Astrology For The Week Of July 15th-21st 2019.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the fun, morale boosting, optimistic, inspiring and expansive energy over the weekend, because today is “Monday AF”, (but not just because “it’s Monday.” With the Moon now in more disciplinarian Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, Pluto, and the south node, “you could say things are getting pretty serious.” 

There is definitely a wee bit of a heavier vibe as the week starts out, with the Moon hanging out with stern Saturn and power tripping Pluto, opposite Venus, trine Uranus, and square Chiron. This see’s a pretty loaded build up to a full Moon eclipse tomorrow that could feel like we are embarking upon “the adventure of our lives”, and it could have a very “now or never” feeling to it. Pressure builds, stakes are high, and it’s possible the anxiety is also. 

Certain negative emotional patterns, fear based, knee jerk responses, defense mechanisms, hardness, coldness, and control freakery, can be defeated with love, compassion, softness, appeals to vulnerability, humanity, and understanding. This eclipse and it’s build up is about a complete and total abolition/reprogramming. 

This is *the* pinnacle week as we begin to set the new, rehabilitated patterns and processes into place and devise a creative, innovative way forward. 
With nothing to lose, and everything to play for, it’s easier to work up courage, confidence, and moxie. For those who are clinging more to power and control, -it’s a little less easy to relax.  

We have normalized abuse of power and authority (Pluto/Saturn) to such an extreme, systematic, personal (ahem..Cancer) and political degree (Capricorn), that we’ve become rather a bit numb to it, and are experiencing a collective wake up call (Uranus) with such powerful impact that the actual “reality” of it all can be a bit much to even assimilate and metabolize. 

Be as gentle with your nervous system as you can, and do your best to remain calm, flexible, non judgmental, and diffuse things with humor. 

Comedy itself is a form of alchemy and transmutation. It’s the “Philosophers Stone” of pain, suffering, austerity, and tragedy. 

These configurations certainly highlight the concept of Alchemy, in a very overt, and difficult to ignore way.  Truth be told, and ironic as it is, no planet in the zodiac is funnier than ‘Ye Olde Malefic Saturn’. 

Tuesday see’s the “big event” of this full Moon eclipse happen, with the addition of a mild anesthetic through to about 9:30 AM PST, via a Lunar sextile to dreamy Neptune. Our ideals could be stoked and we could be more open to the idea of thawing out and melting away particular defenses, or certain events and/or people could be inspiring us to question or reassess our boundaries, barriers, or defenses. 

As the Moon grows closer to climax, 3 key oppositions develop in intensity on Tuesday. The Moon in Capricorn opposes the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer. Imbalances, pulls, and divides between the ego and the emotions, the divine masculine/feminine, the head and the heart, the needs of the self, and the needs of others, can sharpen in contrast. 

It is clear that we are being called to release blockages, inhibitions, and restrictions in relation to following our real feelings, in order to embrace courage, vulnerability, and erupt new possibilities, (however uncomfortable or challenging it may be). By relinquishing a false sense of “safety” and security, we can align ourselves more firmly with our integrity and authenticity, and expand our potentials towards growth.  

The Moon reaches peak fullness at 2:38 PM PST. 


Wednesday, July 17th, see’s the Moon enter unconventional Aquarius, where it will oppose Mars and Mercury in Leo. This can generate a lot of passion and creativity. Even though we may still be having some self doubts or insecurities, following our passions, and making decisions based on intuition and improvisation, as opposed to “what we’ve always done”, or what feels “safe” and “familiar”, will serve us best under this energy. This can be a rather combustible energy, although it doesn’t necessarily need to degenerate into conflict. It’s wiser (and more fulfilling) to put this fun, wild, playful, competitive ire to some creative use, and to keep the competition limited to our own “previous bests,” (rather than with others.) 

If somebody tries to become argumentative, you could always do something physical and fun to blow off any impassioned steam. It’s pretty hard to pick a fight with someone who is only willing to speak to you via interpretive dance. Just follow your instincts and bring your best self to the table. ZANG. Wild card.

Thursday, July 18th, could see some impassioned and fortunate meet ups, or social connections, online, or in real life, with the Moon forming a sextile to lucky Jupiter. Some larger than life characters or situations could be in the works, with some interesting, beneficial, growth inducing, creative tension unfolding. Chiron forming trines to both Mercury and Jupiter suggests that something about connections made now can potentially have a deeply healing and inspiring impact, particularly in regards to identity, joy, fun, love, creativity, and self esteem. Colorful times indeed, with impact.


Friday, July 19th, see’s Mercury move back into 29 degrees Cancer, adding ever further to this “impact”, and shifting things into ALL CAPS, and by “ALL CAPS”, I mean Pluto in Capricorn directly opposing the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer. *INTENSITY BUILDS.* Something about this weekend will transform the interpersonal landscape and give us a lot to reflect upon, individually, relationally, as well as socially and collectively. At 2:19 PM Friday, the Moon swims into empathic Pisces, heightening our emotional senses, and lowering boundaries for “maximum absorption.”  Whatever transpires this weekend is meant to really sink in and permeate through all 3 levels of skin to leave a permanent impression on us, down to a deeply, unconscious level, transforming us completely. 

Evening time on Friday see’s the Moon link up with Uranus, leading to some “out of the box” emotions and feelings, perhaps some creatively, emotionally, and even spiritually inspired insights, musings, thoughts, dreams, communications, meditations, fantasies, longings, and reflections. A touch of the fantastical, unusual, or impossible. The feelings, and psychic impressions are highly activated. *Incoming download.*

Saturday, July 20th, further magnifies this serendipitous inner awakening into an ever more fantastical, inspired, poetic, epic, and somewhat delusional energy, as the Moon squares Jupiter and conjoins Neptune. Not to sound like a cliche self help book or after school special,  but… believe in your dreams. Even if all of them don’t come true, having any at all helps you to believe in yourself, and your own talents and abilities. When you believe in yourself, you encourage others to believe in themselves too. 

Things sweeten even more early evening Saturday, as the Pisces Moon makes a trine to Venus in Cancer and a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. This could see a really pleasant and enjoyable occasion unfold that leaves a lasting impression for a long time to come. There could be something “fated”, “destined”, or “inevitable” feeling about the events, meetings, and circumstances of this weekend, and someone or something touches us deeply, and it’s very inspiring. 

Sunday looks intense, dreamy, and heady, with the Moon trine the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and sextile Pluto. For one reason or another, after this weekend, things are forever transformed, but it appears to be pleasantly so. With Mars in Leo still trine Jupiter in Mars, these are definitely inspiring and passionate times, and in spite of the general intensity and 'head explodey' of things, or the fact that “Mercury is in Gatorade”, it could feel that our possibilities and horizons have opened up in some significant and powerful way, that could have our imaginations, longings, passions, creativity, and dreams highly activated. Venus opposition Pluto could see a lot of power and intensity occur under the surface between others. It’s difficult to feel indifferent, detached, neutral, or wholly unaffected under configurations like these. Directing such energies into a demanding creative pursuit is the best option, should such intense, heavy breathing, obsessive energies be inappropriate, non reciprocal, or otherwise unable to find an outlet. If you can’t warp into full blown freak mode and hermetically seal yourself to someones face like a starfish, you can always record a video, or an album, paint, draw, dance, or scream into the void, (if thats’ more your thing.) There could be some internal/external power struggles that come up under Venus/opposition Pluto, or some tension, and "splits" in desires.."I have to do this or that but I would rather be doing this other thing over here". It's definitely an intense vibe that can be felt very personally. In some cases, being pulled hypnotically towards things, situations, actions, or people that have a sort of dangerous or compelling quality. Or, we can feel obsessed about something, or particularly aware of our own power, or desire for power over a situation, or the power a situation or person has over us. Pluto can bring up fears, compulsions, fated feeling encounters, or an intense desire to make sweeping changes and major "power moves." For those of you that are fortunate to have an uncomplicated connection with someone, enjoy the passionate intensity unfolding. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a most triumphant week, and be good to each other. See you next Monday.


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