The Moon is in Capricorn as the week get’s going, seeing a somewhat somber and pragmatic orientation. Mercury stations retrograde in Aries at 3:14 PM PST, which brings attention to things that need to be taken care of or reevaluated before a fresh slate can resume itself in earnest. This retrograde can see an inwardly directed journey of reorganization and reorientation around goals. There may also be the opportunity to get new perspective on things that were previously considered resolved or fully understood. The Moon sextile Mars and in tension to Uranus can see slightly unstable energy levels or an extra need to concentrate and persevere through tasks. The Moon also goes on to trine Juno in Virgo, so there is a focus on dependable relationships that can be relied on when the chips are down, or even bonding via crisis or crisis management, whether health, healing, recovery or otherwise. There can also be a focus on small animals or being of service to others somehow. Evening time can see some rewards through patience or hard work.


There can be some surprises today with the Moon in hard working Capricorn trine Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. It’s also possible to feel a bit behind on certain responsibilities or commitments, or slightly overwhelmed with all there is to do (Moon square Chiron). Try to take one thing at a time, and do what you can, -not everything you can. It’s possible that positive events cause a change in routine or a need to be flexible. Being kind to yourself and and others and creating some slack can actually increase productivity later, even if you feel like you need to be productive or machine like, it’s also important to take breaks (or naps). There can also be generous rewards for hard work or discipline, but pace yourself accordingly. The Moon squares Mercury and sextile’s Venus as the day wears on, which can see some impulsive but well meaning communications, or crossed or confused lines. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to advocate for yourself or others. Venus and Neptune perfecting a conjunction in Pisces just now see’s a lot of compassion, dreams, and ideals, but for now, things can still feel out of reach. The Pisces stellium is sleepy, dreamy, spaced out, confused, and sensitive, and with Mars there, energy or drive isn’t at it’s highest. This evening is good for creativity, compassion, and inspiration, but certain issues can require patience and perseverance just now.


The Moon enters Aquarius at 2:08 AM PST, to conjoin Pluto. This can bring with it some moments of emotional clarity. Certain things can bubble up to the surface for better or worse, but what surfaces can be revealing and can inform a strategy forward. Mars conjunct Saturn is still very much an influence, which highlights the need to hunker down and endure, and perhaps has required some sacrifices or behind the scenes struggle busses or two. “The struggle bus doesn’t make any stops.” Needless to say, Venus conjunct Neptune has a dream in sight, and this influence can see a lot of musing. Today can highlight changes or revelations around friendships, groups, the internet, or future happiness goals. With Mercury retrograde now, there may still be some frustrating issues to clear up before true momentum can be achieved, but it’s only helpful to identify and hone in on goals, just try not to run too far ahead of yourself.


There can be some excitement and inspiration today with the Moon sextile the Sun and square Jupiter and Uranus. Try not to put the cart before the horse or jump to quickly into things, lest you wind off biting off more than you can chew or in over your head. Today can require some flexibility. There can be insights around health or healing with the Sun and Moon both in aspect to Chiron. Knowing your limits can be helpful, as it can be easier to push things too far under these configurations. Experimentation is highlighted, and doing things a bit differently or resorting to alternatives can be called for. The Moon sextile Mercury this evening, which can see new ideas via communications or online media, or scientific or fringe topics can be highlighted. This aspect can see mental restlessness and curiosity into the late hours, so if you’re prone to insomnia, maybe double up on your sleepy time tea, unless you don’t mind burning the midnight oil.


Speaking of midnight, Venus enters Aries at 12:00 AM PST, joining the Sun and Mercury retrograde. This can see an opportunity to return back to the drawing board when it comes to certain situations. The Moon enters dreamy Pisces at 4:13 AM, seeing a dreamy and introspective focus that compliments the self directed and dynamic Aries energy well. It’s a good time to check in with yourself and simplify your schedule. These maths sort of personify the “getting your groove back” energy that’s apropos for the beginning of spring time. The Moon in Pisces is semisquare Chiron, which can bring attention to all that needs some TLC. It then goes on to conjoin Mars and then Saturn in Pisces, which suggests a bit of strength training (literally or figuratively.) There can be a lot of work to do to reach goals or ideals, so it’s important to keep things realistic. Even if certain situations seem demanding right now, this is a good opportunity to quietly build strength, courage and confidence. 


The Moon in Pisces is in aspect to Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto today, which can see intense efforts or metamorphosis behind the scenes. This can involve recovery or healing protocols, or other creative transformations. There can be some obligations to deal with, but it will feel good to get them out of the way. With Venus now in Aries, there is a growing restless enthusiasm or need for fresh experiences, but with Mercury retrograde here along with the lingering Piscean energies, there are still loose ends to tie up or baggage, struggles or a generalized miasma to address. Don't panic if you encounter glitches or delays. Take this as an opportunity to regroup and come back stronger. Today can be positive for creative inspiration and musing that is grounded in reality, as the Moon goes on to conjoin Saturn while sextile Uranus and Jupiter. This can see fortunate outcomes in spite of doubts, delays, or challenges. Afternoon and evening can be good for relaxation. 


The Moon enters Aries to conjoin Venus at 4:25 AM PST. This also see’s an out of sign conjunction to Neptune in late Pisces, and a sextile to Pluto. For some, this math can see a sigh of relief, and there may be something to feel in good spirits about. For others, there can be something firing them up or making them feel kind of feisty (Moon semisquare Uranus), perhaps not necessarily in a negative way. This is a confident, sassy and independent energy, and there can be surprises socially or interpersonally. People can say or do things out of pocket. There may still be some issues to address or clear up, but the week ahead can begin on an emotionally healing and motivated note, with a New Moon solar eclipse in Aries. News and communications are highlighted, and there can be a busy atmosphere with a lot to tackle.  


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