Mercury enters Gemini at 12:37 AM PST, a sign it’s very much at home in. This can see some good news circulating this week, or certain conversations or dialogue can begin to enter into more expansive territory as Mercury increases it’s proximity to Jupiter. This also see’s Mercury in trine to Pluto, which can unearth buried information or see an investigative or research process driven by deep curiosity or passionate focus. Mercury in Gemini can open up horizons in positive and beneficial ways, and increase knowledge for a more informed approach to certain matters. The Moon enters Taurus at 1:55 AM PST, which see’s a trine to Juno. This can highlight supportive partnerships. The Moon makes a semisquare to Neptune as well, which can see some haziness or uncertainties, or a slight out of sorts feeling, but it can also see high ideals. Tomorrow can see some shifts in routine in the name of responsibilities or obligations.


The Moon in Taurus sextile Saturn and conjunct Uranus see’s a need to endure temporary shifts in routines that can take people out of their usual comfort zones. The Sun and Venus perfect a conjunction, which can see more harmony, with a focus on relationships, money, values, and creating peace. There is a practical focus today, and situations today and this week can require flexibility, innovation and patience. As the day wears on into evening, optimism can build as the Moon builds a conjunction to Jupiter and Mercury, heading into Gemini in the wee hours of Wednesday at 1:36 AM PST. There can be beneficial changes occurring now in situations that may have been challenging or vexxing in recent months. 


The Moon, now in Gemini, conjoins Mercury and Jupiter, while trine Pluto, which can see increased optimism, wider horizons, and a more informed landscape. Helpful information becomes available that can assist in navigating pressing or challenging issues, and conversations can take a more deeper or soulful tone than usual. Research or investigative processes can yield a great deal of information. The Sun is Square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto, which can see some challenges or obstacles, but it’s also conjunct Venus, so solutions and remedies are not far away. Many problems are in the process of being resolved or mediated, and this is certainly helped by the fact that Mercury in Gemini can now access a boatload of necessary information via research, probing, testing, and digging (Mercury trine Pluto.) This gives a more accurate assessment of situations that may have been challenging. The evening see’s the Moon conjoin Venus, which together with Mercury and Jupiter, can see some good news or something to feel positive about, even if there are still some challenges to face or grapple with. 


Today see’s a New Moon at 3:38 AM PST, in 16 degrees Gemini, exactly conjunct Venus and the Sun, but square Saturn. This decan of Gemini is about reconciling opposites, within self, as well as between others. Here, the devil and angel fuse into one integrated being. It’s associated with the 9 of Swords in the tarot, a card of worry, stress, anxiety and sleeplessness. Although there may be some challenges or difficulties to grapple with at this New Moon, (Moon square Saturn), the good potentials here largely outweigh the bad, and a diamond is forged under pressure. There is something culminating here in the area of your chart ruled by Gemini, and it hasn’t been without a lot of hard work, patience, endurance, and persistence. For many, this can involve love, relationships, creativity, pleasure, and/or money. Certainly, it involves a new chapter that has a lot of promise and potential. If relationships are involved, it can see two people coming together harmoniously that are very different in many ways, although complimentary. In order for this to happen successfully, inward blockages or outer challenges must be faced down with authenticity and self honesty. This can offer meaningful learning experiences and represent a rite of passage. This new Moon kicks off a very promising chapter that will see a lot of abundance and growth throughout Jupiter’s stay here. Something can also be revealed that has been buried, (Moon sesquisquare Pluto), and this can transform a dynamic or situation. There is also a process of metamorphosis in play that can be very healing and encouraging. 


This morning the Moon is square Neptune which can see an out of sorts or sleepy start to the morning. There may be a need to get going, but there can be a bit of a loopy energy to shake off. The Moon enters Cancer at 5:41 AM, shifting the focus to comfort and security. Later on in the evening the Moon is semisquare Uranus, which can see some slight worry or frustration. Remain calm and don’t stress yourself out too much. The Sun and Venus close together places a focus on love and pleasure, so it shouldn’t be too hard to self sooth or shift the focus to something uplifting and positive, even if there are certain things that feel unsettled or anxious. Tomorrow can see stabilizing trends, especially in partnerships. 


The Moon in Cancer makes a trine to Saturn and a sextile to Juno, which can see certain partnerships reach a point of stability, demonstrate their reliability and dependability, or relationships come with a sense of shouldering responsibility. There can be an opportunity today to develop some new habits or rituals that can be beneficial in the longterm. Venus perfects a square to Saturn exactly today at 19 degrees, which can see relationships be given more serious thought. There can be a reassessment here of friendships, love, finances or values in general, and there can be a sense of challenge.. Careful planning, patience, or long term strategies are highlighted. This aspect is not about instant gratification, but a long term trajectory, so try to avoid getting too bogged down with doubts, worries, or negative thinking. For some, this aspect can highlight a sense of loneliness, burdens, or going without, but if that is the case, it also highlights a practical and realistic approach that intends to do something about it. Work, challenges, or other responsibilities may have placed a damper on social relationships, and it’s also probable that there are inhibitions or a certain level of reserve that limit a more spontaneous expression. The Moon goes on to square Chiron, which can highlight a sense of vulnerability, shyness, or sensitivity. Self care, empathy, and nurturing towards others is important. However, in the later evening hours, the Moon sextile’s Uranus, which can see more spontaneity and adventurousness. Mars enters Taurus at 9:35 PM PST, kicking off a cycle sustained, and consistent determination.


The day begins with the Moon in late Cancer squaring Mars and semisquare Mercury. There can be frustrations, strong desires, or pressure around communications or errands. The Moon enters Leo at 12:29 PM PST, where it forms a sextile to Jupiter, trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto. This can see more courage around self expression, and there can be a desire to confront certain matters that may have been on a slow burn. This may not happen immediately, but the desire to see changes happen is certainly there. There can also be increased optimism and courage around certain matters, and a desire to really increase efforts in some area in the week ahead. Mars in Taurus square Pluto can see a lot of passion for a project or person, and a willingness to tap into deep reserves of energy in a focused and determined way towards actualizing desires, removing obstacles, and facing shadows, fears, or difficult issues with a sense of curiosity and adaptability.


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