Astrology For The Week Of Feb 18-24 2019

We begin this week with the Moon still in Leo from Sunday, which left the weekend on a note of perhaps awkward, nervous excitement, drama, and/ or irritation, leaving some feeling a bit frayed around the edges and uneasy with some of the over inflated theatrics. The skyscape has a definite "climactic" feel about it as we enter the week. 
With Chiron now having officially shifted into zero degrees Aries, the Sun moving into Pisces, a full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday the 19th, and Venus closing a deal with Saturn and Pluto, there are definitely signs pointing to some completions, eliminations, goodbyes, letting go's, do or die commitments, and essentially, strong evidence that we are standing on a precipice of change. 

In some cases there could be pain involved, (sado masochism?), or simply fears of the unknown. Venus is not really comfortable next to power tripping Pluto and strict, disciplinarian and confining Saturn. Although there is opportunity there for a very serious commitment, (or some very weird BDSM?) perhaps it is all rather intimidating, with strict or confining terms and inflexible roles, (Saturn), and/or the psychological complexities of underlying power and control dynamics, abuse of power, fears, vulnerabilities, and the need for total transformation/(or domination/submission ) required to either sustain or (destroy it), (ahem...Pluto). With Venus in serious Capricorn between these two heavy hitters, it isn't the most lighthearted vibe. The weight of heavy expectations, responsibilities, guilt, and high standards can feel pretty extreme at times. The art to this celestial landscape is patience, and to reduce and minimize expectations as much as possible. Lean on Mercury in Pisces to just relax and melt with the flow.
(...I hear weed helps.) With Mars in Taurus in trine with artsy Venus, creative outlets that are very physical, tactile, and pleasing to the senses can be great as well.
It's a rather complicated system of whips, chains, handcuffs, and slippery fish we have going on here, so let's just break it down bit by bit, shall we?

On Monday the 18th, early evening the Sun shifts from detached, and cerebral Aquarius into dreamy and emotive Pisces, to join Mercury in echoing Chiron's final steps through this sensitive, imaginative, escapist and self sacrificing sign. There could be grief, loss, sacrifice, longing, selflessness, martyrdom, recovery, afflictions, addictions, or perhaps simply vague unconscious fears ...and many unknowns. The emphasis is very much on the unconscious now, as we are steeped into a realm of feelings, fantasies, hopes, fears, ideals, denials, secrets, addictions, afflictions, escapism and recovery. Pisces/Neptune/12th house is extremely psychological in nature, and can range from the dreamy and inspired, to the escapist, nebulous, troubled, or confusing.

On Tuesday Feb 19th at approximately 7:54 am PST, the Moon climaxes in earthy Virgo. Luna climaxing on this axis highlights a process of elimination and purication. Something or someone needs some straightening out, sobering up, and stabilizing, whether on practical and/or emotional, psychological levels, new approaches need to be deployed and adaptation is required. Health of body and mind are highlighted. 
Releasing an unconscious or destructive habit in thought or deed,  saying goodbye to unconscious forms of self sabotage in one way or another, grieving a loss, or "making a sacrifice to the gods", could be emphasized under these configurations. Some kind of release and reprogramming is needed, and  there can be some sobering moments, and a need to set healthy boundaries, and adapt to new patterns and routines,  -although the pathway and the outcome can feel nebulous or uncertain in some way, -requiring faith. This moon phase will trine to Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, and oppose Mercury in Pisces, so this could involve relationships, money, merging, power dynamics, boundaries, transformations, endings, rehabilitations, improvements, ultimatums, lines in the sand, or some heavy handed negotiating, waiting, wondering, or just not knowing-it's some pretty serious stuff.

With Mercury in Pisces set to go retrograde in early March, there is still no telling where things will land, and we're really going to kind of have to make this up as we go along, because to be blunt, it's all pretty weird and mysterious. There is much yet to suss out.

Thursday morning see's the Moon enter partnership focused Libra, to oppose Chiron who is freshly back into Aries. This could highlight  sensitive issues in relationship to others. Areas that are perhaps still pretty tender and sore. A wound in the self that needs to heal so that we can experience the harmony we  desire with others.
With Saturn, Pluto and Venus all sextile Mercury in Pisces, there is a call towards sorting through our feelings over our relationships and commitments. This could prompt some to get back in touch with their vulnerabilities, and feeling out boundaries that may need to be applied, reworked or adjusted. Conversely it could prompt others into escapism, putting on a tough facade, denying the feelings, or  reducing (sacrificing) their needs. Protecting ourselves from hurt (or abuse of power and control) is one thing, and is necessary in circumstances or interactions that are harmful to us. However, cutting ourselves off entirely from our emotions, needs, feelings, our hearts, and our capacity for empathy, in the name of power, control, or (perceived) invulnerability and imperviousness, is quite another thing...and this week will mark the beginning of a test on how sustainable such "tough guy facades" really are, and where we should draw the line.

In either case, the anesthetic that Mercury, Neptune, and the Sun in Pisces provides amidst these rather weighty feeling matters can in the very least, somewhat mitigate pain, and assist in the cultivation of faith.


Friday, the Moon in Libra squares Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting relationship comittments, power struggles, or disagreements, and a need to harmonize, (or destroy?). Finding some kind of middle ground, or abandoning something entirely, the Moon in Libra has her work cut out for her in navigating some fairly charged interpersonal dynamics. Finding a compromise isn't entirely impossible, but can feel challenging.

Squares generate tension, frustration, agitation, and/or action. With Pluto involved, themes of power, control, intensity of feeling, obsessions, love/hate, fears, compulsions, mysteriousness, investigation, and extremes, -can lurk just under the surface. The Moon in Libra tries to act normal or unruffled for appearances and harmony's sake, but can be cracking under the pressure. "This is fine. I'm fine. We're fine." 

Mercury in Pisces is rather avoidant and doesn't really appreciate confrontations either, so there could be some sweeping things under a rug out of fear. Conversely there is also the potential for great empathy and compassion if it's decided that speaking up is a risk worth taking, and could in fact be a good opportunity to purge destructive control issues. 

A weighing of values is a potential under these configurations. One has an opportunity to decide what matters more: Love or control?

If one refuses to drop their weapon, then it makes no sense for the other to drop their shield.

 Relationships to ourselves and others can be going through a pretty intense metamorphosis under these configurations, and it can feel dead serious, (rather like Anubis pictured above.)  The sextile the Moon makes to Jupiter in Sagittarius inflates feelings, but thankfully, also adds buoyancy, levity, and a philosophical optimism, courage, and broad minded expansiveness to an otherwise weighty feeling landscape, suggesting that it's really all what we make of it, and can be a unique learning experience.

Saturday see's the Moon enter intense, powerful, moody, and freaky naughty Scorpio, placing the Moon in trine to the Sun, but in opposition to Mars in stubborn, possessive and practical Taurus. There could be anger and conflicts, barely veiled hostilities, or perhaps just an inner conflict of emotions, will, and desires to contend with.  Bothersome feelings, possesiveness, or obsessive desires or compulsions that refuse to let up. A conflicted impulsiveness could be a factor here with a lunar opposition to Uranus in the final degree of Aries. (The fortunate among us will be resolving this in the uh.. bedroom.)

With the Neptune influences in the mix, there is some soothing, but also a tendency towards passive aggressive or simply less direct means of handling uncomfortable or extreme feelings or desires. This isn't the only way these configurations can be handled, however, it's just the lowest common denominator potential. 

There is no denying certain feelings, although we can certainly try.

With Mercury in Pisces about to go retrograde, some things just require a wait and see approach, or perhaps a sacrifice. There could be a "suffering in silence" sort of theme to this upcoming retrograde, or a need to seek psychological relief, as we sort through a variety of complex emotions.

Sunday looks a little bit easier, as the Moon eases out of direct opposition to Mars and into positive relation to Venus, Saturn, and Mercury. Perhaps some deep talks, confessionals, vulnerabilities bared, or secrets shared, increase closeness, trust, soothe pain, alleviate fears, and stabilize turbulent emotions. Bonding.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great week. 


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