This morning begins with the Moon in keep it real Capricorn sextile fantasy prone Neptune and conjunct powerful Pluto. This can see a desire to actualize beautiful things and bring desired, lofty goals into reality.  The intense, instinctual, and obsessive Moon/Pluto conjunction carries most of the day. This is a highly physical energy and as the day wears on, vitality, drive, motivation, and curiosity can be on the increase. This is a very focused, ambitious, and goal oriented mathscape. There may be a sort of exclusionary tunnel vision around a goal or around completely transforming a situation or pushing something through to the next level. In either case, the Moon/Pluto conjunction isn’t fucking around and is determined as hell.  There can be a very thorough focus on an overhaul, reform, like a sort of clean slate feeling, with an emphasis on strengthening new foundations in order to more properly welcome in a totally fresh and promising chapter. Mercury conjunct Jupiter can really be helping to emphasize the positive. As the Moon heads into the later degrees of Capricorn in the afternoon and evening, a lunar trine to Mars begins to build and this can see a push to really get things done. There could be plans in the works to really shake something up, revolutionize something, let in some fresh air, or get something new, refreshing and inspiring more firmly established. This could involve communications/communication endeavors/speaking/writing/learning, short distance travels, social networking, siblings, neighbors, friendships, and generally following curiosity where it leads, -but with purpose, discernment, and wise strategy. The Moon enters detached and observant Aquarius at 11:41 PM PST, which can see the tail end of this evening end on an eclectic, enthusiastic and driven note, with a focus on taking initiatives, or a renewed drive around endeavors or interactions that were perhaps stalled, delayed or compromised while Mercury was retrograde and in shadow phase. Being that Mars is in Gemini, there can also be more of a push to communicate, and get things moving or conversations going on several fronts, and this Mars cycle can see things become very busy, talkative,-but also very constructive. Although it could feel like spinning plates at times, this cycle will be excellent for networking as well as very helpful to establish new endeavors and new interactions, and open new conversations. A lot of back and forth. This will be a chatty and very busy Mars cycle.


This morning see’s the Moon in non conformist and rebellious Aquarius, conjunct Saturn, square Uranus in Taurus, and trine Mars in curious Gemini, while sextile Chiron in Aries. This math illustrates the desire for fresh energy, and setting a new, more life affirming and self affirming precedent than what has come before. There’s a liberating and rebellious quality to this energy, and the Moon squaring Uranus can see emotions all over the place but with a cool and detached distance from them. It’s sort of an impetus to just “do things differently”, or simply just be more consistent with the weirdness you’ve already got going on and watch and observe the results of that. These are some very experimental configurations, but there is a definite end goal in mind, with Mars in Gemini in trine to Saturn in Aquarius. There’s something very freeing, electrifying, and exploratory about these configurations, but it’s also stable. With both the Sun and Venus conjunct Neptune, there’s also a sense of disinhibition, or a slow dissolving of restraints or boundaries that can feel somewhat intoxicating. The veil between worlds can feel thinner than usual and there can be a highly mystical, spiritual, and enlivening bent to these Neptunian and Uranian vibrations. Sometimes, these configurations can indicate some sort of release, sacrifice, or a sort of longing, but also a liberation. They definitely can bring forth a need to connect to something higher, and can increase our perception of the subtle realms, serendipity, synchronicity, dream experiences, and our capacity for creativity, compassion, understanding and reflection. There can be some wild cards today, and other people, ourselves, or the atmosphere in general can be unpredictable, spontaneous, and perhaps somewhat shocking or liberating. There can be a breaking away from constraints, negativity, or things that are holding us back in some way, and a desire to commit to new, fresh footing that satiates our emotional need for change, growth, expansion, excitement, liberation, individuation, and inspiration. There can be a growing optimism as the day wears on, as we see the Moon conjoin Jupiter in late afternoon. This can see us feeling really positive about the new foundations we’re laying down for ourselves and the path we’ve set out on. There can be a lot of affirmation around the goals we’ve set, reforms we’ve made, communities we’re immersing ourselves in, or interactions we’re getting off the ground, and this can be increasing confidence and can even feel really healing on some level. So it looks like if things are being shaken up, they’re being shaken up in a very positive, healthy, and beneficial way. In some ways, things can feel larger than life now, and there can be a whole lot going on at once, but with the reflective Pisces transits it emphasizes the importance of down time, reflection, peace, chillitude, dreaming, in order to have time to assimilate and properly integrate all of the changes. Idealism can be very high. The nervous system can also be highly stimulated during the Aquarian lunation, and things can be pretty busy, and unpredictable, but also very refreshing and invigorating. It’s like a weird sort of awakening is going down really. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mercury, Jupiter and sextile Juno in Sagittarius. There can be some very positive or supportive feedback, communications, or news. These are some very friendly and expansive configurations, and there can be interesting happenings regarding friendships, community, networking, goals, and even things in the local environment or neighborhood. This can be a talkative day, and thoughts can be more buoyant and optimistic than usual. With both the Moon and Mercury making contact to Juno, it can be almost effortless to come into contact with the right people at the right time, people good for our growth or who have information or a perspective that can help expand our world. Simultaneously, Venus squaring up to Juno can see some relationships dissolving or illusions about them are being challenged and released. Nonetheless, this all looks ultimately for the positive, the Universe is working in some pretty mysterious ways to facilitate growth, evolution, and healing.  “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need” comes to mind. With the Moon linking up to Mercury and Jupiter, and sextile to Juno though, there are some pretty strong grounds for optimism, and in many ways, perhaps we are getting what we want right now. There can be a flood of communication opening right now and some expansive talks can occur or news can be received that broadens perspective and also increases optimism and hope. It can be very healing, friendly and uplifting, particularly if there has been a vague sense of feeling disillusioned, isolated, or disappointed somehow. These configurations can see big ideas and a lot of thinking and talking about the future, and there is also an expansive focus on friendships and the wider community in some way. Big talks, big news, and excitement can factor in to todays mathscape, and there’s a very liberating, humanitarian, and uplifting quality to it. Overall it looks to be a talkative, busy, and exciting day with the potential for some good news and signs of progress in areas of importance to us. Dreams, idealism, fantasy, reflection, solitude, peace, and surrender to something bigger than ourselves follow suit in tomorrows math-mosphere. For some there may be a bitter sweet release, perhaps even a getaway or an escape from something or someone-but cathartic and ultimately positive nonetheless, as there can be a sense that it’s all up from here and a fresh page is being turned. 


This morning see’s the Moon move into sensitive and mystical Pisces, squaring Mars in curious Gemini, and going on to sextile liberating Uranus in Taurus. There can be some illumination and a sort of breaking free from a rather confusing or even demoralizing atmosphere, circumstance, vibe, or dynamic. Mars in Gemini trine to Saturn is determined and sensible, has already decided what it wants and is carving out a path. The Moon in Pisces squaring up to Mars can be about dissolving obstacles, but it can also make the path we’re on feel muddled, uncertain, or convoluted somehow, or create some temporary doubts. For some, this can simply represent an exit.  Saying goodbye to an old phase or a disillusioning circumstance, way of life, behavior, relationship, or self sabotaging actions. There might be some muck to get through here, -but this is very temporary. Moon square Mars can create some emotional tension and can see some irritability, frustration, and with the Moon in Pisces, perhaps uncertainty and a bit of an emo streak. But the lunar sextile Uranus suggests that this is something that is being left behind and broken free from, and there are positive actions being taken to facilitate change, empowerment, independence, and self actualization. With the Sun conjunct Venus and Neptune there can be a feeling of divine intervention at play, and that whatever is happening is being guided by a wise and intelligent universe. It’s as if we are being spiritually guided. There may be some clashes today, either internally or externally, but over all there is a decided push to transition from one phase to another, one that is in more natural harmony with our aims, preferences, values, and ideals. No more settling. Late this evening, the Moon conjoins Venus, and this can see a focus on pleasure, harmony, beauty, creativity, fantasy, and relationships to others. This can see the weekend begin on a highly idealistic, even compassionate note, with a drive to make everything more beautiful and harmonious amidst the naturally occurring friction of change. I’m not quite sure how else to put this but this weekend actually looks like a spiritual unicorn in math format. It just looks like some type of magic healing spell. Idk.



Today see’s the Sun and Moon in Pisces conjunct Venus and Neptune and this just looks tranquil, idyllic, serendipitous and mystical as all hell. The Sun in Pisces also forms a sextile to Pluto. This weekend can see some potent spiritual and/or aesthetic experiences, and there can be a sort of surrender to a process, the instinctual nature, the feelings and/or simply a release of something to the fates. There can be a letting go or a sort of release to process, as certain things are dissolving and transforming, to change shape and take a new form later. Under these configurations, we can be highly attuned and sensitive to color, vibration, feeling, sound, symbols, art, music, omens, and the more subtle aspects of reality. There can be something almost surreal to this weekend’s configurations, and there can be a subtle but powerful process of transformation happening that can feel very compelling and way bigger than ourselves. There can also be a lot of longing or a focus on what is lacking or what is imperfect here. With the Sun and Moon in Pisces both square Juno, this transformation can be facilitated somehow via relationships to others. There’s a very spiritual component to this, and with the Sun sextile Pluto, whatever process is underway now was completely inevitable, or “fated” if you will. It's clear that something is needing to totally transform. This can be a private and reflective time of release to the unknown and the unconscious processes, feelings, instincts, compulsions we have attempted to keep at bay or hidden from ourselves. Something bigger than we are is steering the ship and driving the will. Not everything happening is easy, but "it is what it is."


The New Moon, which is exact at 2:21 AM in the wee quiet hours of the morning can see the unconscious desires take the wheel. The Moon joins the Sun in a sextile to powerful Pluto and a subtle and gentle confrontation with whatever has been submerged or sublimated can occur. This can be an entirely private and solitary process or it can involve or revolve around another person or even finances or creative endeavors somehow with Venus also playing a role at this New Moon. Whatever the case, something is basically unavoidable and there can be irresistible pulls or powerful magnetic forces at work that impel some sort of transformation. Some transformation process is unavoidable. There’s a desire for peaceful surroundings and good times with the Moon conjunct Venus, and as the Moon/Pluto aspect grows in strength throughout the day, emotions can have a lot of power and momentum to mold our life in the manner we desire, so this is a potent New Moon for setting intentions with a sort of obsessive tunnel vision. This can be a potentially very spiritually and psychologically healing weekend that can create a lot of opportunities for insight and a desire to delve more deeply into something, perhaps an increased interest in spiritual or psychological matters, or simply a need to accept, embrace, and see the beauty in a process beyond our control that is underway. The Moon enters more assertive and action oriented Aries at 3:44 PM PST, to conjoin Chiron while still conjunct the Sun in later degrees of Pisces. It could be that a certain acceptance around realizations we’ve had about ourselves and/or others have left us feeling more confident and self assured about whatever we are coming to terms with and embracing, but this could also be accompanied by some vulnerability. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars in Gemini which can see Saturday evening more outgoing, talkative, adventurous, driven, and curious. 


This morning begins with the Moon in assertive Aries conjunct Chiron and sextile Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a whole lot happening in the local environment, a lot of communications, news, world events. A whole lot of activities, and there's a feistiness to the configurations with an emphasis on justice and humanitarianism. This can see an incentive towards establishing or exploring new ties, movements, social networking, or setting the stage for new foundations socially, interpersonally, or commercially. It can be a very goal oriented energy. There can be more courage behind a desire to explore certain conversations more in depth, or to follow any compelling sense of curiosity to it’s natural conclusion. With Mars trine Saturn, and the Sun sextile Pluto, there’s a determined sense of mission and drive to expand within a modest, stable, and enduring framework and build or restructure a solid foundation. Finding ways to satiate a need for substance, meaning, beauty, variety, and fulfillment -socially, emotionally, instinctually and otherwise -without compromising the integrity or simplicity of our respective missions and goals will be key.  Mars trine Saturn isn’t keen to waste time, and the Sun sextile Pluto wants to cut to the essence of things. Late Sunday evening see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius while trine Juno in Sagittarius, and this can see a boost in optimism and enthusiasm around our interactions, and we can be feeling morally supported by those we’ve come into contact with. There can be a healing and mystical component. This boost in optimism or feeling of confidence or self empowerment can be very timely, and there can be some really powerful changes beginning to unfold interpersonally or commercially. Next week can get off to a powerful and surprising start, but it looks very beneficial. New foundations are being laid as what is outworn or no longer feasible or relevant dissolves.


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