The Moon in Aquarius is trine Jupiter and conjunct Pluto this morning, which can see a lot of changes to adjust to with a need for rapid adaptation and problem solving without dropping the beat. The Moon goes on to square Mars as the day progresses, so there’s a need to be quick to adapt and innovate clever solutions. Mercury in stabilizing trine to Saturn this week can see the mind geared towards more serious and security oriented topics, with a focus on taking on certain responsibilities, commitments, or obligations, or getting on top of certain issues that may be hitting close to home. 


The Moon squares Uranus while sextile Chiron and sesquisquare Venus today, which can see a sensitive atmosphere around changes and adjustments that need to be made. Try to be patient and relax demands on yourself or others. There can just as easily be positive surprises or helpful insights, but there is a need to be flexible and adaptable this week to accommodate shifts to schedules, routines, priorities, or normal patterns. Tomorrow can see a bit more relief or comfort eventually set in as the Moon builds trine’s to the Sun, Venus and Mercury as it heads into Pisces this evening at 11:08 PM PST. 


The Moon in Pisces can bring some reprieve as it makes harmonious contact with the Sun, Venus, and squares Jupiter today. A lunar semisquare to Chiron can see a sensitive atmosphere, and there can be a desire to lay low, seek comfort, provide it for others, or process certain things in private. Mercury and Saturn perfect a trine today at 19 degrees, which can see certain matters reaching a crescendo of stability or steady progress. Evening time see’s a lunar sextile to Mars which can see more courage, passion and motivation to continue to stabilize the course of certain endeavors or situations and see them through to safe harbor. There can be some good news on the way, or some relief or support around challenging issues.


The Moon conjoins Saturn exactly this morning around 7:30 AM PST, while trine Mercury, which can see a focus on problem solving or serious issues. For some this can involve the care of a loved one or looking after the vulnerable, or other issues close to heart and home. Head and heart can be on the same page today and it can be easier to work out agreements or understandings with others. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus and conjoin Neptune. Certain changes can make it a bit easier to relax or go with the flow.


The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 1:52 AM PST, where it squares the Sun and sextile’s Pluto. There can be a need to venture out of a comfort zone or surrender control in some way today, or circumstances call for some sort of action that means letting go of other priorities temporarily. A lunar sextile to Jupiter suggests that this is ultimately beneficial, even if it means things are unsettled temporarily (Moon square Venus.) This can revolve around healing or nurturing.


The Moon in Aries conjoins both Chiron and Hygeia through the course of today and this evening, which can see a focus on healing, nurturing, and compassion. Self care and nurturing as well as care and nurturing of loved ones, animals, or the vulnerable can be highlighted. Things can feel a bit more optimistic on certain fronts this weekend with the Moon semisquare Jupiter, but it’s still important to avoid excesses, overconfidence, or taking things too far. There’s a need to look after yourself or others well and stay on track. Saturn stations retrograde today for a 5 month reflective process, which can see some slow downs or reevaluations in the area of your chart ruled by Pisces. Certain issues, committments or responsibilities can require attention or more serious thought, which can cause some slow downs, delays, or a bit of withdrawal. Try not to let your responsibilities or challenges overwhelm you, and be patient with yourself. This can be an opportunity to get things back on track, resolve or streamline vexxing issues, review or edit projects, get more clear around goals, solidify foundations, and simplify matters by eliminating anything unnecessary, superfluous, or problematic. Learning the limits of certain situations can help bring more structure and clarity over the next several months.


The Moon enters sensual Taurus at 5:00 AM PST, where it is semisquare Saturn and square Pluto. There can be some strong compulsions, cravings, or desires, but a need to exercise caution, patience, restraint, discipline, or impulse control. There can be some doubts or questioning, or some deliberation around certain things, but late evening see’s the Moon joining Mars, which can see a certain itch feel like it needs to be scratched, getting Monday off to a potentially indulgent or pleasure oriented start. A certain dreaminess and escapism is further accentuated by Mercury in trine to Neptune as well. No harm in making life more pleasant to deal with so long as you set some reasonable limits to avoid negative repercussions. Uplifting the spirits can be highly beneficial.


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