This week is a big deal. The universe is not done being Oprah, and continues to hand out more gifts and prizes to everyone. With several planetary ingresses, and a Full Moon in Sagittarius, this is one helluva massive download. The Sun makes it’s annual entrance into Gemini today at 5:49 AM PST, highlighting a controlled but extraordinary info dump that will occur in phases. Today begins with the Moon in late Libra, opposite Chiron and square Pluto, which can see some relationship tensions, (positive or negative), deep shifts and instinctual undercurrents to navigate. This can be ultimately beneficial and cathartic, but there may be some inevitabilities to confront as the interpersonal, social, and financial landscapes are reaching fated turning points. For some, this can be rather literal, and may involve relocation or adjusting to new environments. For others, there are social, commercial, or interpersonal downloads that require adaptation or careful handling. The Moon opposite Chiron and square Pluto can see some deep feelings or vulnerabilities emerge, some of which can be quite surprising or unexpected, but as the day progresses, more certainty and confidence emerges, because, well, what are the alternatives? You have to do what you have to do to honor  authenticity. The Moon enters Scorpio at 3:34 PM PST, where it opposes Mercury in Taurus, sesquisquare Saturn, and strongly squares Pluto. This can see some "real talk" conversations or decisions, or other “high stakes” activities. It can feel both intimidating and entirely natural and necessary to face down inner or outer resistance. Do what you can to reduce pressure on yourself, as this week requires a lot of rapid adaptation. It's like a dam or massive blockage is being removed. A major shift in timelines is occurring that requires a graceful navigation.


The Moon in Scorpio is still opposite Mercury, and is now sextile Juno. This can see some bridges being built or successful negotiations occurring. There's a need here to be flexible and willing to learn in the midst of change, as there's a delicate alchemical process underway interpersonally, socially, or in relation to work, money, possessions, desires, or creative endeavors. Much is going on under the surface, occulted from view. For some, sensitive negotiations have had to be navigated recently, revolving around finances, shared resources, energetic exchanges, or intimate, private matters. The Sun in strong trine to Pluto highlights power dynamics and communication issues in a big way, and things may be surfacing and coming to light that have been buried or repressed, in some cases, for many years. Follow your instincts, face down your fears, and embrace your truth. With the Sun sextile Neptune, dreams, intimations, and intuitive hunches can be very accurate. The Moon forms a trine to Saturn in Pisces, seeing a sense of relief, stability, and renewed faith. The full tea on what is actually going on won’t be apparent for a while, but for now, trust the information you have to go on is sufficient, and trust the process. Have patience, and things will gel together the way they’re intended to. A lot is changing now, and things can get a little chaotic, unsettled and exciting in the process.


The Moon is trine Saturn, but opposite Uranus, and goes on to oppose Venus and Jupiter, which can see shifts occurring interpersonally, financially, or creatively that can honestly feel larger than life at this point. It’s clear that a new era has dawned, and an old timeline is being wrapped up so that circumstances, dynamics, and situations that are meant to graduate to a new, and more robust level can do so. This may mean that certain sacrifices, whether temporary or permanent, are imminent, in order to reach the next level. There can be nervous excitement, and perhaps some level of intrigue, as people can be rather consumed with the changes going on in their lives, so there is a sense that you don’t know the full story, or aren’t sharing the full story yourself, likely because you simply can’t. Your lore can be too vast or unfathomable to convey to others in fun sized soundbites, and you may be too busy living mythically while keeping the mundane running as smoothly as possible. Evening can be a good time to try and unwind, reflect, and engage in spiritual or creative pursuit, with the Moon trine Neptune. There is a lot to take in as the Full Moon approaches. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:24 AM and climaxes to full at 6:53 AM in 2 degrees. This face of Sagittarius is associated with the 8 of wands in the tarot, a card of rapid speed, swift and passionate communications, disclosures, travel of mind or body, and enthusiastic forward advancement. This decan of Gemini is strangely contradictory, in the sense that it’s both highly stimulating, endlessly curious, and wired to assimilate and encode information, but simultaneously, can be paralyzed and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of distractions or things that clamor for attention. The magnitude of recent shifts and illuminations need to be properly digested and put into context, and just when you think you've had your mind fully blown open, it gets blown again,-" but wait, there's more!" This face of Gemini is ruled by the 8 of swords in the tarot, a card referred to as “interference” by Crowley in "The Book Of Thoth." Represented by a blindfolded woman who is immobilized inside a “cage” of swords that she could easily free herself from if she could only get around her own perspective. There may be almost too much going on at this Full Moon, and very quickly. Massive info dumps and retreats on the one hand, and a feeling of not enough information on the other. It can also be a battle of how much to let in (or out), or how quickly, but the 8 of swords is never comfortable or desireable to be in for long. There is a process of sharing and digesting transpiring. Binary duality is also a theme of this face of Gemini, as we each contain archetypes of devil and angel. Each of us truly contain multitudes. In essence, the two binary constructs must be harmoniously fused into a freak beast creature with both horns and wings in order to remain fully and properly human, whole, fulfilled and self realized. The shadow must be integrated into the light, and the light is necessary to observe the shadow. The duality of selves must inevitably be married to form a supernatural mutant strain that can survive and even thrive off of the attainment of its own true will and destiny.  This decan also has associations with the apple of Eden, the fruit of knowledge. In some way, a pandoras box beckons to be opened. Powerful undercurrents, strong desires, and insatiable curiosities interpersonally or socially can be felt, with the Full Moon opposite Venus and Jupiter in anaretic degree, sesquisquare Mars in Taurus, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto. Try to relax, and have faith that what is meant for you is already reserved for you. There may be circumstances or issues of timing that cause temporary frustrations. Trust in divine timing. Venus enters Gemini at 1:30 PM PST, which kicks off a cycle of social, romantic, financial, and creative curiosity, adaptability and intrigue. Communications, and connecting on a mental and even local level becomes more important. These transits can open a biblical floodgate of communications. It's exciting, as there is so much to learn and share, but amidst this swirling vortex of secret wonder that beckons like a serpent with an apple, Mercury in Taurus still See's a lot of practical considerations, and a need to pace things in such a way so there is time to adapt. 


The Moon in curious and adventurous Sagittarius is trine Mars in passionate Aries, but Square Saturn in Pisces and semisquare Pluto. Desire for advancement and more forward momentum is strong, but there may be some inconvenient circumstances, challenges, or responsibilities that make it difficult to do what you really want to do, respond how you would really like to, or claim your rightful, and hard won fruit of knowledge. Something calls for patience and endurance. Don’t let obstacles or challenges sow seeds of doubt within you. There is a sacred process that is underway, and this timeline needs a minute to catch up with itself lest it trip over its own shoelaces. Embrace the journey, as things will continue to get curioser and curioser. Consider challenges, obstacles and delays as the cosmos still wrapping and perfecting the presents that you know in your heart, body, and soul are coming to you, as opposed to a signal that you’re being denied, declined, or smited and forsaken by a bitter and unkindly entity. Think of it as god tying a nice little bow around your presents to get them just right, and respect the ritual of this initiation. Your passion, optimism, and enthusiasm is actually well founded, in spite of any temporary blockages, challenges, or delays, so continue to nurture the (possibly terrifying) levels of joy in your spirit. Continue to behave according to the Law Of Assumption. If your faith is being tested, it's an opportunity to strengthen it, especially if it's been atrophied by cynicism or "repetitive cycle injury."


The Moon enters stoic and pragmatic Capricorn at 8:36 AM PST. The Morning hours can highlight a feeling of going without, or needing to get by with less of something temporarily. There can be a weariness of body, mind, or soul, and a lunar quincunx to Venus can call for some restraint or patience in money, love, or pleasure pursuits. Avoid negative thinking, or recoiling back into emotionally regressive states that shrink your infinite beingness, and try to expose yourself to things that keep you in vibrational alignment with your most glorious visions, regardless of hurdles or challenges before you. A lunar trine to Juno in Virgo can see a quiet, humble, but solid mutual assurance or devotion in the face of pragmatic necessities that can almost be easy to overlook, or simply doubt the existence of altogether. Patience, understanding and endurance exhibited now makes a deep impression, or carries a lot of meaning. Jupiter enters Gemini at 4:15 PM PST, kicking off a brand new year long cycle. It’s very telling that it conjoins Venus as it does this. Relationships, money, pleasure, joy, learning, soulful wisdom, faith, and creativity are in for a massive expansion and happiness injection. There is much to look forward to. Any challenges that have been happening, battles or obstacles that you’ve been navigating, sacrifices you’ve been making, hard work, faith and dedication you’ve been putting into things, have all been preparing you for this new timeline, and will be richly rewarded. Likely in a multitude of surprising ways. Even your fumbles have had their fateful place in this story. Jupiter is the planet of luck, happiness and abundance. It’s proximity to Venus as it begins a new yearly transit is doubly promising. Mark my words. Your gifts are being wrapped. Continue to have faith. With all this energy building in Gemini, you may have to get better at multitasking, as there will be a lot to keep up with.


The Moon in Capricorn makes a helpful trine to Mercury in Taurus, and sextile to Saturn. It also squares Mars, so these other aspects can be a saving grace, as there can be a lot of frustrations with impediments to strong desires for plot progression. Delays or blockages can trigger doubts or uncertainties. The channels of communication can open up in more regular or comfortable ways that help normalize the extraordinary or novel, or news or information received can be quietly reassuring and grounding. This can make it easier to cultivate endurance, discipline, and resilience, to approach any obstacles in good faith. There can be an opportunity here to develop some new habits or rituals in the interim that are ultimately beneficial and in alignment with your desires anyhow, so channeling any frustrations due to (temporary) blockages around desires into constructive ends can increase both the quality and nature of their ultimate attainment. Being able to communicate to others in uncomplicated, everyday ways can also be surprisingly fulfilling, releasing a lot of pressure and tension, while building or maintaining bridges. The Moon square Chiron can see a lot of sensitivity, which can make it extra important to nurture yourself well. Any moments of potential hurt feelings, insecurity, or vulnerability also present opportunities for healing. Try to use The Law Of Assumption for good, as opposed to assuming the worst. There’s a chance for matter of fact communication here that can actually lay any fears, doubts or concerns to rest. Replacing fear with faith is a worthwhile but challenging endeavor, especially when the former has been the most reinforced by experiences. Be here now. The present is a gift. 🎀


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