The Full Moon at 4 degrees Gemini occurs at 1:16 AM PST, opposite the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius, sesquisquare Venus in Libra, and square Saturn in Pisces. This face of Gemini is associated with the 8 of swords in the tarot. A multitude of options, hyper stimulation, a vast amount of incoming data, code, and a great deal of variety can feel paralyzing. There can be an internal split and fragmentation occurring between warring selves. This is ponzi scheme v.s meritocracy. The need to survive in the world and the need to be real. Great cleverness, strategy and gameplay is associated with this decan, which may be necessary in the current landscape, as worlds collide into infinite fractals, and the cost of speaking the actual truth is absolute sovereignty. The Moon opposing the Sun and Mars in truth oriented Sagittarius can feel as if certain truths are stifled, hemmed in, forbidden, or heavily penalized by the square to Saturn. Religious, political, or spiritual ideologies or opinions can be loaded with conflicts and carry a lot of controversy, consequence and heat. In some ways it can feel like a bit of a “might is right” hostage situation where agreements and compromises feel forced or subtlety or overtly threatened into by attrition or other barely veiled hostilities. Careful navigation and finesse of tense social and political landscapes are necessary.


Today can see a desire to harmonize conflicts of interests or other imbalances. With the Moon in Gemini opposite Mercury, trine Venus, square Neptune, and semisquare Jupiter, there can be a lot of distractions and some confusion, but also a smoothing over of rough endges. There may still be loose ends to tie up or adjustments to make, but by this evening, things should feel more squared away and on better footing. The lunar trine to Venus today can see some mixing and mingling socially and commercially, with some pleasant exchanges and opportunities to network and circulate, but with the Moon squaring Neptune there can be an out of sorts feeling or subtle energies to navigate that may try to derail or cause doubt, or make it harder to focus. Something can feel slightly amiss. Inspiration can be plenty if you make a point to stay positive though. The Moon opposite Mercury suggests a need to take care in communications, and there can be logical issues or things that require some figuring out. The Moon enters Cancer at 10:54 PM to trine Saturn, seeing more stability and support, with the possibility of some solid agreements being hashed out or stabilized that can show promise.


The Moon in Cancer is sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn today, which can see some things to feel optimistic about as more stability can be on offer due to changes being made. There can be something reassuring about these configurations, with opportunities to get things more established, official, or on to better footing. A lunar semisquare to Uranus can see subtle tensions, worries, or a jangled feeling however. Pressure can be building and responsibilities can put a damper on social endeavors (Mars square Saturn). Good strategies forward can be deployed, so don’t give up if you’re experiencing challenges. The Moon squares Chiron this evening which can see a lot of sensitivity, empathy or vulnerability. Try to keep your spirits and morale high and have patience.


The Moon is sesquisquare Mars this morning while sextile Uranus. This can see a spicy and spontaneous energy. Stay open to new ideas. There may be a lot of pressure to contend with that can interfere with normal routines temporarily. The Moon squares up to Venus, which can see social, money, or creative issues feeling a little unsettled but very enjoyable. There are trends going in a positive direction. There’s a bit of a cram session going on and the energy can be a bit frayed around the edges. There may be a need to release your grip on whatever is out of your hands for the time being and just take care of what you can. Mercury at the anaretic degree of Sagittarius can feel disorienting, but there is also increased concentration and focus right around the corner that will help tie everything together. There will be a need to get things more sorted. Try your best to relax this evening even if there is pressure to perform or certain deadlines looming. There can be some things to celebrate this weekend.


Mercury enters level headed Capricorn this morning at 6:31 AM PST after being at the critical degree of Sagittarius, which can see certain situations reach a new phase of development, perhaps after some apex moments of weirdness or critical points in communications, technical issues, news, or cultural, political or religious conflicts. There can be a need to take things more seriously, focus, or prepare for advancement. Mercury sextile Saturn is good for concentration, self control, focus and consistency. The Moon enters creative Leo at 8:00 AM PST, which can put some wind in peoples sails and see a lot of motivation. There can be some things to feel excited about, but Mercury in Capricorn is wise enough to keep expectations realistic to avoid being disappointed. That being said however, there may actually be legitimate reason to feel optimistic. The Moon is trine the Sun and Mars while squaring Jupiter, which can see a lot of energy and determination to fly higher as the day wears on. Morale can be boosted significantly. Venus is building a trine to Saturn as it gets closer to entering Scorpio (Monday), which can see social, relational, financial, and creative matters reaching a point of more stability after some significant breakthroughs. 


There is still a lifted spirit as the day get’s started with the Moon in playful Leo trine the Sun and Chiron. Morale can be high, but energy can be a little frayed. There can be some surprises as the day wears on as the Moon squares up to Uranus, which can see a lot to keep up with. This can be exciting or it can just be strange and unexpected. People can act out of character or there can be some curve balls or unexpected developments that can keep people on their toes. It’s a wild card. Leave room for spontaneity and try to stay on top of everything going on. It can be a lot and there can be a need to show up for it all. Things can be exciting or unpredictable.


Kind words or thoughtful gestures can make for a lovely Sunday, with the Moon in late Leo sextile Venus in 29 degrees Libra, while building a trine to Mercury in Capricorn. There can be a looming sense of responsibility or pressure or climax as we close out the weekend, as the week ahead can see things coming full circle or needing to be attended to. Things may have reached a pinnacle point and there can be reasons to celebrate. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:50 PM PST this evening, where it opposes Saturn and is sesquisquare Chiron. Even though there are a lot of positive trends and things are moving in constructive and beneficial directions, there can be a feeling of overwhelm and having a lot on your plate. You will manage. Striking a balance between responsibilities and enjoyment can be a factor. It can be a feeling of not wanting the weekend to be over or there being a lot of pressure to stay on top of everything or meet the week feeling sorted and prepared. Monday can feel a bit like a whip cracking, but there is also a lot of positive motivation to meet challenges. Successful pinnacle points of dynamic change.  


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