The Moon is in Leo and sesquisquare’s Neptune while sextile Mercury, going on to trine Chiron, which can see a spicy and imaginative energy that is gearing towards building confidence and courage. Communications or thoughts can be a bit out of sorts, so it can help to stay grounded and focused. Mars having just entered Taurus perfects a square to Pluto just now, which can see intense drives and desires. This aspect can be helpful for resisting distractions that could waver you from your goals. The energy itself is intense, so it’s important to channel it purposefully, as it represents a powerful and obsessive drive that can become fixated on a particular end. Communications can have some sensitive points today, so a certain level of introspection or deliberately slowing down reaction time can be helpful. Social relationships, interpersonal or commercial dynamics can be a source of surprise, change, or excitement.


The Moon in Leo is trine Chiron, Hygeia, and Mars, while sextile the Sun and Venus, and square Uranus. There can be some positive surprises, but people or situations can be a bit unusual, and require adaptability. Health, healing, and vitality can be a factor. Things can be gaining some traction and momentum. In spite of (or perhaps because of) certain positive trends, there may be some subtle tensions to navigate. The Sun, and Mercury are both square Saturn. Meanwhile, Venus is being released from this square while Mercury and Venus are still conjunct. All of them are approaching squares to Neptune, so being clear with yourself about what you feel and what you want will be increasingly important. Relationships or values can be a topic of discussion, preoccupation or source of contention, challenge, or complexity. This can see a need to negotiate out of constraints, heavy handed, or high pressure situations. Saturn brings a seriousness, inhibition, or boundary, and emphasizes a sense of moral responsibility. This can also impact routine, everyday, or even technical matters, and see a need for negotiation, learning or adaptation. Changes can be largely beneficial, but some things can take time getting used to. The Moon enters Virgo at 10:39 PM. Aim to keep things simple.


The Moon in Virgo squares Jupiter in Gemini while trine Mars in Taurus, which can see a drive to focus and simplify matters to their core essential parts.  This can be helpful to hone in on areas you would like to see growth and expansion. Mercury and Saturn perfect a square today at 19 degrees, which can see money, pleasure, values, relationships, social issues, or communications require some serious thought. There may be a need to mitigate some dissonance or differences, or something can require a lot of concentration. Things can feel overly magnified now in many ways, and it can be easy to go over the top, as there is a tendency to excess. It’s important to stay grounded and pay attention to the little things, knowing when enough is enough. That being said, the Moon in Virgo trine Mars in Taurus, while Mars is square Pluto, can accomplish a great deal. Breakthroughs can be on the way.


Some tensions can arise today, but this can be positive for breaking through stagnant patterns. The Moon in Virgo is square the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, opposite Saturn, and trine Uranus and Pluto. This is quite a download. There can be a process of liberation underway, and this can mean maintaining a boundary, setting some limits, (even if it displeases someone or is a challenge for you to do)-, or tackling some sort of difficult, practical, health or work issue. Whatever is the case, there’s a need to be firm or resopute in your decisions or direction, and ensure you have a clear picture of what you're actually dealing with. News and communications can be a source of surprise, change or illumination. The Moon opposes Neptune this evening, which can see a lot of impressions to sort through. There can be more questions than answers in some ways. This is a good time for soothing the nerves with some sort of spiritual or creative past time, but probably best to wait on taking any serious decisions.


The Moon enters Libra at 11:12 AM PST, seeing intense situations working towards more harmony. There can be big shifts occurring in partnership dynamics. The Moon in Libra is trine Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius, which can see optimism, generosity, and goodwill growing between people, and there is a “fated” or inevitable quality to shifts taking place. Authentic personal truths or feelings can be embraced in order to further a certain plot that has been on a slow burn. This can be business or personal. Venus meets a square to Neptune, so other people can be confusing at the moment, or there is a sensitive and impressionable atmosphere socially or interpersonally. It’s a good time to be open to inspiration, via film, music, or other mediums. There can be strong desires and convictions in spite of not having anything to confirm it. Keep an open heart and mind, as it can bring more beauty into your world, but discern the line between fantasy and reality. Identifying the bridge between the two can help potentiate the most benefits from these aspects. 


The remainder of this weekend can be good for making peace with where things are at, and possibly working through and releasing hurt feelings, sensitivities, insecurities, or simply things that aren't working anymore or have become unhealthy. Healing and restoring harmony of body, mind and soul can be a theme, as the Moon in Libra makes contact with the North and South Nodes and goes on to oppose Chiron and Hygeia in the wee hours of Sunday. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are strengthening a square to Neptune, which can see relationships, love, values, pleasure pursuits, or dreams involving others feel a bit confusing, otherworldly, intangible, or uncertain. There are many changes happening now in the subtle realms. A lack of certainty or clarity can see a tendency to veer from high hopes to despair as this aspect builds, so the best use of this is creative or spiritual endeavors, and a conscious intention to entertain high vibrational thoughts and narratives for yourself, while keeping your feet on the ground.


Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there. The Moon in Libra forms a supportive trine to the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, which can be beneficial for communications. It can be easier to talk about things. Venus is at anaretic degree of Gemini today as she prepares to head into Cancer late this evening. This can see relationship or social matters reaching a critical juncture, and people will be more focused on comfort, security, nurturing, and the emotional side of things. Mercury and Venus close together can see communications opening up, or there is a desire for that anyhow. The squares to Neptune can make this sensitive, mystical or elusive, at least initially. Things are working towards more harmony. The Moon enters Scorpio at 11:38 PM PST, kicking the week off on an interesting, and downright psychic note, as Mercury Joins Venus in a water sign that harmonizes with the Moon in the wee hours of Monday. There’s a highly empathic and intuitive slant to how the week kicks off.


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