Venus moves into Taurus today at 4:31 AM PST, a sign Venus feels much at home in, as she rules Taurus. Mars will also enter Aries tomorrow, the sign that it rules, so we will have both the masculine and feminine planetary archetypes in their signs of rulership. We kick off this week still feeling the Mars/Neptune conjunction, which, along with the gentle, plodding pace of Taurus, has slowed things down considerably. Many changes have been taking place behind the scenes, under the radar, in an occulted fashion. This energy is eager to gain traction. Venus now squares Pluto, which can see intense energies regarding money, love, and creative and pleasure pursuits. Energy and determination will grow over the coming days, which can see Mars in Aries huffing and puffing, wanting everything yesterday. This can be great for productivity and motivation, just try not to spread yourself too thinly and keep your expectations and timelines realistic. 


The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:20 AM PST to conjoin Pluto, emphasizing the Venus and Pluto square, which can create a bit of a pressure cooker atmosphere. Mars moves into Aries at 8:33 AM PST, where it hunkers down for a more motivated and dynamic cycle. The Moon in Aquarius conjoins Pluto and squares the Sun and Venus in Taurus, which can apply pressure to pick up the pace and adapt to dynamic changes, whether socially, romantically, or creatively. Venus is also semisquare Saturn just now, which can prove mildly frustrating. Take your time and try not to rush processes to conform to your desires prematurely, as that tendency is highly probable now that Mars is breaking away from Neptune and demanding more for itself. Just because something isn’t happening immediately doesn’t mean it isn’t happening at all. Venus square Pluto can see tensions romantically, sexually, socially, or tensions around money, power, energetic exchanges can be felt. Massive transformations and upgrades are possible. The Venus/Pluto square is exact at 2 degrees this evening and tomorrow.


The Moon in Aquarius in tension to the Sun, Neptune, and Mars can see some frustrations with physical or other limitations as the day gets going. If your energy is low or you feel out of sorts, rather than fight against it, take the time you need to find your rhythm. Venus and Pluto perfect their square today, which can see some intense pulls financially or in regards to pleasure, but something may hold you back, (Venus semisquare Saturn). This is probably a good thing, as moderation and self discipline is the key to this all or nothing configuration, otherwise it can be easy to go over the top, spend money like water, or dig yourself into a hole. Pluto will station retrograde tomorrow, first in Aquarius, then from September 1 through October 11, it will back into Capricorn for the last time in our lifetimes for a final hurrah. So between now and then, consider this a time to integrate your impressions thus far of Pluto occupying the area of your chart ruled by Aquarius so that you can adapt and synthesize your metamorphosis accordingly. 


Pluto stations retrograde at 10:46 AM PST at 2 degrees Aquarius. It will reenter Capricorn in Autumn for the last time in our lifetimes. Consider this period one of synthesis and integration. The Moon enters Pisces at 11:52 AM PST. There can be a lot going on, and still much to prepare for, so the Pisces lunation can call for taking a step back from certain areas in order to attend to others, because you simply can’t be in two places at once. The Moon makes a lovely sextile to Venus while semisquare Chiron, so even if there is weakness, sensitivity or vulnerability, there is also comfort, compassion and understanding. Many people are still getting their bearings just now, so try not to expect everyone to be firing on all cylinders or being at peak performance.


The Moon conjoins Saturn and sextile’s the Sun, while trine the asteroid Vesta, domestic goddess of hearth and home. This can see a focus on inner life, and there may be some responsibilities or duties to attend to that require a little elbow grease. The sextile to the Sun suggests that this process can either be pleasurable itself or it yields pleasurable results that increase comfort and create a sense of luxury (Taurus.) Mars sextile Pluto just now can see a tremendous reserve of energy, and also a great need for it, as there's a push for breakthroughs and getting through to the other side of something that has either been held back, shelved or put off, or has held things back. Removing obstacles and taking action to change things for the better is highlighted. As the day wears on into evening, there can be a sense of pressure, building excitement, or nervous exhaustion as the Moon makes a semisquare to Pluto and Venus while sextile Uranus. This can be in anticipation for the coming and going of guests, visitors, or something out of the norm that isn’t a regular occurrence. Take it easy while you can, and try to take things slowly. The social, financial, creative, or interpersonal spheres crackle with change, fresh approaches and new, and perhaps untraditional possibilities. 


Today get’s off to a dreamy and inspired start with the Moon conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto, which is ideal for letting go of control and going with the natural rhythm of things. This can require a subtle redirecting of energy, or just an embrace of what actually is within flow. The Moon enters dynamic, action oriented Aries at 1:41 PM PST, to conjoin Mars, which see’s the pace of things pick up considerably. There can be a lot of running around, impatience, or activity that can shake up dormant energy. The Moon’s proximity to Mars suggests a heated or high pressure atmosphere, or in the very least, a cram session of sorts, with a great deal of activity crammed into a short time frame. Mercury and Chiron in conjunction can see healing conversations, and a lot of compassion and understanding. There can also be short distance travel involved on behalf of loved ones for some.


The Moon is semisquare Jupiter and conjunct Hygeia and the North Node. There is an emotional generosity here but also some slight tensions. Accommodating others while also meeting your own needs can be a challenge at certain points. Some people can feel a bit frayed around the edges. The Moon conjoins Mercury and Chiron, which highlights healing conversations, or discussions can center around health or making improvements. Asking for help can be hard sometimes, but if you need a hand or a little extra understanding, it shouldn’t be difficult to come by today. There can be some sensitivity around feeling like a disappointment for some, as it’s possible that tasks that have piled up have become too much for one person to bear, or a timeline allotted has not been enough to complete it all. Whatever is the case, help or relief, or in the very least, understanding, is there if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. You may also be the steady shoulder for others, dispersing well timed wisdom gained through experience.


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