The Moon in late Capricorn this morning builds a trine to the Sun, Venus and Jupiter, and enters Aquarius at 1:45 pm PST to solidify these smooth connections. The lunar trine’s to the Sun, Venus and Jupiter can see excitement around new social, interpersonal, creative or financial endeavors. Things can feel a bit different or unusual, but there is an enlivening and inspiring quality. A lunar semisquare to Saturn still see’s patience and endurance as important, but there is a feeling that any teeth gritting is temporary. The Moon also conjoins Pluto, which can see moments of emotional clarity. For some this can see inspirational events or emotional epiphanies. For others, a positive attitude is the result of efforts put in that are showing promising results. Interesting things can be happening socially or interpersonally. 


This morning the Moon is still trine the Sun and Venus, which can highlight recent illuminations around relationships, money, friendships, or social situations. The afternoon see’s the Moon square Mercury in Taurus, which can see a need to pause and reflect, or stop and think before you speak, in order to avoid misunderstandings. The Moon is also semisquare Neptune simultaneously, so there is still a lack of clarity or missing facts. There can be a slight out of sorts feeling to wade through in the afternoon, so staying focused on your purpose can help navigate this temporary blip. 


The Moon develops a square to Uranus today, which can see some unexpected emotions or a need to think on your feet or detach from certain matters. It goes on to also square Jupiter, which can see some big desires. Feelings of optimism can be more accessible if you’re detached from an outcome. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces around 5:33 PM PST. This see’s the Moon in slight tension with Mars, Chiron, the Sun, and Venus. There can be some subtle interpersonal tensions that generate a sense of vulnerability or uncertainty. Try to relax and avoid obsessing or fixating on matters outside of your control. Pay attention to your own needs and be kind to yourself. There can be a sensitivity to the undercurrent socially. Venus inches closer to a perfected conjunction with the Sun, so it can feel as if interpersonal, social, or financial revelations are just around the corner.


There are some subtle tensions in today’s mathscape, but it’s nothing to fret unduly about. The Moon semisquare Mars, square Venus, and the Sun, can see some frustrations, but if this is the case, know that it’s temporary and will pass. Mercury and Uranus perfect a conjunction today, which can see some surprises and plot twists or progressions to integrate. With Mercury in an earth sign, there is still a practical focus, but there are also elements of surprise, excitement and liberation along the way. As the day progresses, the Moon conjoins Saturn, bringing attention to responsibilities or duties and loose ends that need to be tied up. After these are addressed, there will be a release of tensions and a feeling of being able to do what you’d like to do. The Moon also semi squares Pluto as it conjoins Saturn, so there can be a feeling of either looming obligations or even slight intimidation around certain responsibilities, but this will be followed by a feeling of release, and possibly even a feeling of being better informed. 


The Moon is sextile Mercury and Uranus today, which can see a break from normal routines, either for work reasons, or other necessary obligations. There can be some breakthrough points today that can lead to a feeling of relief and release (Moon conjunct Neptune.) Information can become available as well that can make things easier going forward, although everything is a bit experimental just now. Nonetheless, there can be a feeling of liberation. Evening time see’s the Moon enter Aries at 8:28 PM PST, sextile Jupiter, which can see an indulgent streak, and there may be something to celebrate, or in the very least, a feeling that you can coast from here on out. There can be something to smile about, and this can bring out escapism tendencies or a desire to just let your hair down. It could be a classic case of T.G.I.F for some, but for others, there can be more specific reasons of feeling “let off the hook” in some regard, and more relaxed and optimistic in turn. 


The Moon in Aries is sextile the Sun and Venus while semisquare Uranus. This can see some pleasurable times, but it can also be a busy atmosphere as well. Subtle tensions suggest a need to remain flexible and open minded. Something or someone may be causing concern or worries, but with so much pointing in the direction of enjoyment, try not to sweat the small stuff just now. There’s a delightful and upbeat energy in the mathscape today, so enjoy it, and continue to nurture your ideals. The Sun and Venus are exactly conjunct at 11 degrees, so this weekend can see some things to smile about, and the focus can be very much on increasing pleasure and enjoyment.


The Moon in Aries conjoins Mars, which can see a lot of courage, passion, or activity. There can be a lot of energy this Sunday, and it can even be an emotionally healing time with the Moon also conjunct Chiron. There can be excitement and something to feel very motivated about. The Sun and Venus are at perfected conjunction at 12 degrees Gemini. There can be fortunate events in communications, or via news, messages, siblings, neighbors, or short distance travels. This can involve love and pleasure for some, or money and finances. In either case, there can be some things to feel good about that put a smile on your face or motivate you, particularly in the first half of the day. Evening time see’s the Moon square Pluto, which can bring some strong feelings or drives to the surface. Tomorrow see’s some lunar tension with Saturn, suggesting a need to hunker down and pay attention to responsibilities for the week ahead. There may be a lot to juggle and manage, so Monday can see quite a push for progress.


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