Astrology For The Week Of August 12th-18th 2019.

We have an extremely active week celestially this week. Right off the bat, Jupiter, planet of luck, abundance and expansion, is finally stationed direct, Uranus stations retrograde, Mercury shifts into Leo, Mars will soon shift into Virgo, and to top it off, we have a full Moon in Aquarius this week. Whew. It’s a whole lot to take in. It’s a lot at once. Let’s break it down. 

We kick off the week with the Moon in Capricorn, conjunct disciplined, serious, and realistic Saturn, and secretive, intense, and obsessive compulsive Pluto. Growing opposition between the Moon and Mercury in Leo suggests that on some level, we could be tempted to play with fire this week-*figuratively*-Let’s not even fuck around with literal fire. That is just OFF the table. But Mercury joining the fiery, enthusiastic Leo squad definitely brings with it some increased optimism, and could inspire us to take risks and free ourselves from things that have been holding us back. That’s cool. Optimism is always nice. But realism is equally important if you want to avoid getting burned. There is significant reason for some excitement, but there are equal configurations that caution us to slow down, strategize, and get the lay of the land so to speak, so we don’t wind up balls deep in some complicated conundrum. Positive exchanges, communications and connections can happen rather spontaneously on Monday that could have a healing or cathartic component, but in a rather mischievous way. Temptations abound. The general vibe encourages us to be cautiously optimistic. 

August 13th see’s the Moon move into rebellious, detached Aquarius, forming an erratic square to Uranus in Taurus, while directly opposing Mercury. Like a bolt of lightning. With all this emphasis on celestial fire, there is definitely a lot of spontaneity, passion, and change in the air. Later, a lunar sextile to Chiron suggests that something feels pretty good. Chiron’s trine to Mercury may be bringing in news or communications that get us feeling a bit more confident. Morale is boosted for sure, but there could be some complications. Whatever the case may be, change and excitement is afoot, and for some, caution may be thrown to the winds, come what may. People are driven by their passions and fervent idealism at the moment and it could create a lot of heat. There is a definite, thick creative/libidinous/social tension in the air that could generate a lot of giddy, nervous energy. 

The morning of the 14th see’s the Moon in Aquarius sextile Jupiter (now direct) in Sagittarius, and oppose the Sun and Venus in Leo. This further heightens the potential for social and/or sexual tension. The act of freely being ourselves and increasing our capacity for expression can feel exhillarating. Freak flags flying. The vibe is rather quirky, unconventional, indulgent, and inspired. For some, there could be a bit of subtle or overt controversy around hoisting our personal freak flags. There could be some clashes or confrontations interpersonally, socially, (or even just inwardly. ) But with all this emphasis on showy and competitive Leo, there could also be the potential for wounded pride, jealousy, or petty feelings, so tread carefully with people’s ego’s as we lead up to the full moon. There could be a lot of projection going on. But a whole lot of passion available as well that could perhaps catch people off guard. A lot of potential for fun and good vibes in spite of the more complex nuances of the oppositions. 

This is the day of the full Moon. It reaches culmination at 5:29 AM PST. Again, given all the emphasis in Leo, this particular full moon could be full of drama and “dinner theater.” By itself, this full Moon represents the collective consciousness, being able to detach from the pangs, strivings, control issues, and samsara of the ego, and opening oneself up to limitless possibilities, accepting the freedom and wishes of others, their right to express themselves and be who they are. Embracing the idea of “power in numbers”, while still remaining an individual, and not being ruffled, miffed, upset, or regulating ones own ego around the will, individuality, and actions of others. The song “You don’t own me” comes to mind when I look at these configurations. People can need more freedom than usual. There is something creatively liberating, fun, eccentric, weird, and “off the wall” about this full Moon that seems to scream out for more fulfilling levels of expression that cast away inhibitions. We are definitely letting go of something major here that has been holding us back. This energy can also offer higher perspectives on egoic issues that tend to limit our experiences and capacity for unity and agape love. It could also see some drama and theatrics, so yea.. watch out for that.


We kick off the weekend with the Moon in sensitive, empathic Pisces forming a sextile to Uranus. Yes indeed, something is being released and revolutionized. A whole new spin is being put on things, and this could take some getting used to, as there are a lot of unknowns and wild cards. We could feel inspired, hopeful, idealistic, delusional, or all of the above. Somehow, we have crossed into unknown territory, and it could be really exciting. Staying grounded and realistic is really important, and that’s where Mars in Virgo steps in. As impassioned as we are about all of the possibilities ahead of us, making this work in a practical sense takes organization, minding the details, and being grounded in reality.  The majority of this weekend see’s our heads spinning in a free fall of romantic/creative inspiration, hopes, delusions, fears, and infinite possibilities, perhaps generating very obvious notice within us about how much our feet need to find solid ground, and how we need to get a grip on ourselves, and our reality, in order to see anything close to what we’d like to see happen, happen. In other words, it will become clear as crystal that it’s time to get serious and real about something, sift the gold from the dross, and do the work.

Saturday see’s the Pisces Moon sextile to powerful Pluto. We could be feeling intense about unknowns. There could even be some powerful emotional releases and transformations going on, and perhaps we are obsessively idealistic about something or someone. In either case, -this is prime math for musicians, poets, artists, and romantics. With Mars in the final degree of Leo, we could also feel impatient and a bit “all over the place”, perhaps not knowing where (or to whom) to express all this pent up passionate energy, from one minute to the next. Things we read, hear, or see can stoke the flames of our enthusiasm and hopes, or just be “over the top” and very attention grabbing in some way. Something can definitely boost confidence levels, (perhaps to delusional degrees?) Late evening, around 11:30 PST, Mars shifts into practical, routine oriented Virgo, shifting the energetic emphasis from play to work. This doesn’t mean this “work” can’t be enjoyable, as we still have a Leo strong hold. Mars in Virgo is wonderful for across the board improvements, whether it’s cleaning up your diet, improving your fitness level to look better naked, or adding vitamins and supplements to your regiment. Virgo sifts, organizes, and purifies. Virgo gets shit mothafuckin done. Settling back into a healthy routine doesn’t have to mean the routine has to be boring, lifeless, or colorless. This could actually be the foundations for a way more fulfilling scenario. 

We end the weekend with the Moon in Aries. New chapters are being written, and it feels inspiring, and self affirming. Sunday looks like some damn good, feel good vibrations, with some positive news coming in from somewhere. In the very least, some passionate and inspiring communications. We could feel generally good, and confident about the new chapters unfolding. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have an awesome Full Moon week! See you next Monday. 


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