The Moon in partnership oriented Libra is opposite Mercury Rx, Venus, and Chiron in Aries, while Mars, modern ruler of Aries, spends it’s final week in Pisces, inching closer to Neptune. In some way, everyone is moving from a position of weakness to a position of strength. By this upcoming Sunday, Mars and Neptune will be exactly conjunct. Altruism must factor in to motives. Perhaps certain things still need to be released, wrapped up or dealt with in order to be fully present to the many opportunities Jupiter and Uranus have presented. After Mars enters Aries next week though, there can be quite a lot of forward momentum. Mercury will also station direct this Thursday, so much is still in a reevaluation phase, and communications are still subject to glitches. For now, the emphasis is still on self nurturing, dreams, and altruism. Strength, confidence, and command over certain situations is still quietly building.


The Full Moon in Scorpio is exact today at 4:49 PM at 4 degrees, the precise degree of the Moon’s fall in Scorpio. It forms a square to Pluto and sextile to Juno, which just stationed direct in Virgo. This sets the stage for some significant shifts, revelations, and breakthroughs socially, interpersonally, or in regards to intimacy, joint finances, or energetic exchanges. This is a particularly desirous and libidinous face of Scorpio. An instinctual, animalistic hunger awakens here, but it is not an uncomplicated hunger. This decan is associated with the 5 of cups in the Rider Waite tarot, so there is a lot of complex, guilt, remorse, or brooding that accompanies this face. This can represent a desire that has been unmet or evades complete fulfillment, or, when fulfilled, has lead to disappointment, or a feeling that one has “fumbled the bag.”. Regardless, all roads lead to hunger again. Desire itself can’t be eliminated completely, but a more conscious relationship with it can be forged so that it’s fruits are more deeply satisfying. The Moon is particularly ravenous here, and the square to Pluto and sextile to Juno can bring some strong feelings or desires to the surface around relationships, sex, money, intimacy, long term investments, and how energy is exchanged. With Jupiter and Uranus so close together, there is a lot to play for, and if you can keep a sense of proportion there can be rewarding experiences on offer. Mercury Rx in Aries suggests a second look at something that may have been fumbled or overlooked previously, and this is a good time to reevaluate things, while Mars in Pisces inching closer to Neptune suggests a release and inward preparation.


Today see’s a stabilizing influence with the Moon trine Saturn, but a lunar sesquisquare to Mars and then Neptune can see some feeling out of sorts on the way there. Maintain what you can, and keep your expectations reasonable, as we are still in the Mercury retrograde. It often get’s loopiest just before and during it’s station, which is due tomorrow. Evening time, the Moon opposes Jupiter, which can see big feelings. There can be a temptation to make grand gestures or big promises, or there can be something very uplifting. It can also be a case of information overload. There can be a backlog of intel to absorb or impart that can be a lot to take in or break down. Take your time, not everything needs a response or reaction right away. There can be inevitable confrontations that require authenticity and emotional courage. Information can also become available that changes perspectives significantly.


Mercury stations direct right on the North Node in Aries at 15 degrees, near Chiron, emphasizing the importance of self nurturing and healing. If everyone tends to themselves and their own gardens, they’ll have much more to offer others when the time is right. Not everything can gain traction this week, but progress is still being made quietly behind the scenes on many fronts. Communications can slowly begin to see improvements or straighten out as more clarity arrives over the coming days and weeks. Next week a foothold can really begin to take root and momentum can pick up where things have stalled. The Moon in Scorpio is trine Mars and Neptune, while opposite Jupiter and Uranus. This can see motivation towards an ideal, perhaps to help others somehow, or healing or recovery plays a role. There can be courage, and illuminating experiences. Allow time for more clarity to arrive before leaping to definitive conclusions and try to remain curious. Life can be keeping people on their toes with a lot to adapt to, but there are also many blessings. The Moon enters forward thinking Sagittarius at 6:37 PM PST, where it will form a trine to Mercury tomorrow. This can open communication channels and generate new ideas and perspectives.


The Moon in curious Sagittarius is trine Mercury, now direct, in Aries, while square Juno in Virgo. This can see a subtle pressure on partnerships, or a need to speak on something or confront or explore a matter honestly or more deeply. There can also be a lot of new ideas emerging. Some people have a choice to make, or are at a crossroads, so there may be a need to gather more information before committing to a certain direction. There may be a need for patience, as timing can be off just now or people are less available due to circumstances they’re grappling with. The Moon goes on to square Saturn, which can be mildly deflating. Don’t let the cat get your tongue or delays or issues with timing muddle your courage or optimism. This influence is brief. It can be an instance of “feeling the fear and doing it anyway," or simply not forcing the pace and waiting for the right time. Avoid negative thinking, and aim to cultivate self confidence and self belief. Prospects are better than you may fear.


The Moon builds a trine to Venus today which strengthens in the afternoon. This places a focus on new horizons creatively, socially, and interpersonally. There can be things to look forward to, and this can involve relationships, pleasure and enjoyment or improved conditions. The Moon is square Mars and quincunx Jupiter. There can be noble intentions or big desires, but there’s a need to build courage, avoid going overboard, and overcome weaknesses, inhibitions, or things that may be holding you back. For now it can be enough to simply enjoy where you are. In spite of doubts or other undermining influences, there are a lot of encouraging trends, and the lunar trine to Venus places an easy going and soothing focus on pleasure, enjoyment and improving perspectives for most of the day through to evening. 


The Moon enters stoic and earthy Capricorn at 2:37 AM PST, which forms a trine to the Sun in practical Taurus. This shines a light on everything you have going for you, and the Moon in Capricorn aims to make the best of what is there and focus on what is most essential. Mars and Neptune perfect their conjunction at 28 degrees Pisces. Much can feel up to the hands of fate just now, and actions can be driven by faith without a lot of guarantees. Whether or not the faith itself is vindicated, faith has an inherent pragmatic value in that it can encourage people towards acts of greatness. The Moon in Capricorn can be busy planning for the week ahead. Venus will head into Taurus on Monday, where she is very comfortable and abundant. Mars will enter Aries on Tuesday which will free it from Neptune’s miasma. This will see a more confident flow of forward momentum. 


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