Mercury moves into Taurus this morning at 9:22 am PST, seeing communications and thought processes take on a more practical tone. This gears people towards thinking (and talking) about what they really want, how to go about achieving a more comfortable, secure existence, as well as what their values are as a whole. The week begins with the Moon in Virgo trine Venus and Uranus. The excitement of change within a stable framework presents a lot of possibilities but there can also be some uncertainties or pressing issues to address. Today can see a desire to make improvements and sort out bugs in a framework. Pleasure can be found in making things run more smoothly, but there may also be some changes to routines temporarily, as certain problems are nipped in the bud. It can feel encouraging to get on top of things. The Moon is sesquisquare Mercury and quincunx the Sun this morning, which can see things get off to a fairly harried or hectic start. A “to do” list may require that routines are upset temporarily, or there may be things that need to be handled with some urgency. A “lets just get it over with” motif can govern the early part of today, and this can revolve around practical necessities. Teamwork and cooperation are well starred. Late afternoon and evening time continues a sorting out process, but is much more pleasant to deal with. It can feel good to get on top of things and resolve nagging issues. 


The Moon is trine Venus and opposite Neptune, which can see a dreamy and compassionate start to the day. There can be a focus on beautifying or perfecting something, and creativity can be high. The focus is still on making improvements and sorting out muddles, and making things run more smoothly and efficiently can bring pleasure. The Moon heads into harmony seeking Libra at 2:51 PM PST, where it squares Mars in Cancer and a trine to Pluto in Aquarius, and this can see definitive moments in partnerships, socially, interpersonally, or in regards to community or social networking endeavors. The Full Moon is tomorrow evening, and there can be a make or break energy in the atmosphere around certain partnerships or agreements. Certain things can come to a crescendo, and consequential decisions can loom. The Moon square Mars just now can see an action oriented atmosphere, with a desire to get to the bottom of things. Mercury will perfect a conjunction to Saturn tomorrow at 3 degrees, and at the moment, is square Pluto, which can see compulsive thoughts or a fixation on resolving something, getting answers, or nailing down a plan. Mercury conjunct the North Node can see fated communications or meetings. Tomorrow can see some hellos as well as preside over some goodbyes.


Leading up to the Full Moon tonight, today see’s the Moon recovering from yesterdays tension with Mars. There can be some lingering sensitivity as the Moon is in opposition to Chiron. Security issues can be a factor. People can be hypersensitive to social and interpersonal dynamics, and trying to see if there’s a way to bridge differences or form alliances can feel awkward at points (Moon quincunx Juno). In some cases, people can see slights where there are none, or there can be doubts around certain allegiances. There can be a desire to break through certain barriers, glass ceilings, or blockages, and muster the courage to really go for something. The Full Moon is exact at 9:34 PM PST, at 16 degrees Libra, opposite the Sun, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries. This decan of Libra is ruled by the 3 of swords in the tarot. A card of separation, heartbreak, and the pain that accompanies devotion. Represented by Saturn, which is exalted in Libra, reconciling opposing realities and bringing things into a state of balance, peace, and healing can be a theme here. This can take courage and self belief. In some cases, doing the right thing may mean parting ways or going in separate directions. More generally speaking however, there’s a desire for growth and expansion. Mercury conjunct the North Node at 4 degrees see’s a stubborn, plodding persistence that is not easily persuaded off it’s path. A lunar quincunx to Uranus can see a need to make adjustments or concessions around partnerships and agreements, lest there be an impasse. Things can be in flux. There can be some excitement, but for some, certain decisions can also feel difficult or even painful to make. Hopes can be high, but there can also be a fleeting depression, or a tendency to clamp down on unrealistic expectations (Moon sesquisquare Saturn) in the wee hours, just in case things don’t go exactly according to plan. 


Today can see a lot going on, particularly in relation to others. The Moon quincunx Venus can see an excessive desire to please others or meet their expectations. These configurations mean well, but don’t throw yourself under a bus, be a doormat, or lose touch with your own authentic needs or feelings. It’s possible there’s just a scramble to get on the same page with certain others, build bridges, seal deals, or stabilize arrangements and get things to gel harmoniously. Moon quincunx Neptune doubles down on the propensity towards martyrdom, and it can be easy to sweep real feelings, desires, gripes, or complaints under the rug in order to get along, do a deal, or establish agreement or rapport. The Moon squares Pluto this evening, seeing submerged tensions, strong desires or intensity. The submersion (or transmutation?) appears to have a purpose, because the Moon goes on to trine Saturn and Mars late tonight before it enters Scorpio at 11:29 PM. “Going along to get along”, at least, to a point, for a time, appears to achieve a particular objective. Tomorrow can see more assertiveness, courage and authenticity, and certain conversations can get down to business. 


The Moon in Scorpio is opposite Mercury and eventually Uranus in Taurus, while trine Mars and Saturn, which can manifest in a few ways. Deals can be sealed, and this can be literal business transactions or other practical arrangements that are discussed or see forward momentum. It can just as easily be interpersonal. People can be surprisingly candid, or just surprising in general, especially this evening. Another manifestation could be that one party is determined to nail another party down who is dithering, unsure, on the fence, slippery or evasive. Venus and Neptune perfect an exact sextile today at 25 degrees, while Venus is also in out of sign trine to Pluto. Mercury also perfects a sextile to Mars. There’s a subtle beauty, mystery, romanticism, serendipity and intensity to these configurations, and a strong desire to live by a high code of ethics, and increase joy, satisfaction and security levels across the board. Today can see a desire to secure an agreement or deal, or reach an understanding. Conversations can be constructive and revealing, and opportunities (commercial or otherwise) can be presented. There’s a persistence here that is honey badger like and can be quite surprising and unexpected. 


The Moon in passionate Scorpio opposes Venus, Uranus and Juno in Taurus while trine Neptune. Desires can be strong, and there can be a need to find a balance between our own desires and those of other people. Intuitive hunches or psychic downloads can occur spontaneously, and insight into the desires and behaviors of others can be revealing. The lunar trine to Neptune is psychic and sensitive. These configurations are good for creativity, musing, introspection, and planning ahead. The day can start off on an internally restless, or emotionally ravenous note. There can be conflicting feelings to grapple with, moods can be up and down, or there’s a need to be emotionally or socially adaptable. The Moon in opposition while making minor aspect to Mars and Jupiter this evening can see a lot of passion and enthusiasm, combined with a certain shyness or social awkwardness. There can be some doubts around how something might be received, but these configurations can be good for inner exploration, creativity, even catharsis.


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:57 AM PST, still opposite Venus and trine Neptune early on, but the square to Saturn, and sextile to Pluto really stand out. This can see a lot of depth, compassion, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and strong desires, but there can be a lot of inhibition around acting on any of it. There can be some mixed signals to contend with that undermine confidence or prompt curiosity and a desire for resolution. The evening can end on an indecisive note that can see people more likely to hold back and build up energy reserves, faith levels and confidence. Tomorrow is another story entirely, and can see a lot of emotional generosity, expansiveness, and largesse of spirit in the air. 


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