The day begins with the Moon in cozy Cancer in tension with the Sun and Mercury retrograde, while trine Neptune in Pisces. This can see a desire to sleep in or meander in pajamas even though there’s things that have to be done. The Aries stellium, including Chiron, emphasizes healing and overcoming challenges. This will grow in tension with Pluto over the week which stresses authenticity and pushes for breakthroughs. The Moon enters brave Leo at 7:24 PM PST, which can see more courage and optimism tomorrow. 


The Moon in Leo enjoys a trine to Venus, Mercury Rx, and Chiron in Aries today, seeing creativity and enthusiasm, but a subtle lunar tension to Saturn can see some inhibitions or inner hurdles to overcome. Nonetheless, motivation and drive is there to push for breakthroughs (Sun square Pluto.) There’s an eye on the prize here, and the Sun will move into Taurus on Friday, bringing attention to the surprising or revitalizing element of Jupiter conjunct Uranus. The Aries energy strives to regain momentum, although Mars still has to endure being in Pisces until April 30th, where it feels a bit enfeebled. So a slow and steady build up of momentum and gathering of forces is highlighted. 


The Moon squares Jupiter and Uranus, which have identified a target or point of motivation. It can be a good time to review plans or changes in direction, especially if you've tried to go too far and too fast.  There can be a build up of excitement and creative changes. There can be growing enthusiasm and vital forces can feel refreshed. The desire to overcome difficulties and be stronger because of them is palpable. Evening time see’s the Moon trine the Sun prior to entering Virgo, which signals renewed vigor, encouragement and motivation.


The Moon enters grounded and organized Virgo in trine with the Sun at 7:10 AM PST, which places a focus on making improvements. There is something to fight for, and Mars in Pisces endured Saturn last week, but now forges a sextile with Jupiter, seeing high ideals and a positive approach to challenges. Mercury also in close alignment to Venus seeks to harmonize and there may be some pleasant conversations or creative ideas. This brings an easy going and pleasure seeking atmosphere that is geared towards making things more beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable. Progress is being made, however slowly. Just be patient with yourself and others. Certain processes can take time, so take an easy going pace. Jupiter and Uranus conjunct can produce some pleasant surprises or unexpected rewarding experiences that can exhilarate or motivate. This is excellent math for musing and gathering inspiration. 


The Sun enters Taurus at 7 AM PST, and the Moon opposes Mars and Saturn today, which can see a great deal of responsibility to tackle. Today can require patience, and these configurations make seeing the flaws in things all too easy. Try to avoid being overly critical of yourself or others. This energy can feel a bit weighed down initially, especially if you only focus on what's wrong or missing, but the Moon in Virgo is determined to unpick knots and favors innovative progress. Jupiter and Uranus perfect their conjunction at 21 degrees, highlighting a push for positive changes and a desire for creative refreshment. There is a willingness to try new things and tackle issues from different angles. The Moon in Virgo supports getting all the details lined up.


The Moon opposite Mars can be impatient with impediments to perfection, but there’s certainly motivation and perseverance. The Sun in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius, which can feel simultaneously intimidating and empowering, but it also shines a light on desirable outcomes, growth and advancement (Jupiter/Uranus), and there can be some excitement brewing. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 8:08 PM PST, where it will trine Pluto, emphasizing big shifts in dynamics with others or in approach to team or group efforts.


The Moon in Libra is restless for change, particularly in relation to interactions with others, whether that be business or personal. Certain dynamics may be revealing a new dimension to them with the Moon in trine to Pluto. Surprising feelings can also rise to the surface. Juno, the asteroid of marriage, stations direct this evening in Virgo, signaling a cycle of mutual or individual healing can begin reaching a new phase in development so that new chapters can be explored beyond a repetitive “Groundhog Day” scenario. Mercury will station direct next week, after a Full Moon in Scorpio. This can set the stage for relationships or endeavors to find their footing, and communication can gain more momentum.


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