Astrology For The Week Of July 8th-14th 2019

(and really, a whole pile up of planets and asteroids in retrograde.)

We begin this week with Mercury fresh into it’s backspin. Dizzy yet? Monday begins with the Moon in harmonizing Libra, in an opposition to Chiron, (who stations retrograde today), along with an oddly stimulating square to Venus in Cancer, and sextile’s to Mercury and Mars. This see’s the early hours strangely reflective, busy, stimulating, and holding a great deal of creative potential. In the very least, we can seek to enjoy ourselves, perhaps driven by vague, inexplicable emotions, and a rather ambivalent feeling interpersonal landscape. 

Later, around 5:30 PM PST, the Moon forms a square to both the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn. Many are putting on a much braver face than they really feel. With Uranus in the mix, squaring Mercury and Mars in Leo, while forming a sextile to Venus in Cancer, we are certainly being called to exercise our emotions in new and surprising ways. This could see many contemplating taking some risks, creatively or otherwise. Dealing with old emotional demons in new and creative ways is a theme. Lining this up with our own integrity and authenticity, in emotionally fulfilling, inspiring, and life affirming ways is a triple win. There is certainly much creative, innovative potential available to those who possess the capacity to reflect. An opportunity to heal deep identity wounds exists amidst the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. 

As we are between eclipses, the energy is building slowly to a climax, and for many, letting go and setting forth into an unknown future is unbelievably exciting and inspiring. For others, it’s a bit more complicated. For most of us, it’s a bizarre mixture of excitement, pressure, and inspiration, -paired with thumb sucking vulnerability. Resulting in a peculiar brand of curious ambivalence. 

Tuesday, July 9th, see’s the Moon in Libra add in a square to intense power broker Pluto, (on top of squares to the Sun, Saturn, and the Moon’s nodes.) Venus and the Sun close in on each other and begin to perfect conjunction. In may ways, this could see us in two minds about something from our past, our emotions, endings, or simply trying to become comfortable with the present tense, in spite of some lingering emotional processes, attachments, or endings that have transpired. Powerful negotiations could be attempting to happen, but not everyone is exactly reading from the same page.
 We can’t change the past, or rewind the clock, but we can learn from it, and do whatever is in our power to feel more secure within ourselves in the here and now, and not repeat the same mistakes. There is much that is to be looked forward to, so regardless, it’s important to stay inspired, and on a path towards growth, maturity, development, self love, self acceptance, transformation, and improvement. Not to mention, good times, good vibes. What is life without laughter, joy, and inspiration? 

With Pluto in the mix here, there is certainly a growing intensity, and a sense of inevitability to things. This intensity grows as the Moon heads towards brooding, do or die Scorpio. 


Wednesday, July 10th, see’s the Moon in heavy breathing, obsessive Scorpio, opposing Uranus, and in Square to both Mercury and Mars in Leo. This could see people experiencing a wide variety of conflicting urges and feelings, but could also see people standing in opposing camps. One camp being all for taking wild gambles and risks for a good time, another camp being more security oriented and conservative. Perhaps we are facing down these two paths within ourselves, and no matter what direction we go, there are no guarantees. The only true control we have is over ourselves. There is certainly a rebellious energy that is potentiated here. A Lunar trine to Venus in Cancer suggests digging into the past somehow, for transformation, peace, closure. Some could be cloying for security, and it can be difficult to come by due to the relative detachment the other configurations are bringing to the table. Perhaps extremes in behavior in times prior have created irrevocable rifts. 
(If this day were a tarot spread it would no doubt contain the Death card, the Moon, the Tower, the Devil, the Star, the Strength card, the Fool, and probably the seven of cups, and both the seven and eight of pentacles. Just. Saying. The Universe is not fucking around right now.)

Communications could certainly be passionate, heated, potentially dramatic- although a lot could be going on just under the surface. Mars in Leo is confident, cocky, and competitive. There could certainly be some kind of unspoken competitive dynamics at play for some. For others, this is focused on simply trying to move onward an upward, by going steadily inward and doing some deep alchemical shiznizzle, and wanting desperately to avoid any sort of enmeshment with anyone.  Although, regardless, this week could see some people make some pretty wild or out of character moves.  Perhaps a certain amount of risk will pay off?  

Getting the heart aligned with the passions, and the two aligned with our integrity/authenticity seems to be the gist of this Mercury retrograde. For many, this is resulting in some kind of personal vision quest of sorts that requires a lot of breathing room, and space for eccentricity to hang out.  A bit of “coloring outside the lines”.  Outmoded rules or restrictions can be thrown out the window when they no longer serve any constructive purpose other than to constrain and inhibit.

Thursday, July 11th, 2019, see’s the Moon in Scorpio form lovely trines to the Sun in cozy Cancer and Neptune in empathic Pisces, while simultaneously forming a pleasing sextile to Saturn and Pluto. Wow. This is powerful. With Mercury squaring Uranus and trine Chiron, and Venus in Cancer also squaring up to Chiron, (who again, is also now retrograde) we are being called to perform some deep and heavy magic. Coming up with new and innovative ways to tackle some pretty ancient wounds. To interrupt a pattern that has gone on in our lives for way too long, in order to access buried potentials, and deeper levels of emotional fulfillment and authenticity.  The real work will begin when Mercury reaches Cancer again. The past may be drudged up in some way, internally, interpersonally, or both.

Currently, Mercury is trying to bring some inspiration and creativity to the mix, so that when and if we face particular feelings once again, we can see things or people through fresh eyes, and allow our past to help us grow, as opposed to prevent us from doing exactly that. Shutting certain doors permanently is what will be required for many, whether that pertains to a relationship, or an emotional pattern or response. Something needs to be relinquished, released, and cut out.

This day looks rather emotive, reflective, serene, sensitive, dreamy, if rather intense. Saturn opposes the Sun and Venus, so there are interpersonal blockages for sure, and that’s all part of the strange ambivalence of this weeks configurations. It’s as if we are trying to find our integrity between the “old” and the “new”, and testing the waters for surety, longevity, and sturdiness. Weighing the pros and cons of certain alliances, approaches, or directions. We could still feel very suspicious and overwhelmed. But regardless, the call to the heart, and to a solid sense of self, is undeniable. 


Friday see’s the Moon enter optimistic, expansive Sagittarius. This looks set to really boost morale, inspiration, good times, and positivity.  Just throw confetti and glitter on everything and enjoy this however you can. 
Here, the Moon trines Mercury and Mars in Leo, and Chiron in Aries, going on to form a conjunction too Jupiter later on. The weekend looks rather interesting. Right off the bat, Friday looks like a total mood changer. Chiron forms trines to the Moon, Mercury, and Mars. This suggests some rather healing exchanges that perhaps provide some much needed perspective, and expands our reference points quite a bit in a way that helps us continue to work out those “Ye oldey time raggedy wounds from the past” that we are all still secretly dragging around while putting on a brave and invulnerable (though very theatrical) mime/clown front. 

Whatever transpires at the weekend it could potentially boost our confidence in a healthy and positive way. 

We could receive some kind of heart warming communication, or recognition, encouragement, or accolades for something we’ve said or done/are doing. Whatever the case, our passions are stoked, and we could be seeing some positive signs that the inner growth we have been undergoing and the courage we’ve been slowly building is showing signs of paying off.  

When we are happy with ourselves, and feel good inside about ourselves and who we are, we naturally get on well with others, and our inner warmth radiates outwards.

New perspectives abound. It’s never too late to learn new ways of doing things, or expressing ourselves in the world or with others.

Saturday morning, July 13th, see’s the Moon conjunct Jupiter, trine Mars, and square Neptune. It certainly feels like many things are improving. Hopefully we aren’t looking at things solely through rose colored glasses however. If we are, the upcoming Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn on the 16th will reveal where we have overestimated (or underestimated) something or someone, and where we need to take more personal accountability to  actively shape our lives the way we would like them to be.

Regardless, this looks set to be a creatively inspired weekend, and our imaginations could be positively soaring. This is definitely rich, emotive, expansive, and nutritive soil for artists, musicians, and creative types. Some could be traveling this weekend to visit loved ones, reunite with past connections, or forge new connections. 

Sunday begins the day with the Moon in the late degrees of Sagittarius. The Moon doesn’t form any major aspects until around late afternoon, when there is a sudden shift of energy for the serious as the Moon enters stoic Capricorn. This see’s the Moon square Chiron, and trine Uranus in Taurus. A growing seriousness and sensitivity is felt, along with a need to “be ready for anything”. Perhaps new levels of maturity, the work we still have yet ahead of us, and the responsibility on our shoulders begins to loom as we approach the Full Moon? 

Or the seriousness of certain decisions can weigh on our hearts. 

This ends the weekend on an oddly resilient note, as if we are getting ready to step into some kind of “ring,” put our money where our mouth is, or otherwise embark on some kind of endeavor or other where we mean business, but feel a great deal of vulnerability around doing. Or whatever it is is just very close to our hearts.

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most triumphant week! Be good to each other. See you next Monday.


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