Today see’s the Moon in Libra squaring Mercury and Venus in Capricorn, and trine Saturn, while later going on to square Pluto as well. There can be a sense of purposefulness to the day, and a lot to think about. There’s a need to create focus, have a plan, and prepare, perhaps amidst a lot of distractions. People, connections, partnerships, both business and personal, can factor in heavily as the week begins, and there may be some important meetings or perhaps reunions to prepare for, or a lot of shifting dynamics to accommodate. For many, this can be business, career, or goal related, with Venus and Mercury in the serious sign of Capricorn. Shifts in status and power dynamics can be involved. With Capricorn emphasized at the moment, there’s a need to get serious around goals, get down to the nitty gritty of things, prioritize, and get into the drivers seat to command a situation. This can require some diplomacy and working together with others to shift a situation into a new gear and get something more solid and established. There can be some important meetings or agreements in the works for some, and with Jupiter preparing to shift signs tomorrow evening, a whole new era is about to begin. There can be a lot of pressure, but also a lot of optimism as well. Big shifts are happening. 


This morning begins with the Moon in late Libra squaring Venus, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn, while trine Jupiter in 29 degrees Aquarius. This can see some significant meetings, agreements, news, or conversations transpire that take things into new terrain. Something can occur that portends some big changes or makes some kind of impact. This can see a lot of ideas bounced back and forth, and for some, agreements or negotiations can be set into place that can be game changing. The Moon shifts into power broker Scorpio at 1:16 PM PST, to oppose Uranus, while still trine Jupiter. Something is certainly shifting, and there can be some surprises in the works. There can be a lot going on behind the scenes, and it’s possible some things are revealed that we were unaware of. Venus retrograde in Capricorn also perfects it’s conjunction with Mercury today as well, and with both being close to Pluto, this can see some intensity, and some sort of game changing news in regards to partnerships, finances, investments, love, creative projects, property or possessions. This being a Venus retrograde, this can involve people from our past, or things that we started/seeds that we planted a while ago. Jupiter enters Pisces at 8:09 PM, kicking off a whole new era in ernest, shifting the focal point of abundance and growth in your personal natal chart. You may have already felt this coming, and have been gearing yourself in this direction for some time. Now it’s really beginning to cement, and you can begin to settle into a process more fully and completely. This can feel exciting, but it also means cutting out and releasing anything that could get in the way, and it can be a challenge to disentangle from certain situations or dynamics. 


The early hours of the morning see’s the Moon in Scorpio sextile the Sun in Capricorn, while square Saturn, opposite Uranus, and trine Neptune. There is a commitment to major transformation in these configurations, and there can be much going on under the surface and behind the scenes. With the Moon both opposite Uranus and square Saturn, this emphasizes the Saturn/Uranus square, which challenges us to strike a balance between maintaining the structural integrity of our lives and plans, while preserving our freedom and independence. This can see two life areas highlighted that are somehow pitted against each other, and it can be a challenge to integrate the two until a certain sweet spot of stability is struck. The lunar trine to Neptune can see a need to yield in one area or another. With Jupiter now back in the area it visited back in May, something we’ve been aiming towards expanding and growing will now begin having greater focus. A new balance and sense of priorities will need to be struck as these shifts are adopted. Today can see a creative excitement and intensity, and a need for discipline, focus, and resilience. Evening can see a more reflective and dreamy mathscape, and on into tomorrow can see news, communications, and interactions that can be pleasant, beneficial, and can boost optimism. 


This morning, the Moon in Scorpio is sextile Mercury, Venus, and Pluto, trine Neptune, and square Jupiter. Things can be trending in a positive and empowering direction. News received can stimulate high ideals, as well as the imagination and creativity. Communications can flow well. The square to Jupiter and trine to Neptune can be a bit sleepy and indulgent, but there can be an intense focus on something, and a lot of creativity. The Moon enters adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius at 3:08 PM PST, and energy and drive can slowly pick up as it conjoins Mars and trines Chiron. We can feel pleasantly motivated by something or someone right now. Venus/Mercury/Neptune conjunct has a tunnel vision that can be quietly powerful, driven and relentless. 


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars, trine Chiron, and sextile Saturn. This is an optimistic, impulsive, but driven energy. Minor aspects of the Moon to Uranus and Mercury can see an excitable, impulsive nature, and nervous energy, doubly emphasized, so focusing the strong lunar/Mars current in a directed way will see the best use of this squirrelly, and excitable, happy pony energy. Travel, study, learning, teaching, broadcasting, publishing, or people and places at a distance or from other cultures or other walks of life can figure into things for some people under these expansive, enthusiastic, but focused configurations. It is New Years Eve, and there can be a restless excitement, and a fun, wide eyed, curious, and gregarious atmosphere. The Moon goes on to square Neptune later on, and there can be some confusion, sleepiness, moodiness, sloppiness, or heightened feelings that could be funneled into a creative or spiritual outlet, or New Years celebrations. If you’re imbibing alcohol this New Years Eve, don’t drink and drive, -or do or say anything you’ll regret into the New Year. This is a good time to remind everyone that Venus is retrograde.

SAT JAN 1 2022.

Happy New Year! Today see’s the Moon in late Sagittarius building a sextile to Jupiter in Pisces, seeing a celebratory and expansive atmosphere. Tense minor lunar aspects to Saturn and Uranus can see a lot to adapt to, perhaps a lot going on, and there can be challenges navigating a shifting atmosphere. The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:02 PM PST to conjunct the Sun, and the sextile to Jupiter see’s a positive and expansive atmosphere, while a lunar trine to Uranus is liberating and exciting, but a square to Chiron suggests some vulnerability around this. A New Moon occurs tomorrow, and the shifts happening now can be simultaneously freeing and empowering, but there is something about them that also touches on a wound or a weakness. Mercury shifts into Aquarius at 11:10 PM PST, further accentuating the sea change we are undergoing. It can be both exciting and scary.


Today see’s the New Moon in Capricorn at 10:33 AM PST. This New Moon conjoins the Sun and Juno, trine’s Uranus, and squares Chiron. The fact that this coincides with Mercury moving into Aquarius just yesterday, and Jupiter moving into Pisces on Tues, highlights some radical shifts taking place, with a trend towards freedom, independence, experimentation, liberation, innovation, illumination, authenticity, and rebellion. Doing things differently from now on. Being true to ourselves, our goals, and what we feel called to do can come with it’s fair share of vulnerability. Conversely, it can even make others feel vulnerable. Regardless of what’s going on right now for you personally at this new moon, a new, experimental, and liberating era is kicking off that can see us encountering situations or reaching levels that are all completely new to us. It can feel exciting, and there can be unexpected elements or things can come up that surprise us. Interpersonally, financially, or creatively, new seeds are being planted that can take us in experimental directions that maybe feel a bit intimidating at first. The Moon goes on to conjunct Venus, Pluto, and sextile Neptune as well later on, and this can see creative inspiration, and perhaps some quiet interpersonal intensity. There can be a lot to reflect on as the New Year kicks off.


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