The Moon leaves earthy Capricorn for futuristic Aquarius at 8:43 AM PDT.  This see’s the Moon square Mercury and eventually Venus in Scorpio, while the Sun is conjunct both Mercury, Venus, and the South Node. This can see a lot going on under the surface, and a lot of controlled intensity. There can be opportunities for good times for those seeking it out. We still have a ways to go to put the Saturn/Uranus square completely behind us, and this configuration can see some tensions around navigating a lot of changes this week. Mars now retrograde in Gemini while square Neptune and quincunx Pluto places importance on managing reactions to potentially confusing, demoralizing, unclear, loaded, or passive aggressive people, situations, or dynamics. This can coincide with a tactical retreat or distancing from certain situations, to gain perspective, adjust to changes, or gather forces. Scorpio season heavily emphasizes the South Node, and the importance of collectively and individually purifying the lower octave expressions of Scorpio/Pluto/8th house energy. Extremism, black and white thinking, power and control trips, jealousy, envy, hatred, compulsion, pathological insecurity, manipulation, abuse, obsession, unhealthy dependencies and enmeshments, addiction to drama, sadism, blind anger, insatiability, reactionary behavior, revenge fantasies, baseless cruelty, etc etc,.. these are all examples of low vibrational Scorpio energy that needs to be collectively distilled, alchemized and transmuted like a kundalini serpent into it’s highest vibrational octave, which is powerfully healing, psychic, cleansing and regenerative.


Todays quarter Moon squares Venus in the early part of the day, along with Uranus, while conjunct Saturn and trine Mars. There’s a raising of the bar here, and this can see an opportunity to renegotiate certain things in your life. There can be some positive, well timed risks taken, and this lunation has a certain “smartness” about it. There may be some curve balls or delays to navigate. Although there is a strong sense of community, these configurations can also see a healthy emotional distancing from messy, volatile, unstable situations, people, or dynamics that have interfered with focus and momentum, and drained energy and morale. There's an opportunity here to rise above petty differences and find common ground. There can be a certain mistrust or shyness here socially, but this emotional inhibition can be advantageous for self awareness, and for deflecting any unnecessary dramatics, or being a target or projection screen for other peoples unresolved issues and insecurities. You’re no fun to bully, criticize, pick apart, undermine or denigrate if you don’t provide the fuel of an emotional reaction, and if the seeds of doubt implanted by hungry ghosts with little else to do never sprout or take root. Conversely, it's also no fun to seek division when the advantages of sharing a common humanity offer clear benefits. Saturn square Uranus is particularly strong this week, and can present opportunities to lead by example by overcoming feelings of inadequacy and showing resilience in the face of challenges, opposition, energetic predation, manipulation, or other undermining factors. Mars Rx square Neptune for the next while indicates a need to stay mentally sharp, and to quickly identify undermining energies, passive aggressive fuckery, head games, gossip, delusions, hysterics, and mental gymnastics for what it is, -and to stay well above it.


The Moon is in Aquarius in the early AM, then enters psychic Pisces at 11:46 AM to trine the Sun and Mercury. There may be some opportunities here for some deep talks or revealing insights. This lunation highlights Jupiters recent reentrance into Pisces, where the true meaning and impact of the shift can begin to set in. The Moon is also conjunct Juno, which can see relationships, and particularly, inexplicable spiritual bonds, occupy attention. The remainder of the day is quiet, imaginative, reflective, and downright meditative, emphasizing a rich inner landscape. This lunation can allow people to get in touch with their deeper, perhaps even repressed or denied desires and longings.


The Moon in Pisces forms beautiful trines to Mercury and Venus, while conjunct Neptune and Juno. This is extremely creative and even romantic. In the afternoon, the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus. There’s an almost confessional nature to these configurations. In the very least, there’s an opportunity here to potentially get something off your chest or broach a particular topic that maybe feels taboo, or has just been stuffed down or denied due to more pragmatic concerns. Conversely, there can be a need here for displays of sensitivity and compassion. However, it’s highly likely for a pleasant surprise. This math is a sort of “love letter” configuration, and although most people have lost their proclivity for such things in modern times, this can take other forms that are equally heart melting or gently thoughtful. A lunar trine to Pallas see’s a quiet, reflective, strategic approach to something here, so there is a refined subtlety, nuance, and innuendo that might escape the attention of more straightforward souls. This trine also speaks to the vulnerability behind any particular gestures, hints, desires or expressions. If you’re not crushing on anyone, this math is excellent for creative musings and spiritual pursuits that add more color, beauty and softness to your world, or feeling closer with family members or special friends. For some, this can see some sweet and thoughtful surprises in the works that come straight from the heart. 


Today can see a need for finding a balance, as a lunar square to Mars can feel particularly pressed, perhaps a little stressed out, although well meaning, with a conjunction to Jupiter, there may be a lot to balance and take on. There can be a tendency here to want to be all things to all people, and to give the best of oneself. Ideals are very high, and it can be easy to stretch yourself too thinly here. There can be a push to make something beautiful happen, or to go above and beyond, but energy can be a bit low and flagging. Being understanding of your own and others limitations can go a long way to getting the best out of these configurations. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 4:07 PM PST, and this can see desire and impetus gain more momentum, even if energy isn’t as high as you wish it could be. 


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, seeing a lot of empathy and compassion for the weaknesses and vulnerability of others. There’s a courage, bravery, and resilience here, as the Moon goes on to sextile Saturn in the evening hours, indicating that although there may be some delayed gratification, there’s a determination to knuckle down and commit to seeing something through. Tomorrow can see more decisive actions, perhaps even some bold initiatives, or a desire to unearth something that’s been buried or concealed for too long. 


The Moon in Aries forms a trine to Mars Rx in Gemini while squaring Pluto and Pallas. This can see a desire to investigate something, and this math see’s a curious mixture of being direct and subtle at the same time. Venus square Saturn is shy, and afraid of confrontation, even though Venus in Scorpio has a deep need for intimacy, bonding, and closeness. Venus opposite Uranus struggles with the dichotomy of the need for love, sex, intimate relations, and the desire for freedom and independence. Venus trine Neptune emphasizes spirituality, inexplicable bonds that are nothing to trifle with and are actually quite important on a soul level.  These configurations can see unusual and compelling attractions with a peculiar mystique and very special quality about them, but there may be a certain push/pull dynamic accompanying things, so if you feel like you can’t handle such interactions mindfully and with care and sensitivity, it’s best to give the situation some space.


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