Today begins with the Moon in Capricorn, in minor tension to Venus rx in Gemini, and conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. The Sun squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces can bring attention to power and powerlessness, and power dynamics in general. There can be some imbalances here, where some people feel able to call the shots, while others feel at the mercy of those shots. Everyone should take care to avoid being manipulated, as well as to avoid disempowering narrative, speech, or framing, as there are those who would gladly prey upon that. These configurations can produce a powerful drive towards creative, constructive efforts at transformation and change, and there can be a rather serious tone to the day, so taking extra effort to try and lighten things up and not take everything so seriously, and draw upon wry, Saturnian humor can be helpful, because the Capricorn lunation does indicate that it’s time to take something more seriously and face particular facts. Humor helps facts go down a lot easier. It’s tension with Mercury over the weekend may have made it difficult to handle certain things, and challenging to be on the same page as others, as the frank, “just the facts ma’am” nature of the Capricorn moon clashed with the more emotion-centric thinking of Mercury. For some, this made reality feel like a cold, harsh place, as facts clashed with feelings, or timing was just “off”. Today can see hard work or effort towards something, or some other constructive impulse, produce interesting, and beneficial results. So if you get an urge to do something that could be worthwhile over time, follow it. It’s a pensive and serious energy that isn’t the warmest or most disarming or snuggly, but it gets the job done, and there’s plenty of dry sarcasm and satire available. Evening sees the Moon move into intellectual and detached reformer Aquarius, to trine Venus in Gemini and square Uranus in Taurus. This can see a rather detached energy, but with the potential for pleasant diversions or surprises. There’s a potential for shocks or the unexpected, but also the ability to absorb them, innovate, and adapt. There can also be a pleasant and sort of playful restlessness, possibly even slightly high strung/nervous energy. Interactions that provide space and freedom, and allow us to just be ourselves can provide pleasure and upliftment. This is particularly the case for interactions that provide intellectual stimulation, or where shared humanitarian values, visions, or causes are present. This lunation can bring out the social justice activist in people, and is less earthy, less emotional, and more detached. It’s less about the personal, and is more about the collective in Aquarius. Meetings and exchanges, and even attractions, can be fleeting, possibly somewhat destabilizing, but shake things up in a positive way. Aquarius also rules the internet, and this can see people deriving pleasure from being more active and engaging more with others through this medium, and sharing, dispersing, and discussing information. 

Today see’s the Moon in futuristic, and social justice oriented Aquarius, trine Venus Rx in Gemini, Juno in Libra, square Uranus in Taurus, and sextile Chiron in Aries. Later a lunar trine to the Sun in Gemini can highlight thoughts and communications even more. There’s a detachment here that for the time being can keep things somewhat surface level, and there can be a general “chatty Kathy” vibe, with a lot of incoming and outgoing communications. The focus is more on the plight of the collective than on personal concerns, as Aquarius is the revolutionary of the zodiac. People can be hard to pin down under Venus in Gemini, and the lunar square to Neptune can make them hard to figure out, but there is a lot of compassion and psychic downloads to take in, and communications and intellect is poppin. It’s best to try and take things lightly, and not read too much into things, as Venus here can be somewhat flighty, easily distracted, curious, and somewhat superficial, not wanting to really tie itself down to one post or delve too deeply into one thing or person, and the Aquarius vibe can see us focused on broader social issues, and seeking cerebral nourishment, truth, clarity and consciousness resonance. There can be a bit of a ‘distancing’ happening with the lunar square to Uranus, more politicized than personal, and it’s possible some people are trying to assimilate some things and figure out the best way to communicate certain thoughts or feelings. Very mentally stimulating atmosphere, that's for sure. Lots of synchronicity. Perhaps even psychic experiences or pre-cog. The best way to handle these configurations is to enjoy what is, make the best of what is, -and expect nothing. There can be a bit of an “anticipatory”, liberating, and experimental energy here, but when the Moon hits emo Pisces, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of disillusionment or disappointment. Todays energy can be somewhat of a nervous and squirrelly kind, though not entirely unpleasant. It can be very creative, spontaneous, and innovative. 

Today begins with the Moon still in unpredictable, and detached Aquarius trine the Sun in communicative Gemini. This can see a whole lot of talking and theorizing, a whole lot of experimentation and conjecture. The spotlight can be on new, futuristic and radical ideas, and an unpredictable, “anything can happen” , “nothing is too weird at this point” sort of atmosphere. All kinds of ideas can be on the table, and Saturn eventually trecking back into Capricorn for a long spell will put certain experiments, and “too weird for TV” ideas under the scrutiny and tests of reality. Whether certain ideas are too far ahead of their time to be successful, only time will tell, but some weird shit is certainly being brought to the table, discussed and examined. The Sun squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces can make some people feel like they’re being dragged along for a ride and are powerless to stop it. There is a weakness and even dependency to the Sun/Mars/Neptune configuration, as if any protest to the flow of certain events, or vocalization of discontent about whatever is unfolding, just goes into a void. When Mars moves into Aries however, the sign that it naturally rules, the sleeping giant will awaken, and passive aggression can turn into more overt displays of force and self defense. Mars will spend the rest of the year in Aries once it gets there, due to a Mars retrograde. I can guarantee a lot of people are going to buy guns this year, including people that have never bought them before, and global militaries will be flexing hard. A lunar sesquisquare to Mercury in Cancer this evening can see some tensions, perhaps over detachment on the one hand, and a desire to connect emotionally on the other. This can play out interpersonally (someone wanting more closeness/connection, while another evades that or remains independent and up in their head. It can even manifest as merely an inner conflict within ourselves. Thinking before we speak and trying to remain sensitive to others while still being authentic within ourselves will make it easier to avoid becoming frustrated in our attempts to get our point across.

Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Pisces, squaring up to Venus in Gemini, which can create a somewhat wistful, longing, imaginative energy. This can be great for creativity and dreaming, but interpersonally it’s prone to fantasy, pining, and a tendency to focus on what’s missing, or feelings of sadness, loss, or futility. Conversely, it can be very compassionate and even clairvoyant. Producing feelings of oneness, presence and connectedness, even at great distances, physically, verbally, psychically, and/or emotionally. A lunar sextile to Uranus and a trine to Mercury in Cancer can bring some unexpected communications, insight, or news. We may just experience an intuitive “hunch” about something. If you feel a nudge to reach out and communicate to someone, follow it. There can be some surprising discussions that can be revelatory and things can become pretty impassioned with a late night lunar conjunction to Mars. Although, Mars is in Pisces, so this passion can be rather subdued, and dealt with passively, as Pisces really doesn’t like to upset tranquility and prefers peace, and conflict avoidance. Nonetheless, emotions and psychic impressions can be full force, and very powerful. A desire to seek quietude to explore emotions or discuss them privately with a trusted other, or try to convey certain feelings to someone, can accompany these configurations. There can also be increased impressionability, and people may come with emotional arguments. Boundaries may be less defined under the Pisces lunation. There can be some unexpected things revealed.


Today see’s the Moon in porous Pisces trine Mercury in Cancer and conjunct Mars and Neptune. This is a pretty emo layout. It looks like an unfulfillable longing, but it also looks boundlessly compassionate and selfless. A highly charged spiritual energy that can be subtly energizing though spacey and drugged out at the same time can be present here, and emotional subjectivity can be very high, at the same time, it can be difficult to define the line between our own and others feelings. A lunar square to the Sun can also see some emotional confusion highlighted. Nothing can be forced, so do try to avoid pressing yourself or others into making decisions, communicating something before you’re ready, or telling someone what they want to hear in order to appeal to their emotions. We are still in a Venus retrograde after all, so it’s important not to rush emotional processes, or come to decisions or proclamations hastily, even if pressured or pushed. This energy is largely passive aggressive in nature, and the emphasis on water is more prone to sulking, retreat, and poor me/victim status type behaviors as a pressure tactic than it is to more direct or overt applications, but the tendency towards emotional pressure is there with Mars being a key player here. Some things can just feel out of our control. Communication and thinking about emotions is a key player in todays configurations, getting the weekend off to an emo, comfort seeking start. Some people can be going through a hard time right now, so lending an ear or extending compassion and understanding can be really nourishing and beneficial to the heart and soul. Lunar sextile to Jupiter and Pluto later this evening can really magnify sensitivity and the feelings, and gestures of compassion, sensitivity, comfort and humanity can really make an impact. There can be some peak experiences happening this weekend, for better or worse, and it can be quite emotionally charged. There can be a certain helplessness to these configurations, as some things can be happening beyond our attempts to influence them. “Jeebus, take the wheel.”

This morning begins with the Pisces Moon still squaring up to the Sun, conjunct Mars and Neptune, and sextile Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. There is a tremendous amount of emotional and spiritual generosity under these configurations, and it’s possible that a helping hand steps in at the last minute and offers some kindness, support, stability, assistance, or does a favor in some other way. The Moon enters fiesta, and assertive Aries around 2 PM PST, while holding it’s sextile to Saturn in the 1st degree of Aquarius, a conjunction to Chiron in Aries, and an opposition to Juno in Libra. These configurations place an emphasis on emotional resilience, inner stability, and compassion for others. There is a “fighting spirit” to the Aries lunation, and Aries isn’t one to give up when the going gets tough. The conjunction to Chiron also places emphasis on the importance to look after oneself, and remember to to self nurture as much as you look after others, so that any adeptness at caring for others doesn’t come at the expense of meeting your own needs, emotionally and otherwise. Later, a lunar sextile to Venus in Gemini can see some pleasant interactions, and place the focus on seeking enjoyment and stability through communication and exchanges with others. There can be some healing or otherwise pleasing exchanges had this evening that can leave us feeling more confident and emotionally refreshed. Venus also forms a trine to Saturn as well, bringing a sense of stability within change that can be grounding and centering.

Today see’s the Moon in Aries squaring up to Mercury in Cancer, opposite Juno, conjunct Chiron, and holding a sextile to Venus until about noon. This can see people feeling pretty emotionally sensitive, or a bit “raw”. There can be some indecision and weighing the pros and cons of something, and feelings and thoughts can be somewhat at odds. Simultaneously, the impatience of the Moon in Aries can create a feeling of urgency to decide and act quickly on something, possibly before we feel ready. There can be an emotional impulsiveness to this energy, and it’s possible to blurt things out in haste or under emotional or psychological pressure. We can just feel mentally and emotionally out of sync with the stimulus coming in, and very aware of our own and/or other peoples vulnerability or weakness. In certain instances, this can see us feeling protective over someone and wanting to stand up for them or advocate on their behalf, but perhaps not quite knowing how to go about doing that. The Venus trine to Saturn can assist with patience and interpersonal endurance, and certain bonds can be strengthened through challenge or adversity. This configuration also puts more skin in the game, and where people have maybe felt less serious about love or relationships, they can begin to feel more of a desire for stability, substance, and maturity. For some, this configuration can highlight age differences, student/teacher dynamics, or simply an interaction that offers a learning experience, and increases in wisdom and maturity for one or both parties. In either case, there’s something unconventional about what’s unfolding, with Saturn in Aquarius, due to head backward into Cap once again for a refresher course and final “pop quiz” on this previous transit. Saturn likes to make sure we’ve learned everything we can out of a transit before it commits fully to the next one. This summer will be a summer of retrogrades. 



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