Today see’s the Moon forward looking and open minded Sagittarius trine the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. There’s also a lunar quincunx to Uranus and semisquare to Pluto going on to square Neptune. This can see higher energy, along with some pressure and a strong drive to overcome confounding or difficult issues. There can be a hint of “heresy”, shock, or surprise in the air, and people may question previous beliefs or those of others. Hypocrisy or “ideological purity” can be a subject of preponderance. There’s a focus on healing, learning, philosophy, and open mindedness (or maybe it’s apparent lack), but there’s also a unique ability to see multiple sides to pressing or philosophically contentious issues. Venus in the critical degree of Taurus is also sharply trine Pluto, which can be morally or ethically defining. This trine will strengthen even more when Venus reaches the zenith point of Gemini this evening. This can see a quest for truth and an exploration of value systems. At it’s highest potential, this configuration can see people of very different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideologies come together around core principals, or in the very least expand one another’s awareness through open minded curiosity and information exchange. There can be excellent learning opportunities, but zealotry, self righteousness, judgmental attitudes, and cultishness will have to be avoided or mitigated. Entrenched viewpoints can reach a point of expansion, but there can also be a proliferation of extremist attitudes and a need to overcome emotional biases that interfere with cognitive processing, especially when people feel morally justified. Venus enters Gemini at 9:47 PM PST, perfecting the trine betweenn Venus and Pluto. This can see defining moments socially, interpersonally, or in regards to news, communications, values, or exchange of information or goods. Certain things can reach a crescendo and really get interesting. 


The Moon enters practical, down to earth Capricorn at 10:33 AM, sextile Saturn and opposite Mars. This can bring everyone back into the body, and bring more structure, order and definition to confusing situations. It can also see defining moments, which in some cases can create boundaries or definition, or separate people off into certain camps. The Moon opposite Mars can see some clannishness, or there can be a need to strike a balance between comfort and security levels with the need for outward achievement or upward momentum. In some cases it may be a need to strike a balance between tradition or the way things have always been done, and adaptation to new or unusual ways of doing things. Overcoming weaknesses is heavily emphasized. Moon opposite Mars can see some underlying tension, emotional disputes, or an impasse between entrenched viewpoints, but the lunar sextile to Saturn keeps it well contained under a stoic and dignified exterior. Venus trine Pluto exactly just now, while also squaring Saturn and semisquare Chiron, avoids confrontation over contentious or sensitive issues, while maintaining an intense sense of convictions, curiosity, and commitment. There can be a private shifting of values occurring inspired by new information, discoveries, strong pulls, or charismatic personalities. Moon trine Mercury this evening can see some interesting discussions or a lot of concentration and focus on certain tasks. 


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, which can see new or enterprising ideas be implemented or discussed. There’s also a lunar square to Chiron suggesting some sensitivity or weakness that needs to be overcome. There’s a practical, perhaps even physical focus to things. The Moon sesquisquares Venus as the day wears on, which can see some differences in viewpoints, values, or communication or learning styles, or perhaps some awkward dynamics to step around. The Sun perfects a conjunction to Jupiter at 22 degrees Aries, seeing passion, vitality, enthusiasm and self determination reach peak levels. People can also be headstrong, overzealous, or impatient to pioneer into new territory. Courage can be high. Evening time can see inner conflict or ideological differences, or possibly just a need to stay disciplined, patient, and avoid backsliding or overdoing something.


The morning begins with the Moon in late Capricorn building a strong conjunction to Pluto and trine to Venus that perfects in the afternoon when the Moon enters Aquarius at1:42 PM PST. This can see some intense dynamics socially or interpersonally. There can be a desire to overcome an ideological or cognitive deadlock, and there may be a need to emotionally detach or rise above differences of viewpoint. In some cases, it’s differences of viewpoint that can be compelling and even hypnotically attractive or persuasive. Logic and rationality can be especially appealing. People seek mental stimulation, and to even feel transformed through intense social interactions, learning experiences, or mentally enlivening social exchanges. There can be a lot of curiosity and a draw towards mysterious, powerful or charismatic types. Intelligence, wit, and intellect can be extremely attractive and alluring now, as mental stimulation becomes increasingly important. Also important is aligning values with certain others whom we admire and respect. Powerful social trends are highlighted today.


The Moon in Aquarius is square Mercury and Uranus, which can highlight weird and unusual news or communications. Venus and Saturn perfect an exact square today at 4 degrees, which can see certain values, ideas/ideals or social alliances come into question. There can be some social tensions or a need to form a bridge between worlds, or overcome certain barriers, inhibitions, or blockages. Values may clash, or in the very least, new information or problems may challenge entrenched mindsets or habituated ways of doing things. Another iteration of this is that new ways of thinking or doing things encounter tests. There can be friction but also nervous excitement. After hours can see optimism, kindness and generosity with the lunar sextile to Jupiter. 


The Moon is sextile Jupiter this morning, which can see the day get off to a well meaning and forward looking start. Things can feel more stable after yesterdays bumps or tests, with the Moon heading towards Pisces to conjoin Saturn this afternoon. There is a forgiving energy here, and people can set aside harsh judgements or overly stern attitudes, while still maintaining their boundaries and principals. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:57 PM PST to conjoin Saturn, seeing a shyness and soft spoken humility take over. The Moon in Pisces forms a square to Venus, which doubles down on the meekness and can see a certain social inhibition, sensitivity, shyness or uncertainty. In some cases, people can feel unsure if they can be themselves in certain environments or around particular people. There can be a preference to observe and remain in the background or on the sidelines. There can also be a lot of compassion. Tomorrow can see more assertiveness, energy and motivation, even if it’s primarily behind the scenes or around domestic life. 


Today the Moon in retiring Pisces makes a trine to Mars in Cancer, which can see a drive towards caring and nurturing, and can be good for private activities close to home and hearth. There’s still a slight social awkwardness here, and there may be a need to care for others or buoy them up somehow, or to tend to the inner life to build up reserves for the week ahead. As the day wears on, communications can flow more readily with the Moon sextile Mercury and Uranus, and there can even be some motivational exchanges, surprising insights, or new ideas to get excited about trying in the week ahead. The evening wraps up on a dreamy, creative and inspired note. 


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