The Moon shifts into Cancer at 11:58 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Saturn in Pisces and sextile to the Sun in Taurus, placing a focus on stability, security, nurturing, and practicality. It can take some time for momentum to pick back up, as there can be some things that distract from core missions that need to be attended to. With Mercury retrograde and still close to Uranus, there can be unexpected surprises or a need to be innovative and adaptable, perhaps even questioning or changing up longstanding patterns. The Moon also makes a semsquare to Uranus and strong sextile to Vesta, suggesting last minute opportunities, but there’s a need to stick to routines and maintain stability or consistency of purpose and not get too thrown off by the unexpected. Tomorrow can see more momentum and forward motion.


The Moon in Cancer conjoins Mars, which can see some impulsiveness or a desire to act. As the day wears on, a lunar sextile to Mercury and Uranus can see news, communications, ideas or opportunities that are too good to pass up, or there can be a strong drive to break out of ruts or stagnation.Heart and mind can be in alignment. The Moon goes on to square Chiron as well which can see a lot of sensitivity and compassion. Venus in Gemini in sextile to Chiron and trine to Hygeia places a focus on healing themes, while Mercury Rx in Taurus conjunct Uranus and square Hygeia can see people really thinking outside of the box in order to facilitate healing, and more stability. New ideas and new ways of doing things can figure into the equation, and insights can be gained by returning to previous concepts, habits or patterns, but with a new, more enlightened awareness. Mercury’s square to Hygeia can highlight health. 


The Moon is square Jupiter and trine Neptune, which can see the psychic antenna highly stimulated. There can be a lot of inspiration here, with sensitivity and compassion is very close to the surface. Nurturing something back to vitality can figure strongly. As the day wears on, the Moon build an opposition to Pluto as it moves towards Leo. This can signify some breakthrough points, and there can be intensity under the surface. New strategies can be producing results and there’s a strong drive to make some transformations. The Moon enters Leo at 11:30 PM PST, which can see a lot of passion and motivation to increase vital forces and willpower. 


Today can be slightly high pressure with the Moon in Leo opposite Pluto and square the Sun and Mercury. It’s a spicy and motivated energy, and at certain points there can be confusion or indecision, but the pressure is on to see something through, or make powerful changes that increase vitality, well being and confidence. As the day wears on, a lunar sesquisquare to Neptune can see a dreaminess or subtle uncertainty around risk. Late evening can see a bit more confidence, and tomorrow can see things shaken up in a pleasant way.


Today the Moon in Leo is trine Chiron, sextile Venus and trine Jupiter, while square Uranus. Morale and confidence feel boosted, and there can be some unexpected shocks or surprises, or an innovative energy in the air. It’s a feel good, perhaps even refreshing energy. Socially and interpersonally things can be interesting, and people can need a lot of independence just now. It can feel good to build up motivation levels. 


Today begins with the Moon in Leo trine Jupiter, but building an opposition to Saturn as the day progresses. It enters Virgo at 11:59 AM PST, seeing the day take on a practical and “back to business” theme. Improving day to day circumstances, routines, diet, fitness, and generally making things run more efficiently can be a factor in today’s down to earth energies. With the Moon opposite Saturn, there can be something a tad isolating about this, but it’s ultimately helpful to get ducks in a row. 


Today can see satisfaction with work well done, and it can feel good to get things organized and improve them. The Moon in Virgo makes a grounding trine to the Sun, Mercury and Uranus. This can see helpful news or communications, or a focus on new approaches and efficiency measures. Getting things into a zen like flow can feel really good. For some, this can see helpful information come in at just the right time, or highlight what needs to be fixed or improved upon. There can be a focus on diet, fitness, health, nutrition, organization, and efficiency. Clearing away clutter or stabilizing routines can add to a feeling of security.


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