Astrology For The Week Of July 1st-7th 2019

 We have quite an eventful week ahead celestially.  We begin Monday morning with the Moon still in busy Gemini, conjunct Venus, and square Neptune, accenting a slightly deluded, confused energy, and a desire to pleasantly distract ourselves. 
Mars, in the final degrees of self protective Cancer, conjunct Mercury in early Leo (preparing to station retrograde on Sunday), suggests that something is coming to a head. Mars moves into theatrical, showy, and dramatic Leo at approximately 4:19 PM PST Monday. This may make us a little more courageous and provide a bit more bravado regarding initiating certain communications, or perhaps just expressing ourselves with more confidence (and less impulse control.) This Mars cycle also increases the potential for arrogance, or overconfidence, so maintaining some mindfulness to ensure that a little extra courage isn’t taken too far into the terrain of ego mania. 
 This places both Mercury and Mars in square to Uranus in Taurus, which could actually be a boost for creative expression, making us more daring, and less risk averse. ..Perhaps even a bit “cocky.” 

We are in curious times, with a growing emphasis on Leo, we are driven towards all that is new, exciting, inspiring, and life affirming. Yet simultaneously, with Mercury preparing to backtrack once again into watery Cancer on Sunday, and with a new Moon eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn axis on Tuesday, it’s as if we still have gum on the bottom of our shoe. That “gum” representing the past, and the lingering emotions from a bygone era. 

Later on Monday evening,  6:24 PM PST, the Moon enters the emotionally sensitive sign of  Cancer, looming us towards the New Moon eclipse.  Here, we see the Moon and Sun square Chiron together. This potentiates a rather protective, sensitive atmosphere, with an emphasis on care and nurturing the wounded and the vulnerable. 

Tuesday, July 2nd, see’s the New Moon Solar eclipse occur in Cancer. This nodal axis, combined with it’s opposition to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and squares to Chiron in Aries, underlines themes of purging, transforming, healing and rehabilitating outworn and perhaps even “toxic” emotional patterns, relationships, and habituated responses, that potentially even stem back to childhood. Both individually, and socially/culturally, we can be confronting abusive patterns and systems. Psychologically, this nodal axis can be very revealing, regarding early emotional conditioning, “attachment styles”, and the foundations of the way that we love and nurture ourselves and others, and why that is. This eclipse cycle can see many coming to terms with ingrained dysfunctional patterns within themselves and/or others, even leaving behind and purging their lives of “toxic” relationships and people. Some people are jumping head long into new liaisons, but it’s important to keep in mind that what has not been healed, and made fully conscious, will be repeated. With that in mind, it may be wise to pace ourselves accordingly, as Mercury still has some emotional assimilation to do, and loose ends to wrap up. Many are seeing endings transpire in the face of brand new beginnings, and are experiencing a somewhat disorienting “in between phase.” 

Again, it’s like blazing a new, exciting trail, only, there is gum on your shoe. It can feel as if there is a wet “netting” that is somewhat fully preventing complete and total immersion in this new, life affirming chapter, in spite of all of the positive, inspiring and energizing signs that encourage us to shake off the detritus and debris of the past. 

With Solar and Lunar trines to Neptune in Pisces, idealism is highly activated, empathy is high (at least, in those who are predisposed towards it.) A “healing balm” that soothes lingering wounds can be felt, and there is much compassion available, even in the face of particular challenges. 


Wednesday, July 3rd, see’s Venus change signs from flighty, fickle, and lighthearted Gemini, where we felt more comfortable keeping options open and relating more on a surface level, and into the more emotive, security focused sign of Cancer.  Venus here, focuses more on security, and is more “clannish” in nature, wanting to lay foundations and form attachments that are secure and rooted in nature.  Some people may be forming entirely new “tribes”, after a sort of “sifting” process while Venus moved through the more flighty sign of the Twins. Others could be reconnecting with those whom they feel an emotional bond, or can potentially create and form one. Emotional resonance, and safety/security, becomes more important while Venus moves through the sign of the Crab.

Later on Wednesday evening, around 8:30 PM PST, the Moon shifts into dramatic and theatrical Leo, to square Uranus, along side Mercury and Mars. The potential of certain things “coming to a head” in some way, or some kind of showy, unexpected gestures, ideas, or propositions being made, seemingly out of the blue, even just some dramatic changes transpiring, or people feeling a bit of a “wild hair up their ass” to take some kind of risks romantically or otherwise, could be par for the course. There is an emphasis on the passions, excitement, drama, risk taking, competition, and entertainment. This can see some rather animated, entertaining and expressive energies transpire. Some may be going to great lengths to express themselves, create a stir, or procure attention. Maintaining and regulating the ego and self esteem is a healthy, normal, and completely human, psychological necessity. When the sense of identity is strong, and the ego is healthy and wholly developed, and accompanied by an “internal locus of control,” these instincts are expressed in constructive and healthy ways. When the sense of identity is weak however, and the ego is fragile and labile, and accompanied by an “external locus of control”, these instincts are typically expressed in maladaptive and socially/interpersonally destructive and even abusive ways, often at the expense of, and devaluation of others. 

With the Moon in Leo, trine to Chiron, and the Moon, Mercury and Mars, together all squaring Uranus, there is an opportunity to experiment with new and (hopefully) healthier, more constructive ways to heal deep identity wounds, regulate self esteem, and express a more fully realized self. Mercury’s backward journey through Cancer, can assist us in getting at the “root”of certain elements and patterns of self sabotage, and questions such as “how do I love myself? How do I make myself feel secure? How does my past/emotional conditioning/upbringing/ ingrained defense mechanisms/learned patterns of behavior/inherited emotional and generational dysfunction and trauma programming contribute to my reality? This may be a wild, messy, experimental, and perhaps unsettling process, but can also be potentially extremely fruitful and ultimately, very healing. 

Thursday, July 4th, see’s quite a bit of chaos and excitement. People are definitely looking to party and do something wild. With the Moon in Leo, conjunct Mercury and Mars, there will certainly be a flamboyant overconfidence and assertiveness in the air, with a lot of emphasis on entertainment, enjoyment, thrill seeking, risk taking, “wild gambles”, and fun. These are some amazing configurations for creative activity, inspiration, and expression. Many people will be looking to get into some kind of fantastical mischief. Whoa nelly. Put on your party hats.

With the Moon, Mars, and Mercury in Leo, all trine to Chiron, while Venus in Cancer squares Chiron, this speaks precisely to my previous analogy of entering new, promising terrain, making new connections, -all while still having gum on your shoes. While wounds and sensitivities from the past still linger, and we process a closing chapter that has left a residue, we can’t help but be inspired and excited about the taste of the future and of all the possibilities to come.  

A Lunar trine to Jupiter later on Thursday increases and magnifies our enthusiasm for all the possible futures. There is definitely a lot to take in and it can all feel rather over the top, but is certainly boosting morale quite a bit, that’s for sure. 


Friday, July 5th, see’s this jovial Moon/Jupiter trine linger until noonish PST.  The relationship Chiron has to Mercury, Venus and Mars seems to spell out very plainly a desire to break with the past somehow, or deal with lingering pain, vulnerability, or wounds, by immersing ourselves in exciting, fresh, inspiring new connections, circles, and directions. Going away from what feels “bad”, and going towards what feels “good.” With Uranus involved with these personal planets as well, this will be a rather experimental, and unpredictable process, that involves mustering the courage to “put ourselves out there” somehow, and take risks, in order to be more authentically and deeply emotionally fulfilled, and to connect more deeply with our true selves, as well as others. 

Friday evening, the Moon shifts into Virgo, shifting the focus to details, routines, health, healing, crisis management/prevention, and anything that needs improvement or “fixing.”

Saturday, July 6th, see’s the Moon in Virgo, who will sextile Venus in Cancer, trine Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Capricorn, squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius, while opposing Neptune. This could see us attempting to organize ourselves, and assimilating the many changes to our reality taking place, ahead of the Mercury retrograde. There may be a lot of little things, duties, and details, or a “fix it” list, to manage, and finding some semblance of stability amidst all of the change and excitement is emphasized. Perhaps a good day to take a much needed step back in order to ground, center, organize, mend, heal, or improve something that requires attention. 

Sunday, July 7th, continues this theme, and throws Pluto into the mix. We could definitely be getting to the bottom of something here, and anxiously preparing and organizing ourselves for some major transformations, shifts, and improvements, and doing so with some pretty obsessive determination. 

Mercury stations retrograde late sunday evening, at 11:07 PM, in 4 degrees Leo. Cognitively and emotionally, it’s as if we have abandoned our previous “camp”, to investigate the possible futures, set markers, and explore uncharted terrain, in search for sustenance and treasure, and now must go back to “camp” in order to deconstruct, sort, and pack, -taking with us into the new terrain only what we truly need. 

The Moon moves into Libra around 11:30 PST Sunday night, to oppose Chiron, square Venus, and sextile Mars as Mercury stations. We are certainly at a crossroads here. A precipice. Taking in the view.  Something about this is bitter sweet, even if it is filling us with inspiration and enthusiasm. There is perhaps still some lingering vulnerability in regards to our dealings with others. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all enjoy this week, and may these eclipses bring you the shifts you need for your happiness, well being, and highest good. See you next Monday.


  1. Thank you for another thorough astrology report Amylia! I love how you throw the psychological insights into your reports as well 💖


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