Today see’s the Moon in late Libra, squaring Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, as well as aspecting both of the nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. There may be much information coming in from others and it can be a lot to sort through. With Mars now in Aries, and Venus picking up steam going forward in Gemini, we can be finding our footing and getting ready to take new initiatives. There can be a sense of changes right around the corner. The lunar square to Saturn suggests some interpersonal realities that simply have to be accepted, perhaps some differences in opinion, or just a feeling of not being on the same page with certain others, and we may seek some sort of transformation to avoid stagnation or stalemate. Around 4 PM PST, the Moon heads into instinctual Scorpio, to oppose Uranus, and trine the Sun, and Mercury in Cancer, while squaring Saturn. This can see us geared towards emotional nourishment, revitalization and refreshment. This math looks like a rebellion against repressive, inhibiting, or limiting forces, that is determined to find a way out and through. This can see some interesting or unexpected communications take place, where perhaps taboo or otherwise unconventional, interesting, or hidden topics occupy attention. This can see a need to take new routes or break a pattern, in order to satisfy the desire for more emotional fulfillment. In more general terms, an exploration of the feelings, and the recognition that certain routes lead to a dead end, prompting a need to change course. With Mercury retrograde, this can also bring up emotional memories or old feelings, and offer a new perspective on such things, or a need to deal with certain feelings in new and innovative ways.

Today see’s the Moon in emotionally intense, secretive Scorpio, trine the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and opposite Uranus in Taurus. This creates a rich emotional landscape that requires us to forge new paths, or approach certain feelings and instincts in a new way. There can be a certain degree of deep, emotional restlessness that comes with these configurations. With both Venus and Mars in aspect to Saturn, and Saturn preparing to re-enter Capricorn, in some ways it can be back to the drawing board, but there is a focus here on the longterm. Thinking (and feeling) outside of the box somehow, is par for the course today. In the afternoon, the Moon throws in a trine to Neptune, which only increases a penchant for the unusual. There can be a longing here, but also a lot of creativity and imagination. With Mars opposite Juno and conjunct Chiron, there can be certain differences between ourselves and others that have the power to both repel and attract, and can make us keenly aware of our own and others vulnerabilities. Regardless, Mars in Aries is naturally independent and fine to go it’s own way if certain differences prove to be too much to reconcile.  With both Venus and Mars in aspect to Saturn, we can derive a lot from a little, and the expectations of interpersonal interactions are tempered with realism. Venus in Gemini forms a sextile to Chiron today, suggesting a glimmer of hope, and as this aspect strengthens going forward, it can be easier to be understanding of someone else’s struggles, or of the complexity and nuance of other people’s positions. The lunar trine to Neptune brings out compassion, and with the Sun and Mercury both in sextile to Uranus, there is a need to be emotionally and mentally adaptive, and a sort of “expectant” feel, as if we are waiting on news or information, particularly around things rather close to the heart. These aspects are an interesting combination of being emotionally invested but detached at the same time, and both Venus and Mars linking with Saturn illustrates a “wait and see” attitude, it lends patience. This evening closes on a note of emotional and psychic sensitivity, and can be geared towards reflection and quite observation. There may be a lot of psychic impressions to sit with and meditate upon.

This morning begins with the Moon in Scorpio, in a sextile to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as Saturn, who is getting ready to head back into 29 degrees of Capricorn early this evening. Lunar trines to Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Aries can create a subtly energizing but somewhat “adrift” energy. Impulses and feeling is there, but it’s softened by Neptunes dreaminess and mystery. A desire for something that feels impossible in some instances, at least for the time being. Minor lunar tensions with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer color the morning hours with intense or vivid feelings, but perhaps feeling torn around self expression and how to even direct the energy current. It’s the kind of energy that writes a tweet or a reply but then deletes it, feeling unsure about how we may be interpreted or potentially misconstrued. We might just feel slightly unsure about how we’re coming across with Mercury retrograde in emotionally oriented Cancer. There’s a sort of instinctual longing that “just can’t get no satisfaction” to these configurations, and though it isn’t necessarily unpleasant, certain vague feelings can be difficult to pin point or fulfill. Mars in Aries is anxious to get after whatever it wants, Neptune can keep certain things just out of reach, but there is a lovely admixture of passion and compassion, self interest and self sacrifice. With the Moon in harmonious contact to Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, and Saturn about to reach the most urgent degree of the pragmatic, results oriented sign of Capricorn, there can be a desire for turning a new, transformative page, and focusing ones energy upon realizable goals that can help to lend a sense of meaning, structure, and steady progress. In the afternoon, as the Moon reaches the final degrees of Scorpio, it makes an opposition to Venus in Gemini, bringing emphasis on expanding our interpersonal horizons, and getting more space, adventure, and freedom to explore outside our usual reference points. Around 5 PM PST, the Moon reaches 29 degrees Scorpio, right as Saturn reaches 29 degrees Capricorn. This see’s an interesting turning point with a lot of energy behind it, with the Moon trine Mars in Aries, opposite Venus in Gemini, and sextile Saturn in 29 degrees Cap. This sets the stage where we may grow discontent or restless with longing after the impossible or the unobtainable, and desire something more immediate, concrete, realistic, and realizable, and will broaden our horizons, perspective, and scope of thinking to fulfill this quest to see “what/who else or is out there” that could fit this bill. It’s a bit of inspiration seeking, but with Mars in Aries sextile Saturn in Cap, we want reality. We want IRL. Something tangible, solid, that can be touched and held in the hand, sturdy and reliable. Weary of the wishy washy hangover we’re getting over from the Venus retrograde, while also in the thralls of a Mercury retrograde in Cancer, can see us putting a new spin on old emotional patterns, and the upcoming Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn will mark a shedding of the skin. The Moon enters Sagittarius around 7 PM this evening, seeing the evening hours take on an adventurous, philosophical and curious note. We can be driven by varying degrees of compelling and repelling qualities regarding interpersonal differences, and curious to explore what (or who) fits, or where we fit in, in regards to others. With Venus in Gemini, there are choices. For some it is a case of opposites attracting, and learning through contrast, and what may irritate us about a person may also just as equally fascinate. But with Saturn now in 29 degrees Capricorn, and Mars in the first degrees of Aries, we want our enthusiasms to go towards something that offers real, actual results. "What do we want? Results! When do we want it? Now!"

Today see’s the Moon in truth seeking Sagittarius opposite Venus in curious Gemini, and trine Chiron in Aries. This can see a lot of learning through contrasts. Pleasure is derived, and morale is boosted from expansion of knowledge. Later the Moon goes on to square Neptune, which can see confusion, subversion, or deceptive elements. Perhaps just a desire to retreat and reflect, and escape through self soothing pastimes. There might also be a sense of disillusionment for some, or simply a feeling that there is still a lot to learn. Clarity is hard to locate when Neptune is involved under tense aspects. Equally, this can undermine the ability to spread truth and knowledge, and it can become apparent that it’s being deliberately obscured. With Venus in communicative Gemini’s sextile, and Mercury retrograde in Cancer’s square to Mars in assertive warrior Aries, there is a push to accumulate and disperse knowledge in spite of obstacles. With all of the aspects to Chiron, it’s clear that sensitivity is a factor, and personal, subjective biases can create a cognitive block and defensiveness towards new information (Mercury in Cancer square Mars/ Chiron in Aries.) The evening looks somewhat low-key, with the lunar square to Neptune dominating the scene, it can be a case of “I don’t know what or who to believe.” A good time to challenge any cognitive biases and expand awareness.


Today begins with the Moon in Sagittarius squaring up to Neptune. The Sun and Mercury retro in Cancer sextile Uranus stand out to me as particularly poignant, and can be shocking people awake, and making some people feel somewhat uncomfortable with their simultaneous squares to Chiron. The Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is also especially active, suggesting some rather intense turning points, and there will certainly be some inevitable reckonings to face coming down the pike and potential abuses of power to deal with, as both the Sun and Mercury will go on to oppose Pluto. A lunar sesquisquare to Uranus midmorning can be enlightening, as the Moon in truth seeking Sagittarius attempts to blast through it’s square to tricksy, evasive, and deceptive Neptune. There can be a lot to reflect upon, with some shocks and surprises along the way, but the Sagittarius lunation is eager to learn and hungry for knowledge and truth. Early evening see’s tensions begin to build, with a lunar square to Mars in Aries and an opposition to Mercury retrograde in Cancer. This may be simultaneously energizing and frustrating, and there can be an uphill battle to try and get your ideas across or be understood, without provoking controversy. The Moon in late Sagittarius, at it’s most impatient degree, can be rather overzealous and even religious in it’s conviction and enthusiasm, so it may be wise to avoid contentious issues and save them for another time as we build up to a full Moon in serious Capricorn, so that nothing regrettable is said that can’t be taken back. Around 10 PM PST, the Moon heads into stoic, inhibited, and reserved Capricorn. The square to Mars in Aries and opposition to Mercury in emotional Cancer can make us feel somewhat curtailed and limited in our expression and in the scope of our actions. There may be certain people we want to talk to but feel like we can’t, or certain topics we want to broach but feel like we mustn’t. Venus in Gemini’s sextile to Mars and Chiron in Aries suggests that diplomacy and keeping things light are the key to handling any differences or navigating any frustrating cognitive blockages or communication difficulties. This is important, as the tensions are thick, and the full moon can see us coming across more intense than we may intend. Sensitivity is high, but with a brusque lunar square to Mars, along with Mercury squaring Mars,- so is insensitivity. So it’s important to lean on the side of caution when discussing any contentious issues that might lead to misunderstanding, as with Mercury retrograde in the sign ruled by the moon, logic isn’t a strong suit right now, and people may be apt to take things very personally or view things through a strictly subjective lens. Cognitive defenses may be rather high, so it isn’t the best time to try to get through to anyone who is determined to misunderstand or dismiss you. On the other hand, when left to their own devices and not pressed, people may surprise you by thinking outside the box and willfully venturing outside their comfort zone in pursuit of illumination, independently on their own accord. Have a little faith, and people may surprise you. Tomorrows full moon will certainly bring a touch of the unpredictable and perhaps some unexpected surprises or rebelliousness. 


Today see’s the Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn, opposite the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, square Mars and Chiron in Aries, and trine Uranus in Taurus. These configurations illustrate the power of authority to curtail and silence speech, and inhibit action, but it also illustrates innovative ways around such blockages, with the Moon trine Uranus. There can be a somewhat irritable restlessness to these configurations, and a feeling of being blocked, regarding actions one would like to take. This also impacts communications. There are many sensitive and “hot button issues” highlighted here, with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all squaring up to Chiron, the wounded healer. It’s clear that certain topics that must and should be talked about, upset another faction that prefers these matters not be discussed or addressed. The Sun and Mercury squaring up to Mars puts a lot of willpower and force behind communications, and there is a push to get a particular message out, in spite of resistance. The Moon and Mercury’s aspects to rebellious Uranus refuses to comply or submit, and bucks the authoritarian trends and gives them plenty of pushback. Later on in the evening, the Moon conjoins Jupiter and Pluto, and in the wee hours of tomorrow will conjoin Saturn as well. A powerful message get’s through via unconventional means, or something unexpected or surprising is revealed that makes impact. It may not go down well with everyone, and in particular, the “powers that be” may feel put on the spot somehow as they may be overplaying their hand. The Mercury/Mars square emphasizes a “war of information” or a war of words. Venus in Gemini helps keep things civil, and is able to finesse around blockages. This also highlights the ability to get information through via the arts or entertainment, or otherwise, mere cleverness. The Venus sextile to Mars and Chiron indicates the power of information and words to heal. It’s clear here that certain information or certain voices are being deliberately repressed, but where there is a will, there’s a way.

After yesterday’s eclipse, controversy, and surprising revelations, this morning see’s the Moon in stoic, realistic Capricorn opposite the Sun in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. This can see a focus on spiritual matters, and there can be compassion and sensitivity in the air, but an air of seriousness as well. A pleasant escapism can be highlighted here, along with resilience amidst otherwise subtly demoralizing, or overly serious, weighty concerns. With the Sun also trine to Neptune, we can be highly attuned to and sensitive to the environment. Venus continues to try to absolve the tensions between Mercury and Mars, and reduce friction between opposing factions, or disparate viewpoints. The Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn is powerfully active, indicating key turning points and transformations, and a certain inevitability, where certain facts and realities are really just unavoidable and impossible to ignore. The Sun in Cancer goes on to oppose Jupiter this evening, and this aspect can see a growing restlessness as it plays out, with many big ideals, a desire to make something concrete happen that brings more emotional fulfillment, but the trick is to stay focused, and find a balance between stability and the widening of our horizons. This aspect can also see a certain cognitive dissonance, where emotional attachments are weighed against hard facts with evidence to back up it's claims. The grand conjunction in Capricorn can highlight a desire to make big changes. I've named this configuration "'Tegrity (TM)", because Capricorn/Saturn is representative of realism, and of dealing in a based reality-(Something that has been heavily undermined, particularly during Venus' backward motion.) There will be another intensification of bullshit and deception to deal with, particularly from the 3rd week of July, when Venus will once again square up to Neptune. We went through this before, so we can have a sort of heads up, so that when it begins to happen, we can roll our eyes and say "Here we go again". Simplifying things as much as possible can help with forming workable plans.


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