Astrology For The Week Of Feb 4, 2019


After the intense, rapid, and profound inner and outer transformations, some of which, for many of us, mimic what American psychologist Abraham Maslow refers to as a"peak experience," things begin to settle into a more stable and less uncomfortable groove. This is largely due to Venus, who has joined the heavy hitting combo of strict Saturn and psychologically probing Pluto. Venus lightens the blow of some of the perhaps arduous inner work or cold, hard realities and limitations we have had to confront, accept, metabolize, and work within. There is some comfort however, in having definition, as previously, while Venus was accentuating the emphasis on boundless and expansive Sagittarius, Kafka put it best when he said "You are free, and that is why you are lost." Now a new path can be forged, within the safety of definitions, and with the wisdom of excess giving us a renewed appreciation of our limits, and those of others. With Venus now teaming up with the power brokers Saturn and Pluto, next to the south node, much pleasure can be found in probing the depths, and engaging in the inner and outer work of releasing various levels of resistance to a process of psychological maturation. A process which may have previously seemed painful, daunting, "heavy", stern, or frightening, becomes welcoming and reassuring, after a period of chaos, uncertainty, overstimulation, and ill defined boundaries.  "Monsters under the bed" can now be seen in a more compassionate light, and what was once seen as daunting, hopeless, or irresolvable seems more inspiring and hopeful.


As we kick off the week, a New Moon occurs in the humanitarian mad scientist, Aquarius, exact at 1:04 PM PST, along side the Sun, Mercury, and Lilith. Further emphasizing collective consciousness, the need for rational detachment, individuation, friendships, groups, wishes, change, innovation, liberation, the collective and the future. 
There is an expansive, contagious, and communicative optimism, an undeniable hopefulness about the future at this new moon, as Jupiter in Sagittarius forms sextiles to the moon, Mercury, and Jupiter in Aquarius. It's as if we have all recieved a massive download from the cosmos. An upgrade, if you will, in an extremely condensed period of time, to our individual and collective consciousness.

With Lilith in Aquarius conjunct the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, there is a visionary quality at work here, where we are implored to think beyond merely ourselves, and engage in the process of living and relating from a more elevated, liberatarian perspective. It is a restlessness and a desire for change, space, and more freedom.  It has certainly been a lot to metabolize, but the changes ocurring under the surface of consciousness and within our lives are setting the stage for a future we can truly feel excited about exploring. This new moon has a profoundly liberating effect, and there is a feeling of openness, freedom, and respect for individuality, all within a comforting, elegant and dignified structure which Venus conjunct Saturn provides.

A pragmatic egalitarianism calls us beyond our ego, it's attachments, fears, and desires, and serves as an excellent guiding principal that assists in navigating any previously challenging (or potentially explosive or combustible) "power struggles", that have perhaps been just under the surface, within ourselves and our interactions.
There may still be interpersonal differences to navigate, but working together, as in "you and me" v.s "the problem", as opposed to "you" v.s "me", makes for a much easier, more rational, and free flowing atmosphere, with a much more hopeful, and constructive outcome possible. Any differences are perhaps more differences of style rather than substance, and is nothing a shared vision can't accommodate. This emphasis on Aquarius assists us in a vital and necessary rational detachment towards personal or interpersonal issues, that are typically far too emotionally charged for us to approach in any kind of constructive, beneficial, or dispassionate way.


Tuesday evening, at approximately 6 PM PST, the moon enters sensitive and emotive Pisces, bringing us into the heart center, while forming a lovely sextile to Venus, who is doing the hard work of making limitations, structures, boundaries,  commitments, and all that is durable and lasting, feel not just tolerable, but in fact, pleasant, vital, and necessary. It is always reassuring to have a safe and dependable structure in place in which to emote, a raised bed in which to seed with the infinitude of our dreams, fantasies, ideals, and longings, -but to also maintain the capacity to individuate, be a little bit crazy, or make mistakes. This is the kind of rich soil in which the human spirit can truly grow.


Friday morning the moon moves into action oriented and passionate Aries, forming a square to both Venus and Saturn, and a conjunction to shock rocker Uranus and go getter Mars. This takes us into an action packed weekend, with... a lot happening. There could be a lot of impatience, or just overt enthusiasm, that could potentiate frustration or a rebellious streak, but regardless of what transpires, ACTION is the key word of these configurations, and there could be a "frantic", "hectic" or "urgent" feel, perhaps driven by the prior frustrations and the long waiting game we had to play while Mars was still square to Saturn. This also places the moon in square to deep diving and transforming Pluto by the tail end of the weekend, so there are some highly charged feelings involved in any "game changing" actions that are being taken this weekend.

 Aries is a mover and a shaker, so there will certainly be an adventurous and expansive enthusiasm about this weekend, perhaps a complete change of scenery. If nothing exciting happens, and you find yourself chomping at the bit with pent up energy or frustration, get moving! Sweat it out! Get those endorphins and endocannabinoids flowing, get out and about, and resist any inclination to nurture potential frustrations into hostilities, conflict, or to blow anything out of proportion, because it will pass and mellow out quite a bit (and perhaps in a rather pleasing way.) Regardless, it looks like an action packed weekend in one way or another for everybody, full of nervous energy, surprise, and excitement. Buckle up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you next Monday.


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