Astrology For The Week Of July 22-28th 2019

July 22
After the dramatic pause for reflection over the weekend at what is technically considered the dead center of the Mercury retrograde, the creative fire grows as the Sun moves into Leo Monday evening. This strengthens the pull into the solar plexus, and creates a building feeling that everything’s “finna get litty.” With the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron as Monday begins, this could highlight all the ways we want to improve our confidence levels, and we could be inspired by people who are doing, being, and living at the levels that we would like to aspire towards. The Moon trine Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius can really have us wanting to grow our confidence and put ourselves out there, but the conjunction to Chiron can have us keenly aware of some kinks we have to work out in our confidence around asserting our identity. There could be some loose ends to tie up that could somewhat frustrate the building desire we feel to advance, pursue, or initiate something. 

(*Feel free to refer to my “Notes on July” article where I discuss Mars in Leo, if you’re feeling a little extra insecure, competitive, -or envious as opposed to inspired by the successes, progress, and positive attributes of others.) 

July 23
With the Moon in Aries and the Sun now firmly in Leo, the competitive and creative drives, and the impulse towards joy, fun, and expanding our creative expression is strong, with Lunar trines still going on to Mars and Jupiter. The ego impulses are on fire, to a point of feeling stir crazy. A lunar square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn reminds us of our duties, and there could be some temporary roadblocks to executing our desires to express ourselves more confidently, fully, creatively, and joyfully. This creates an energy of “preparation”, fueled by an intense, and even obsessive desire to transform an issue around confidence. Later, the Moon makes a square to Venus in Cancer as well, which could make us feel these pressures all the more keenly. We are aware of all the that we aspire towards, while simultaneously being made aware of what inner blockages are in the way of that. The Moon goes on to square Mercury as well, and the intense desire to transform ourselves and our lives from the inside out to achieve more fulfilling levels of self actualization, confidence, expression, impact, and assertion in the world, continues to taunt us, while our inspiration runs in all kinds of directions, and we are inspired and perhaps a bit vulnerable and insecure all at once.  This could see people really pushing themselves to reach new levels of self embodiment. 

July 24
The early part of Wednesday see’s the Moon in Late Aries, and this palpable drive and enthusiasm intensifies. The Moon conjoins shock rocker Uranus, and shifts into practical, “show me the money” Taurus around 2:45 PM PST, squaring the Sun in bombastic and showy Leo.  People could really be “feeling themselves”, or at least, really wanting to be feeling themselves. The need to individuate and find our own sense of “specialness” and expression in the world needs to find tangible expression, and it’s all kind of an experiment in “ego rehabilitation.” We are still undergoing a deep process of peeling back layers of fear, and working through complexes, blockages, obstacles, and whatever is holding us back and that stands in the way of our fullest expression and capacity to experience joy, but that is what this Mercury retrograde is for. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for every small step taken towards living more “out loud and proud.” Putting yourself out there in any regard requires courage, and any baby step taken in courage deserves some recognition, if only from yourself. The Sun now square Uranus can see some creative genius and innovation in the works. New mediums and new levels of expression could be deployed.

July 25
The Moon in earthy Taurus squares Mars in Leo and forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn. In spite of frustration or obstacles, we could feel we are gaining some kind of ground, and could feel a sort of “ZANG” from taking some sort of risk in a new direction that has the potential to be beneficial. It could be something we’ve never tried. Later, a sextile to imaginative and inspired Neptune and a trine to Pluto seal the deal as we entertain a myriad of possibilities about decisive moves. We might not have it all completely figured out, but could feel a powerful drive into this new terrain that could have a competitive edge. As I mentioned in “Notes On July”, gaining inspiration from others, but competing only with your previous selves, and your own previous bests, will produce the most fruitful results. There is inspiration absolutely everywhere, and the success, beauty, and wonderfulness of others is proof of all that is possible within you. You are beautiful. You are greatness. You can do this. 

July 26
The Moon in Taurus sextiles Mercury Rx and Venus in Cancer, with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn.  If you haven’t already, tell someone who inspires you that they inspire you. A little bit of encouragement can really go a long way right now, and that includes doling it out as much as it does actually receiving it. This day could see us driven towards creature comforts, and exceptionally receptive emotionally.  Like sponges. Keep the phenomena of state transference in mind and expose yourself to that which grounds you and makes you feel secure. Powerful but pleasing undercurrents could underly our interactions at this time. The Moon moves into flighty and communicative Gemini, late in the evening, placing further emphasis on connecting to inspiring and pleasant contacts or exposing ourselves to pleasant stimulation. Something “clicks”, creatively or personally, and we soak up inspiration like a sponge.

July 27
The Moon moves into opposition with Jupiter, and a sextile to Chiron. Something may have made us feel pretty good about the path we’re about to be on, and the internal/external progress we’re making, and the Moon/Jupiter opposition could make us feel pretty indulgent. Hey, it’s the weekend, so treat yoself! This isn’t the best day for self discipline, but with Mercury and Venus both in cozy Cancer, self nurturing is what the fuck is up. We could be making a lot of connections or having a lot of communications, or, in a very matter of fact way, we could just simply have a whole lot to think about. We could be putting someone on a pedestal, and there might be some lingering self doubts about our capabilities, but hey, all the more reason for self compassion and self nurturance eh? Venus moves into creative, and fun loving Leo around 7 PM PST. With Chiron in Aries trine both the Sun and Venus in Leo, the emphasis is on healing our solar plexus. Healing our confidence, healing our childlike enjoyment of life, our sense of play, and our creative expression.  Later on the Gemini Moon squares Neptune, and further stokes our longings, our imagination, and our ability to wonder. It could also obscure facts or see us still a bit bewildered or confused about our feelings around something or someone. Perhaps we are in two minds about the direction we want to take something, or something is still just out of reach. Regardless, this could definitely be an inspiring weekend. 

July 28
The Moon in chatty Gemini forms a mild sextile to Mars in Leo in the early morning hours. If you stayed up all night working on a creative project of some kind, it was probably potentially fruitful. This could definitely see some kind of communication/creative initiative being given a gentle push. It’s at least in the fledgling stages of development. As the day wears on, we could be more prone to amusing ourselves, reflecting, and soaking up and assimilating impressions from the ethers. This is a good time to seek spiritual insight, or simply just doodle with various artistic ideas and/or healing modalities. The Sun and Venus in Leo both square Uranus, and this could see everyone needing a lot of space to explore their own egos, express their wildness and cultivate their uniqueness, in explorative play with their creative selves. There could be a lot of eccentricity around relationships and it could all be highly entertaining. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have an awesome week! See you next Monday. 


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