We begin this week with the Moon in cozy and protective Cancer, squaring the Sun and Venus in Libra, Chiron in Aries, sextile Uranus, trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. There’s a coziness here, and a desire to hunker down and form solid networks or a game plan going forward. With Mars squaring Neptune while the Sun and Venus square Pluto, intelligent advocacy stands out as important, as it can be easier for people to fall prey to manipulation, clever marketing, or simply wind up being another statistic or hapless victim of protocol. Knowing what you want, being persistent, having intelligent arguments to back up your claims, and people who support you will make all the difference and increase your advantage under these configurations. Diplomacy and teamwork is important, but so is intelligence, grit, staying power, and fortitude. There may be issues that may have been overlooked that have come to light that need to be dealt with and addressed. There’s an element of vulnerability to these maths, and some people may try to gloss over or whitewash mistakes, out of either embarrassment or an inability to admit they were wrong about something, but it’s important to persist for what is right, logical, fair, true, and just, especially while Mars square Neptune can make it so easy for people to be misled or taken advantage of. The Moon enters Leo at 9:45 PM PST, to trine Jupiter, which can boost courage amidst challenges. Tomorrow can see a need to get on top of things and get a game plan in place.


The Moon is in Leo is trine Jupiter and Chiron, and then goes on to oppose Saturn, while sextile Mercury, and eventually goes on to square Uranus in Taurus. There may be some challenges, delays, or blockages to navigate, but the Sun and Venus trine Mars and Saturn while square Pluto is determined to see something through. With the Moon semisquare Mars and sextile Mercury, take care to communicate thoughtfully and try not to blurt things out out of frustration. Venus and Mars perfect a beautiful and persuasive trine today at 24 degrees, with Venus and the Sun in tight conjunction. This can see great potential for productive negotiations. Teamwork makes the dream work. If there’s something you’re trying to advocate for, be proactive, as todays Mars/Venus trine can see a push towards balance, justice, harmonious cooperation, bridge building, and fostering understanding. With the Sun and Venus in tension to Pluto, don’t be strong armed into anything not in your own best interests. Be diplomatic, but don’t be a pushover. Soft power is the key in any important negotiations. What is just and right requires no coercion, but in the face of any strong arm tactics, power imbalances, intimidation, or Borg mentalities, it may require just a touch of spice and a spine. 


The Moon in Leo trine Chiron squares Uranus and opposes Saturn, while making a sesquisquare to Jupiter. The Sun at an exact square to Pluto with Venus just a degree behind them in the first half of the day can see some persuasive forces align to facilitate some breakthroughs. Mercury trine Saturn is concentrated on a goal, or exacting some form of justice or balance. Jupiter is still at it’s zenith degree of Aries, emphasizing honor and self respect. The Moon squaring Uranus can see innovation and a desire to liberate oneself from a restrictive or challenging position, while the Sun and Venus square Pluto creates a particularly pressed feeling, emphasizing the need for a breakthrough. The Moon enters Virgo tomorrow morning, and it can feel like improved conditions are around the corner. In the very least, there’s a strong desire to ensure this is the case. The Sun and Venus are conjunct exactly and square Pluto, all at 26 degrees, seeing some potent, action oriented aspects that can represent a big push for progress and transformation. It's an "under the gun" feeling, prompted internally, externally (or both.) The nitty gritty of all of this is just around the corner as the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio together while Saturn and Juno stations direct, all on Sunday. This can see a major shift, and negotiations, partnerships, and long term goals can reach new, interesting, and compelling terrain. Todays atmosphere is passionate, driven, and motivated, and there may be challenges to overcome, but there is an elegant, even graceful grit to these configurations. With the impending Mars Rx, there will still be much to consolidate.


The Moon enters fastidious Virgo at 9:25 AM PST, with the Sun and Venus exactly conjunct squaring Pluto and trine Mars, there’s a lot of passion and the desire to get to the bottom of certain things.  There can be a good team effort here, and a strong desire to improve things. Lunar aspects to Juno, Hygeia, and Ceres emphasize healing, nurturing, relationships, and the domestic sphere, while the Virgo lunation itself doubles down on this theme. Health, diet, fitness, hygiene, healing, crisis prevention, alchemy and getting organized all come to the fore, and the little things all stand out as important. There can be some changes underway that call for getting everyone on the same page, creating balance and harmonizing. There’s a care for others, particularly the vulnerable or disadvantaged in these maths, and the aspects to Pluto and Neptune going on can create a need for vigilance and insistence that things are gone about properly and that the best interests of all concerned are taken into consideration. Tomorrow see’s some changes and adaptations, and if there’s been any struggles or challenges, there may be some innovative strategies forward. 


The Moon in Virgo trines Uranus and sextile’s Pallas early today, while going on to square Mars, oppose Neptune and trine Pluto. This can see a push for progress in the face of confusing or demoralizing influences that have undermined faith, confidence, or vitality. There’s a lot of care and compassion here, and a strategic determination to see something through, reach a positive breakthrough or address imbalances or miscalculations. A lunar quincunx to Saturn can see caution around trying new things or taking risks, but a progressive trine to Uranus advocates for unconventional solutions. There can be inspiration but there can also be some uncertainty. Overall, there can be a curiosity and drive to get to the bottom of any mysteries or thoroughly research options. 


The Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini and builds an opposition to Jupiter while trine Pluto, which can see a lot going on all at once, which can overtax the nervous system. There can be various things to handle, and it may feel at times that there’s a need to be in several places at once. Nervous energy can be high. There may be something (or someone) that drives us to distraction. The lunar trine to Pluto is focused, thorough , and ambitious. There can be a focus here on getting on the same page with others, or desiring to.  The Moon enters Libra at 6:24 PM PST, placing the emphasis on partnerships, harmony and cooperation. Saturn stations direct at 9:07 PM, seeing the planet of mastery, patience, discipline, timing, and karma getting back to full functionality. The Sun and Venus reach a 29 degree conjunction, heavily highlighting partnerships and relationships, which may see a shift, point of culmination, or significant turning point, with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in trine to Mars, there can be a strong desire to initiate something or explore something more deeply. Today and tomorrow can be a decisive crunch point.


Venus enters Scorpio at 12:52 AM PST, followed by the Sun’s annual ingress into Scorpio at 3:56 AM PST. Happy birthday Scorpio! This ingress can accompany some decisive, make or break moments. Juno also stations direct today in Pisces. All of these motions bring attention to relationships in a big way, and the deeper realities behind them. The Moon in Libra conjoins Mercury and is trine Saturn (now direct), while opposing Chiron. This can highlight communications. There may be a bit of formality or reserve, while behind that is a great deal of mutual vulnerability. There can be an element of seriousness and some reality checks to address. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all still squaring up to Pluto while trine Mars can see some compelling pulls or a desire to clear a path to go down a particular rabbit hole and follow curiosity where it leads, -or to change things completely. The stabilizing lunar trine to Saturn can see agreements reached, or decisions to totally transform something altogether if they can't be. There may be some non negotiables, or a certain heaviness can accompany discussions. It can seem like a new chapter is unfolding with all kinds of unexplored depths and potentials. Next Tuesday see’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sector of your chart ruled by Scorpio. Monday kicks off on a passionate note.


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