Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus and Pluto and sextile Neptune, going on to sextile Mars,  This can see an ambitious, goal oriented, and practical day. Passion and creativity can also be high, along with a desire to improve.  Today focuses on making tangible progress and practical gains, via steady, consistent, applied efforts that amount to power moves and progress upwards  We can see some rewards today as well, for some recent accomplishments. The Sun and Mercury square Neptune can suggest some blind spots, there may be some things we don’t yet want to see, things we may be blocking out or glossing over, things we may have been in denial of, but the Venus/Pluto conjunction eventually forces a certain authenticity, and this will perfect on Saturday. People want to know where they stand with each other, and if in business, people want to know what they’re paying for and precisely what they’re getting for whatever is received. With Mercury squaring Neptune, we’ve had to get comfortable with filling in the blanks, with mystery, with grey areas and ambiguity. In situations where things aren’t so clear cut, we may have filled this particular void with fantasy or whatever best case/worst case scenarios that would satisfy the psyche’s need to accept and adapt accordingly. We may have also gone out of our way to avoid looking at or listening to something or someone, preferring to gloss it over and evade factoring it into our reality. Venus/Pluto represents a sort of confrontation with whatever mirages, sprites, and poltergeists we’ve been entertaining (or avoiding.) In some cases, what we believe we’ve been protecting ourselves from seeing or hearing, is what we need to see the most. Habits, or what we’ve always done, can make us blind. There is a certain “denialism” to these aspects, as something can really have a grip on us, and we may not even realize it. In some instances, there are things we are missing or deliberately tuning out and avoiding that when all is said and done, turns out to be the precise medicine we need, or the spot of weakness we need to get to know and love. But this week may see a desire for more time to think about things and gloss certain things over or put them off. People tend to block out whatever doesn’t fit into their idyllic picture under these aspects, but Venus/Pluto wants us to eventually come to appreciate and see the value in these things (or people.) 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius square Uranus, sextile Chiron and conjunct Saturn. A “thinking outside the box” sort of day. There may be certain things that are still muddled or unclear, and thinking can tend to be confused or up in the clouds with Mercury square Neptune, but we can innovate and experiment within a particular paradigm as long as we don’t take things too far out on a tangent. The Moon sextile Chiron can see some morale boosts from friends, groups, or social networks we are a part of.  There can be some unexpected surprises or sidewinders today, or something can cause us to experiment with new approaches. Nervous excitement, an electrical current that needs to be grounded into practical ends. The Moon conjunct Saturn can see commitment to a cause or responsibilities, work, discipline and duties be a factor in today’s math. Perhaps some sort of restriction or limitation inspires taking a different track. Venus and Mars holding hands see’s a lot to play for, a lot of passion to funnel into our goals, and the Venus/Pluto conjunction lends an obsessive almost tunnel vision determination to execute a transformation. Tomorrow can see ideas abound, and we can really strive to expand out of our usual circles and entertain the idea of moving in spirals instead of in circles. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius sextile the Sun and Mercury while conjunct Jupiter. This can see some positive news, a lot of communications, unexpected messages or dialogue, or some “big skies thinking.” With the Sun and Mercury both square Neptune, it’s important to stay realistic and discerning, but these aspects certainly lend a lot of inspiration. Later, a lunar square to Mars see’s a more action oriented energy, and we can be compelled instinctually forward into something. These maths can offer an opportunity to look at our needs in a new way. We can be more adventurous socially, emotionally, or otherwise. Perhaps there is also support from unexpected corners or we interact with people we never anticipated interacting with or who aren’t a usual part of our world. There can be something refreshing or eye opening about these aspects. The Moon/Mars contacts can sort of irritate us into action, maybe via a feeling we can’t shake, an unmet need, or an itch we feel needs to be scratched. Mars squaring Jupiter see’s a strong desire to expand, deepen, and grow, perhaps through social contacts, social networks, and likeminded weirdos. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter reflective and whimsical Pisces. This is a reflective day, and a lunar conjunction to the asteroid Pallas suggests today is one of taking a step back and forming a strategy. Mercury sextile Jupiter can see the creative imagination flowing and we can have a lot of ideas, perhaps even a lot of communications to manage. There can be much to reflect upon here. In the evening, the Moon goes on to make a minor aspect to Venus and a sextile to Uranus. This can see some sparks of inspiration occur in solitude or some intuitive hunches or even telepathic, “ESP” sorts of experiences between ourselves and others. We can definitely be getting some new insights or ideas under the Pisces lunation that inspire a different strategy forward.


Today looks imaginative, dreamy, perhaps even a bit delusional and loopy, with the Moon in Pisces square the Sun and Mercury while conjunct Neptune. There’s a bit of rose colored glasses here. This could also be a release, a surrender, a letting go. There can be a sense of uncertainty that challenges the Venus/Pluto conjunctions desire for control and certainty. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus and Pluto, and trine Mars. This can see a sort of confrontation with our own apparitions, or it can represent a kind of turning point, or “divine intervention.” These maths can actually see some rather beautiful experiences, maybe something even touches us deeply. If you have been settling for a particular situation or bandwidth, or wearing blinders of some kind, these aspects can challenge the authenticity and utility of that. In some instances, we may become aware that we’ve been blocking out something that is undeniably beautiful and valuable out of fear of being consumed, or worse, disappointed and deluded. In other instances we may become aware that we’ve been projecting qualities which aren’t actually there on to people, values, or circumstances that don’t actually authentically embody those qualities or offer anything valuable in return for our energetic fixation or devotion. In either case, the Venus/Pluto conjunction reaches exact perfection tomorrow, and this begins some kind of turning point. We may begin to see something or someone more clearly or with fresh eyes, that is,- if we dare to look. Sometimes, it’s easier to ignore and avoid, and to assume we already know what is there, and to project this illusory knowingness on to that which we refuse to engage or confront, because it makes it easier to simply write it off, or to continue on as we have been. The Venus/Pluto conjunction calls for a deep transformation and a confrontation with our own authentic desires, our own power, what is really driving us, and why.


Today begins with the Moon in mystical Pisces still squaring Mercury and sextile Venus and Pluto, while trine Mars and conjunct Neptune. Down the rabbit hole we go. It’s possible that something or someone has piqued our curiosity, and the Venus/Pluto conjunction perfects today at 25 degrees, seeing a sort of unshakeable fixation with a goal or a vexing situation or person. “Rapt” is a good word to describe this math. This can see some pleasant experiences and dynamics, and the focus in the first half of the day can be on beauty, pleasure, and things that make life wonderful. But there is a need to know more, there is an endless curiosity here for all that is mysterious and evades being understood. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 1:46 PM PST, to conjunct Chiron, and this can see a more assertive and confrontational energy as the Moon trine’s Mars in the final and most urgent degree of do or die Scorpio. We may discover something here or venture into territory that increases our knowledge of a situation or expands our mind or opens our eyes somehow. Mars in 29 degrees Scorpio is “do or die” in it’s quest to unearth whatever is buried, and this face of Mars is particularly dogged and ruthless in pursuit of it’s desires. Purifying your aims is important here, as this decan of Mars in Scorpio can unwittingly be after something that is best left unpursued. Much of what Mars in 29 degrees Scorpio energetically contains is unprocessed, and even potentially toxic. But regardless, it’s passion for satiating it’s desires is unmatched. If you have something to get done this weekend, this energy is sufficient for it. 

SUN DEC 12. 

Today see’s the Moon in passionate Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius and conjunct Chiron. We can be hunkering down for the long game here. Mars in 29 degrees Scorpio can make our drives and desires very difficult to ignore, and they are unwavering on top of the Venus/Pluto conjunction. The energy we have at our disposal here under these maths are particularly potent, so it’s good to be very clear about what it is we are trying to manifest. In other words, be careful what you wish for. Monday will bring with it two planetary ingresses, Mars into pioneering Sagittarius, and Mercury into methodical and calculated Capricorn. Sunday is best spent in preparatory frame, solidifying the foundations from which we will eventually launch into new territory. Next week can see some game changing shifts where new horizons are opening up.


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