The Moon in Aries is conjunct Mercury and Chiron, highlighting new pages being turned after loose ends that have been or are in the process of being wrapped up. This brings new vantage points, horizons, and potentials. New ideas, initiatives, mindsets, and agreements, and discussions are highlighted, and it can be downright therapeutic. Something about what is unfolding can feel deeply healing or opens up deeply healing potentials. Whatever is the case, there is a lot of “new” to work with here. The Moon enters Taurus at 2:42 PM PST, in preparation for the New Moon tomorrow. The evening see’s the Moon square Pluto and conjoins Venus, which see’s intense feelings, drives or desires surfacing in response to what is now an emotionally, interpersonally or creatively shifted landscape. Things are changing, and it can actually feel very enriching. 


The Moon occurs this evening at 8:22 PM PST, at 18 degrees Taurus. This is a very fertile degree of Taurus, associated with the 6 of pentacles in the tarot. When you work hard and consistently, you eventually reach a point of abundance where you have something to be able to offer others. During the day, the Moon conjoins Venus, semi squares Neptune and sextiles Vesta, suggesting that there are very fertile, unrealized potentials to prepare ground for. The Sun sextile Saturn suggests a process of stabilization and long term improvements. Hopefully by now you can plant your feet firmly into a foundation and settle into things. There may be some vague, unrealized hopes or fantasies that have yet to materialize that inspire pragmatic changes and energetic preparation. The growth occurring now is slow but assured, and improvements made are intended to be long term. The New Moon is sandwiched between Venus, Uranus and Jupiter, suggesting radical changes and upgrades. Many things are still gaining momentum. Last week, there were breakthroughs, but much was still hobbled by a bit of a lingering pimp limp due to Mars breaking away from Neptune. The Moon/Venus conjunction today places a focus on money, relationships, beauty, pleasure, creativity, feeling good, and preserving what you have. There are wonderful things happening, as the Moon is exalted in Taurus and Venus is in domicile, bringing a feeling of abundance, beauty and fecundity. 


The Moon conjoins the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus this morning, which can see an indulgent and exciting atmosphere. There can be a lot of blessings highlighted, some of which are just being discovered. It can feel good to explore new possibilities and the imagination can be highly stimulated as the Moon goes on to sextile Neptune. Taurus heavily emphasized now is about making things more beautiful and indulging in life’s pleasures. The Moon enters Gemini at 4:20 PM PST to trine Pluto, shifting a focus to a process of adaptation. There may be strong desires or instincts driving a metamorphosis, and there is a lot to juggle and maintain. There can be an incoming shift in dialogue or changes in communications, the neighborhood or local environment to accommodate. Someone may be preparing to make a move, or take some kind of initiative to advance a situation further.


The Moon is sextile Mars and trine Pluto, which can see a lot of passion and curiosity. There can be a strong desire to advance a particular notion. There can be intrigue and excitement around exploring something more deeply, whether this be a subject, an area, an activity, or a person of interest. The Moon encounters an obstacle as the day get’s going when it squares Saturn and Juno. There may be issues of timing, schedules, or routines that seem to impede progress or slow things down, particularly when it comes to getting on the same page with partners or other key individuals. Dust may need to settle first, as one or another person may have had a lot going on and is still finding their footing or adapting to an increase in responsibilities or new routines, so don’t let delays or a need for patience derail your confidence or sense of security. Many people have had a lot on their plates. With the Sun sextile Saturn on it’s way to conjoin Jupiter, and Venus following in it’s footsteps, patience will be richly rewarded, and something will prove worth the wait.


The Moon in Gemini is sextile Mercury in passionate and impetuous Aries, going on to square Neptune. Uncertainties can be driving the imagination wild. There can be a strong inclination towards increased security, a desire to know who and what you’re dealing with or getting into, or questions around whether something or someone is going to come through or pick up the ball that was dropped. The Moon enters security focused Cancer at 8:13 PM PST, where it semi squares Venus. Love, money, social or intimate situations can be a source of preoccupation. Try to relax and avoid obsessing over issues, as it’s likely a minor glitch or simply a matter of timing that will sort themselves out with a little patience. Take it easy and let your imagination conjure good things instead of stressful, sad, worst case scenarios. What may become apparent just now is how strong your feelings or desires are around something or someone.


The Moon in Cancer squares Mars in Aries, while semisquare the Sun. This aspect is lighting up the feelings and passions, and chomping at the bit for expression or acknowledgment. Make space or time for this of you can, as it’s otherwise prone to frustration, impulsiveness, or irritability. Do what you can to funnel this into constructive channels. Honor or express your feelings or frustrations in a way that doesn’t sabotage, but aids in your cause. “You’ll catch more flies with honey”. Express them or deal with them in whatever way maintains the bridges that you've built and the plots that you desire to progress and maintain, but don't try and simply suppress or deny whatever arises. This can also be a need for an increased sense of security, a desire to know that something or someone is dependable, reliable, or loyal, or that specific aims or desires are mutually understood. A literal fight with the feelings can take place for some. Being authentic with yourself about what you want can help to break down barriers to fulfillment. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn while sextile Venus, so something or someone can put you at ease, or you do this for others. Emotional maturity, and being calm, steady and consistent will bring the most rewards.


Surprising feelings can emerge or someone expresses a new side to themselves. An increase in stability or safety has possibly opened up a new dimension to a relationship or other situation. The Moon in Cancer is trine Saturn and Neptune, and sextile the Sun and Uranus, while square Mercury and Chiron. There can be an urge to share or communicate certain things, but also a lot of sensitivity or need to look after yourself. In either case, this can be an emotionally and otherwise enriching sunday. Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there.


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