The New Moon is exact at 11:21 AM PST at 19 degrees Aries.  This face of Aries is associated with the 3 of wands in the tarot, emphasizing the importance of habits which become destiny. This New Moon is ideal for laying down new intentions and habits. It is conjunct both Mercury retrograde in Aries, as well as Chiron. This can shed new perspective on many things, particularly so in the case of healing (Chiron.) Information can come to light or be available that can make certain experiences make more sense or put them into context. There can also be opportunities to take care of things that may have been neglected or to find resolution to longstanding issues. Today can be busy with news, errands, and communications to catch up on or keep up with, but don’t expect “a perfect flow,” as many things can keep people on their toes with much to adapt to. With Mercury retrograde just now, it’s wise to anticipate some delays or glitches, and many people can be somewhat emotionally distracted, perhaps things from the past can be resurfacing. Nevertheless, there is a chance to get some things out of the way and to start fresh, this time with better, perhaps more complete information, documents, etc. 


The Moon enters Taurus at 4:23 AM PST, squaring up to Pluto in Aquarius. This can see a big push for practical reorientation or major breakthroughs. Although the Moon in Taurus is easy going, there can be issues that call for adaptation, innovation and flexibility. Mercury retrograde conjunct Chiron just now places a focus on health and healing, and caring for the vulnerable. Digging for solutions and seeing what is possible, there can be a desire to go to great lengths to facilitate certain breakthroughs. There can be some vulnerability, or sensitivity around difficult realities or for some, memories can surface that are challenging to deal with. Nonetheless, there is a desire to form a workable strategy forward and remain adaptable to change. 


The Moon in Taurus makes a sextile to both Mars and Saturn, which are perfecting a conjunction at 14 degrees Pisces. The Moon is also conjunct Jupiter and Uranus, which can see surprising feelings emerge or a desire to take some modest, calculated risks or merge in new directions, perhaps for a beloved cause, or a loved one. There can be a quiet optimism here, even if certain realities are challenging, or there seems to be a lot of pressure right now. Take one thing at a time, and enjoy the possibilities that are emerging. There can be a determination to find a resolution to problems or issues that have become outstanding. There is also a lot of compassion just as much as there is a stiff upper lip. Mars and Saturn conjunct see a lot of work to do, with a need to knuckle down to see something through or get through a difficult patch. There's no need to rush a process, as things require patience just now. Much of this week can revolve around finding solutions to troubles and getting certain things back on track or in better stead. There are also opportunities this week to explore avenues or angles that maybe haven't occurred to you before. The Moon conjunct Jupiter and Uranus today can see some beneficial opportunities or unexpected but pleasant plot twists that can prove inspiring or refreshing.


The Moon enters curious and communicative Gemini at 5:59 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Pluto in Aquarius and sextile to Neptune. There can be a desire to let intuition and logic merge, and this can see a lot of research, short distance travel, busy errands, or information gathering. There can also be a desire to make inspired changes, take initiative in communications or travel, or clarify certain issues. The Sun and Mercury perfect a conjunction today at 22 degrees, seeing a restless desire for communications, movement, travel, trade, commerce, negotiations, or a chance to gain or reveal new insights or awareness into something. With Mercury retrograde just now, it's best to take things in and walk before you can run. Avoid getting too far ahead of yourself, slow down,  drive carefully, and avoid over exerting yourself, especially while Mars and Saturn encourage reduced speed and taking on less demands for the time being. Nonetheless, today can see a change in communications, learning, or normal routines. There can be revealing insights. It can also be busy, but don't force yourself to take on more than you can handle. There can be a chance to return to something with a fresh perspective or more informed approach. Evening time can see some things to feel positive about, or perhaps counting your blessings multiplies them. Certain issues are finding resolution, a cause of suffering has been identified, named, and solutions are applied. The Moon sextile Venus while trine Pluto is open to change or cutting edge methods. A lunar sextile to Hygeia also See's a health or healing accent. There is still a lot of work to do. Some things can feel daunting financially or otherwise. Where there is a will there is a way. Creative problem solving will help to organize for success. 


The Moon in Gemini is squaring both Mars and Saturn in Pisces, which can see some sadness, frustration, challenges or confusion. The Moon also goes on to sextile Chiron while sesquisquare Pluto, which emphasizes caring and nurturing in the face of heavy inevitabilities or changes. Certain unavoidable realities require compassion and understanding. Strong feelings can surface. Try not to give in to feelings of helplessness and strive to dwell in the solution as opposed to consumed by the problems. As the day progresses, communication channels can open up or there can be opportunities to discuss things or exchange ideas or engage in creative problem solving to overcome challenges, or come to a place of acceptance as much as possible.


The Moon enters sensitive Cancer at 10:45 AM PST, seeing an emphasis on what and who is familiar. Home, family, emotions, and seeking to give and receive comfort can factor in to todays mathscape. Prior to entering sensitive Cancer, the Moon squares Neptune, seeing a lot of wistfulness or other confounding issues that may be distracting or causing grief, worry or confusion. It can also be a lot of creative brainstorming. Many people are very wrapped up in dealing with their own personal issues, so if you feel left to your own devices or at sea, know that very likely, other people are just as wrapped up in their own worlds as you are. 


Things can feel slightly unsettled, (Moon square Venus), but there’s a strong desire to find a sense of stability and stoicism within changing circumstances (Moon trine Saturn.) Today can see efforts to build courage or momentum for the week ahead with the Moon in trine to Saturn going on to trine Mars. We are already wrapping up Aries season, and next Friday see’s the Sun make it’s annual ingress into Taurus. This will highlight solutions as well as bring in some rewards for patience, hard work and determination. Although there are things that feel like an Achilles heel right now or major point of sensitivity that require a brave face or stoic sacrifice, the Sun moving into Taurus next week will highlight Jupiter’s conjunction to Uranus which perfects at 19 degrees. This emphasizes rewarding experiences or the random blessings of life, but also positive risks that pay off. If you’re feeling sapped of energy or overwhelmed just now, take heart.


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