. Tomorrow, Mercury will join the Sun in it’s conjunction to Chiron, kicking off a phase that can give us more courage in regards to communications, and open the potential for healing discussions, some of which we’ve wanted to embark on for a long time.


Today see’s the Moon in serious Capricorn conjunct Pluto, sextile Neptune, and square Venus in Aries. The Sun and Venus sextile to Mars in Gemini place emphasis on actions we’ve been wanting to take interpersonally or in regards to communications, commerce, or things going on in the local environment. Moon/Pluto in Cap is determined to make something real, and squaring up to the Sun and Venus in Aries, there’s a determination here to take action around something or to make something happen. The lunar sextile to Neptune can loosen inhibitions and lower walls, but also help in regards to releasing any expectations, which Pluto can find difficult to do, as it can be so heavily fixated and “do or die”. With Mercury now in more assertive Aries and linking up to Chiron, there’s an emphasis on building up courage around reaching out, talking, broaching topics, or being more communicative in general, and less inhibited about saying what’s been on the mind. This can see a more forthright period commence in regards to communications, as there’s been a lot of time to think and fantasize about certain conversations, discussions, endeavors, or interactions with Mercury’s journey through Pisces. The Sun and Venus linking up with Mars have all known what they’ve wanted for a while now. It's just been a matter of confidence as well as eliminating any lingering weakening influences. Mercury joining in to the Aries gang can now get certain discussions off the ground and begin facilitating some action via building bridges between worlds by bouncing ideas back and forth in a sort of “lets make a deal” type of way.  The Sun holding hands with Venus and Mars has new beginnings interpersonally written all over it. Tomorrow can see some exciting, perhaps unexpected conversations or news that can crack open some kind of pandoras box and take things in a new or unexpected direction that can be really exciting, refreshing, and beneficial. Just peeping at next Tuesday I can hear the song “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” by Roy Ayers in my head. It can be a very refreshing and liberating period commencing. Although, next week see's the Mars/Neptune square perfect, and this can see the culmination of some deceptive, undermining, or weakening influences, so keep your feet on the ground and be circumspect about who you trust or place upon pedestals, as it can be easy to be mislead, decieved, or disappointed. Better to keep expectations realistic and not let hopes, fantasies or rose colored glasses get the better of you. People are only human, and humans have foibles and flaws, -but there are some that are downright manipulative.  


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