The Moon enters Pisces at 6:29 AM PST. After a bout of the “Sunday Scaries”, today see’s a need to get right down to business with the Moon conjunct Saturn. Initially it may be necessary to jump right out of bed and answer to necessary responsibilities. The day get’s easier as it wears on, with a lunar sextile to Jupiter, although the Sun conjunct Mars and square Saturn can still see certain obligations weighing over people’s heads, there can be some positive momentum and a feeling that things are heading towards a new phase. There may be some distractions to manage this week.


The Moon in Pisces is squaring Mercury in Sagittarius and conjunct Neptune today, which can see a distracting, dreamy atmosphere even though there is still a lot to get done (Sun conjunct Mars, square Saturn.) Streamlining momentum can be a challenge, and there may be deadlines to grapple with, so tuning out distractions will be important. As the day wears on, staying flexible can be helpful as there may be some unexpected surprises with the Moon sextile Uranus while square Mercury and conjunct Neptune. This can see inspiration, new ideas, or intuitive hunches. Tomorrow can see more energy and direction, but there may be a feeling of “cramming” or “crunch time.” 


The Sun enters Sagittarius at 6:03 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Pisces. There can be a lot to manage all at once. Keeping balance while managing changes is key. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 9:19 AM PST, where it trine’s the Sun, which can help direct energy. There may be a need to accommodate minor adjustments today in order to get momentum going in new directions. 


The Moon is conjunct Chiron while trine Mercury and opposite Venus, which can see a lot of incoming communications to manage. There may be some hoops to jump through. For some this can have a healing component with the lunar links to Chiron and Hygeia. Synchronicity can play a role today. Ideas, thoughts and communications can flow freely. For some, travel plans can factor in. 


Mars enters Sagittarius at 2:15 AM PST, where it encounters the same square to Saturn as the Sun. There can be blockages, frustrations or delays to grapple with that can seem to slow down momentum temporarily. The Moon enters easy going Taurus at 12:29 PM PST, to conjoin Jupiter and sextile Saturn, which suggests a scenic route or making a point to stop and smell the flowers considering other things may be temporarily on hold or slowed down. There can be some pleasant detours, good food, or refreshing indulgences. 


The Moon (exalted in Taurus) is still connected to Jupiter as the day begins, seeing an easy going, abundant, growth oriented energy. It goes on to connect to Uranus which can see more change 

or spontaneity, and perhaps unexpected, spontaneous growth or blessings. A lunar trine to Juno suggests this can take place in or through relationships. This is a good time to be flexible and explore new possibilities. With the Sun and Mars both squaring Saturn right now, there may be a serious tone, responsibilities looming, or a feeling of being held back, weighed down, or slightly inhibited, but there is serious potential in opportunities. Innovation, patience and persistence can find a way around obstacles. 


The Moon in late Taurus builds an opposition to Mars while trine Pluto. As the day wears on, it also builds a square to Saturn. The Moon is building up to Full, and there can be a desire to reach certain breakthroughs in communications or commercial endeavors, or stabilize certain foundations while also grappling with information overload. The Moon enters Gemini at 4:40 PM PST, where it opposes the Sun and Mars while squaring Saturn, seeing a lot of pressure to be everywhere at once, messages or phones popping off, or a lot to manage via multitasking. Many little things to pay attention to, communications, paperwork, appointments, technical issues, and things coming to a powerful crescendo as this upcoming week get’s started. Make sure the information you are dealing with is factual, and try to ground the nervous system. An old phase is closing out so a new one can take it’s place. There may be a lot to adapt to. 


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