The Moon in Leo is trine Mars and opposite Pluto as the week begins, which see’s a lot of passion and motivation. Changes are happening now at a deep level. The Sun and Uranus are also exactly conjunct at 23 degrees, showing a shifting landscape and a need to innovate financially, materially, or in regards to values, pleasure, or possessions. There’s an excitement and “jack-in-the box” feeling to these aspects, as new possibilities are potentiated. Much has changed internally and externally, and the dust is still settling. The Taurus energy is both consistent and restless for change, and the Moon in Leo is courageous, creative and driven by strong, compelling instincts (Moon/Pluto.) Something may be starting at ground zero now, and with the Taurus stellium, there is a lot to play for, and a lot of abundance on offer. The Moon trine Mars is motivated to take initiatives and make things happen. New angles are being examined and new approaches are considered. This math is spicy and determined. 


The Moon trine Mars this morning, with the Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter see’s strong desires to make something different happen in regards to money, love, abundance, or sensual pleasures. This can see interesting shifts in the plot and changes in dynamics. Something different is happening, or is trying to happen. It may take some coaxing, as some people may have been reluctant to come out of their shells or do something different. Test the waters, and make sure this isn't fleeting, (unless that's what you want). The Moon semisquare Mars can come up against differences in style or approaches and may require some diplomacy, flexibility, or learning the ropes, in order to meet others half way, otherwise there’s continued frustrations that leave you and/or others to their own devices, which doesn’t seem to be what the stellium in Taurus is aiming for. There is a desire here for mutual fulfillment and fruitfulness, something steady and secure, which takes a collaborative and flexible approach. The Moon goes on to square Venus, semisquare Neptune, trine Chiron and quincunx Saturn, which can see money or relationship dynamics feeling a bit out of sorts or confused. It’s possible that certain compromises have to be made that require a release of attachment to outworn approaches. You’ve got to give a little to get a lot. In the financial sense, it takes money to make money, and in the interpersonal sense, it takes some compromise or a little vulnerability to see any forward momentum. 


Mercury enters Taurus at 10:25 AM PST, which can open talks and negotiations which can get people on the same page, perhaps after a lot of hits and misses. There can be tensions today with the Moon in late Leo square the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and sesquisquare Mars, which can see strong desires under the surface which may have grown into frustration and require an outlet. The Moon trine Mercury can help. The Moon enters Virgo at 2:33 PM PST, which can see a focus on routines, work, daily rhythms, pets, and crisis prevention. There may be some things to prepare for here, and communications can create more understanding for what people may be navigating. This can see opportunities for expressing thoughts and feelings or establish down to earth understanding with others, as there may be some strong feelings or drives under the surface that have felt suppressed or set aside (Moon quincunx Pluto.) Tomorrow may require some hard work or sacrifice that can temporarily see desires or other normal routines curtailed, but it’s temporary.


The Moon in Virgo opposes Saturn today, which can put a damper on certain activities or regularly scheduled programming. Today can require some patience and fortitude to wade through, as certain responsibilities or duties may take precedence to more satisfying or perhaps lucrative endeavors. As the day wears on however, the Moon makes a trine to Venus while sesquisquare Pluto, and then forms a trine to Uranus, so by day’s end, things can feel more free. There can also be some intriguing shifts occurring financially or interpersonally, or hard work, patience and sacrifice is paying off and opening up improved circumstances or better possibilities. Interpersonal dynamics can also be showing a new side, or there are insights into the behaviors of others that make it easier to understand them. Something or someone is worth the wait. Information can be gleaned today that can make it easier to help someone or help things move into a constructive and desirable direction. Today is largely mired in practical issues, but it can feel good to get it out of the way and to see something making progress.


The Moon in Virgo is in trine to Venus, Uranus, the Sun, and Jupiter, which can see some unexpected blessings, gifts, or something to smile about. There can be a very busy atmosphere with a lot of details to manage, so there may be a need to multitask and think quick on your feet. There is something very healing about these configurations, but they may require some flexibility in routines to fully reap the benefits. This may not be a problem at all, and it may be a pleasant detour. Something that occurs can make the day to day grind more pleasant. Someone can even play the role of “earth angel” under these maths. Evening see’s the Moon trine Pluto as well, suggesting some powerful shifts interpersonally, socially, financially, materially, or in regards to intimate matters or long term investments. Something is most definitely changing, and for some, it can be hard to believe, or there is an element of uncertainty, fantasy or dreaminess (Moon opposite Neptune.) Is a dream coming true?


The Sun conjoins Jupiter exactly at 28 degrees Taurus, which feels like a gift. The Moon enters Libra at 3:23 AM PST, shifting the focus to relationships and cooperation with others. In trine to Pluto, there can be intense, instinctual impulses guiding things, and strong feelings can bubble up to the surface. In some ways, this math can be slightly confrontational, but not necessarily in a bad way. There is an indulgent slant to these aspects, and it can bring out a wild side or certainly a boldness in people. Take advantage of these auspicious configurations, as there can be some stellar opportunities to increase wealth, abundance, prosperity, or invite more pleasure into your life. There can be a lot of generosity in the atmosphere, and people can be feeling more bold than usual to venture outside of their usual patterns to go after a brass ring they’ve had in their sights or get more out of life, love, pleasure, or money. This can see really promising work, money, or even sexual/relationship prospects for many.


The Moon in Libra is opposite Mars, Chiron and the North Node. Is this a vulnerability hangover, frustration, or cold feet? With the Sun in anaretic degree and conjunct Jupiter and Venus while preparing to move into Gemini tomorrow, things can feel larger than life as they expand into new territory. Don’t let it shake you up or ruffle your feathers too much. This can also be a time of cleansing the past and releasing old timelines to prepare to fully embrace something new. Maybe there is a need to negotiate a bridge. It’s possible someone’s feelings are hurt or triggered somehow, as the Moon opposite Chiron and Mars is a bit raw and vulnerable, perhaps slightly defensive. There can just as easily be a lot of passion, but simultaneously, a lot of vulnerability comes along with it, or there are some impending confrontations or decisions that are a bit challenging or energetically demanding. Nonetheless, the Sun shifts emphasis in your chart tomorrow and enters curious and communicative Gemini, which can see many things to manage simultaneously. Venus and Jupiter will also follow suit next week, with a full moon in Sagittarius, so this upcoming week will prove to be very eventful with a lot to adapt to. Brace yourselves.


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