Today begins with the Moon in Cancer conjunct Mercury, trine Mars and Neptune in Pisces, and opposite Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Later this lunar opposition extends to Saturn. This can see us feeling things out, perhaps sitting on some intense feelings or unable to stop thinking about something. There could be a desire to initiate some kind of communication, but equally a passive shyness (Mars/Neptune in Pisces), that tends to fantasize and get stuck on imaginary scenarios and infinite “what if’s”. The lunar oppositions to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn can also amplify and exaggerate feelings. Where the Mars/Pluto sextile left off, the Moon/Pluto opposition endeavors to push to some sort of transformation or completion. Today is a comfort seeking type of energy that emphasizes self nurturing. The passions are pleasantly stimulated with the lunar trine to Mars. With Mercury Rx in Cancer squaring up to Chiron, there’s a risk averseness that tends towards playing it safe, and the Cancer lunation/Solar eclipse may have required a lot of self restraint for some, or extra effort against acting on some pretty intense, fantastical, or compulsive feelings. Mercury square Chiron creates a hesitancy and self protectiveness. This week see’s a lot of planetary movement that will help pick things up. Neptune stations retrograde this evening. Venus will station direct on Wednesday, which is a blessing in and of itself, and in Gemini this can help resolve tensions and open up channels of communication that may have been slowed down by misunderstandings, confusion, or poor timing. 

Today see’s the Moon in playful and creative Leo, sextile Venus in Gemini, trine Mars in late Pisces, and Chiron in Aries, opposite Saturn in Aquarius, and square Uranus in Taurus. This can see an inclination towards bold risks, breakthroughs, and livening things up to bring more vitality and joy de vive into life. It’s a fun, lighthearted, and flirtatious type of energy, that can pick up the spirits, but the lunar opposition to Saturn suggests that timing could perhaps be better for one reason or another, as there can be obstacles or challenges in the way that need to be dealt with or simply endured. Regardless, this can be a lively and exciting energy that can see some unexpected interpersonal developments, and definitely a lot of creative inspiration. The impulse is definitely there, even if circumstances don't necessarily support it's outward expression. It’s an erratic energy that for some can see a restless pursuit of excitement, or simply a restlessness with constraints or less than optimal circumstances. Mars in the last degrees of Pisces makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius and has it’s eye set on a goal. By this weekend, it will enter assertive Aries, where it will no longer be content to be passive. The Leo lunation shakes things up out of any doldrums or stagnation just in time for Venus’ direct station tomorrow. As if to say, “Things are going to be different and better going forward.” There can be more courage available under the Leo lunation, even in the face of the Sun and Mercury both squaring up to Chiron. In the very least, it’s the impulse to build courage wherever it may be lacking. There’s a challenge there for sure, maybe some insecurity or fear, or some other obstacle or challenge that causes us to be aware of pain or weakness, but both Mars and Venus have their eye on a prize or some future goal.

Today see’s the Moon in Leo void of course, although Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus, bringing a fresh impulse through a surprising communication or thought. This could see a circling back around of a missed opportunity, a solution to a problem, or just a new spin on something old. There could be some sort of revelation, or we could take a risk expressing ourselves, or have surprising communications. At least dipping our toes in the water somehow, as with the Sun/Mercury square to Chiron, there’s that protectiveness there that can make us second guess everything we say and do, or are thinking about saying and doing. This is a tough one, there could be some challenges to navigate that maybe make us feel "weaker" than normal, but building courage requires taking risks, even if just tiny ones. Venus will station direct tonight at 11:48 PM PST. This is great news for everyone. It may take a week or two for it to really pick up steam, but at least it’ll be progressing forward again. This in and of itself is worthy of celebrating. Things tend to get the most challenging or messy right at the direct or retrograde station of a planet, so whatever comes up, consider this an opportunity to "get it together" and resolve it. For some it can be something that's long needed attention or addressing. Also good news is that this time around, once Venus makes the demoralizing square to Neptune like it did before, it won’t be quite so bad, as Neptune Rx is much weaker, and Venus is direct. We won’t have to worry about that aspect again until the 3rd week of July, so we’ve got a nice reprieve and an opportunity to sort of get our bearings, feel things out, and build our courage. 

This morning begins with the Moon in the last degrees of Leo, making some minor aspects to Saturn, Mars, and Mercury, which can see some subtle irritability, grouchiness, or restlessness. Then the Moon heads into practical but anxious Virgo, to sextile the Sun in Cancer and square Venus in Gemini. This can highlight a seed that was planted at the New Moon/Solar eclipse in Cancer last weekend, and whatever is going on here, the feelings are very involved. Virgo emphasizes health, details, routines, diet, fitness, and crisis management. This can see us geared to make improvements that intend to make us feel more comfortable. This sets a tone for a spontaneous, perhaps somewhat busy Friday. There can be tendencies towards perfectionism as the Virgo lunation tends to zoom in on flaws, (either our own or others.) The square to Venus emphasizes relationships with others, and there can be a sort of preparatory or planning phase going on here, or a need to get everything “just right”, which can be frustrating when there’s a desire to be spontaneous and uninhibited. There may be certain "basics" in life that interfere or clash with enjoyment or relations to others somehow, as the Virgo lunation is all about handling your business, and getting practical necessities out of the way. This can be a somewhat high strung, restless energy, with both the Moon and Venus in analytical, Mercurial signs, we can be reading way too much into things or getting anxious around communications, perhaps this lunation stokes off a desire to improve communications, and work out some bugs. Trying to strike a balance between saying what we feel in a way that doesn’t threaten our sense of comfort or security (Sun/Mercury in Cancer), while still getting our point across, could factor into these configurations. This can be about distilling whatever feelings we’ve been sitting on into bite sized, sharable chunks that can help us steer things into the direction our instincts want us to go in, and open up new possibilities. The lunar/Venus square can make it harder to share feelings, but the desire is there. There’s just a lot of anxiousness around doing that, and probably just much more pressing matters to attend to. Later on a lunar trine to Uranus can bring about some positive, perhaps unexpected developments, perhaps a push to take modest risks, or some sort of innovative approach to a health/diet/or routine issue. This can help free us up from caring so much about what others think, and adds a “fuck it” flavor to the otherwise anxious, worry wart, Virgo lunation. It's possible we could feel liberated by achieving a small, practical breakthrough, and this could have health perks. Something "basic" yet long overlooked is being addressed, transformed, and overhauled.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo, sextile Mercury in Cancer (for the first part of the morning), trine Uranus in Taurus, and opposite Neptune in Pisces. It goes on to trine Pluto and Jupiter as well. This weekend could see some pleasant changes to routine, or a deviation from the norm begin to take hold. Perhaps a conversation or news received got some stagnant energy moving and made it possible to finally make some progress around something. The lunar opposition to Neptune indicates a draw towards the unusual, a tendency to idealize, or a fretting over unknowns, fears, increasing the tendency towards worry, idealization, fantasy, dreaminess, and imagination. A minor lunar aspect to Saturn can be somewhat inhibiting in the first part of the day, giving things a sort of "serious" or "business" tone. Everybody has to do whatever they have to do. There can be an instinctual, mysterious draw or pull towards something or someone, or to make something happen, and Mars in the final degree of Pisces is preparing to make some kind of move or take some sort of initiative. This energy is clearly building up to something, and there’s a lot of momentum behind it, as if it's been a long time coming. The Virgo lunation is a sort of “getting your shit together” vibe, perhaps in preparation for something. It emphasizes healing, recovery, diet, routine, regimens, and all of the basics.

Today begins with the Moon in late Virgo, opposite Mars at 29 degrees Pisces, trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. There is definitely a very concerted push towards something, and a carrot at the end of a stick motivating us. Mars at it’s most impatient degree is anxious to get something started, -and get something over with. Afternoon see’s the Moon enter partnership oriented Libra to trine Venus, and square the Sun in Cancer. Why does this look so intense? I mean it’s not "bad" looking, …but DAMN. It could just be indicative of someone going through a rough time, emotionally or otherwise, but there is support and assurance there, a light at the end of the tunnel, a reassuring presence, (Moon/Venus). Whatever the case, the emotions are prominently involved or activated, there’s definitely some strong feels going on here that are driving things. Maybe circumstances are pushing some people to their limits or stretching them emotionally. Mars enters assertive and passionate Aries at 6:45 PM PST, and the dam doth breaketh. Lunar trines to both Venus and Saturn suggests that a lot of waiting, patience, and endurance has been involved. These trines also serve to help tone Mars down a little bit because boy howdy, lemmie tell ya, Mars is excited as all hell to be in Aries, and is screaming, “FINALLY!!! MY TIME HAS COME!! OPEN THE GATE! I'M READY TO ROCK! GET OUT THE WAY!” So... the polite lunar trines to Venus and Saturn can help civilize this transition so Mars doesn’t go full BEAST MODE right out the gate, like a dog that’s been left in a house alone for way too long. Otherwise, it’s prone to get way too overexcited. This math speaks of something that’s been waited for, for a really, really long time, with Venus and Mars both in aspect to Saturn, and the lunar trines to Venus and Saturn. Something about this math say’s that patience, responsibility, maturity, and endurance has paid off, or will. Later in the evening, the Moon squares Mercury Rx in Cancer, which can see some communication glitches, or perhaps see us torn with how much to share with someone, or whether it’s safe or even in our best interests to open up. There’s definitely a desire to, but Mercury’s backward motion in Cancer squaring up to Chiron can have us thinking about “what happened the last time we tried to do that", or thinking about past grievances, shoulda-coulda wouldas, or bad memories. When in doubt, slow down. This can be a good opportunity to heal certain fears around communications, and bring more balance to certain dynamics. 

Today see’s the Moon in relationship oriented Libra, square the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, trine Venus, and opposite Chiron in Aries. This can see some talks happening that can smooth things out or get people on the same page, as it's possible people definitely aren't on the same page. There’s a will to harmonize, balance, and cooperate present, with the Moon conjunct Juno in Libra. The opposition to Chiron suggests everyone needs to strike a balance between their own needs, and their need for collaboration or companionship with others, as something could be at odds here and be a source of misunderstanding or gripes. Later, the Moon squares Jupiter and Pluto, this can indicate some major changes or transformations happening, particularly interpersonally. There can be some big feelings around this, some intense undercurrents. Mars also forms a conjunction to Chiron in Aries, an aspect that will build in strength over time. This sets off an interesting journey that seems to be geared towards healing old wounds or blows to confidence. Mars is humbled by Chiron, as Mars in Aries can sometimes be too self serving in the way it goes after whatever it wants. Chiron asks Mars to be more compassionate, sensitive, and empathetic towards others this time around. The lesson of Mars conjunct Chiron is also one of being strong enough to be able to be vulnerable with others. It can also highlight issues around being assertive or taking the initiative with others in some way. Because Mars will also retrograde in Aries, this can see some kind or reflection or reconfiguration around how we go about achieving our desires, as well as healing our feelings of worthiness around achieving those desires. Believing we are truly good enough and worthy of what we desire. A journey of confidence building and healing old wounds to our ability to initiate and take actions that require bravery, vulnerability, and courage. It’s possible we desire something that simultaneously activates our deepest vulnerabilities or triggers some deep wounds. Perhaps there’s something about what we desire that scares the shit out of us and challenges us to heal and grow out of a comfort zone, because we've got to make ourselves a little bit vulnerable in order to actually get it.


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