The New Moon occurs at 1:27 AM PST in 20 degrees Scorpio, conjunct the Sun and Mars, opposite Uranus, trine Neptune, and semisquare Venus in diplomatic Libra. The base elements and raw, unfiltered extremes have been explored or given vent to, and now a distillation process is underway. This face of Scorpio is ruled by the 6 of cups, a card of strong emotional imprints, memories, and mutual exchanges of impact. This decan explores themes of mutually assured destruction, or mutually assured fulfillment. For things to go well, raw, or extreme elements require refinement, temperance and distillation. Mercury in truth speaking Sagittarius sextile Venus in diplomatic Libra brings charm, social graces, levity and civility to discourse, and seeks higher ground above and beyond primeval hostilities, in order to reconcile more extreme, heavier realities with polite society. There is an opportunity here to identify dysfunctional, vampiric, compromised, compulsive or destructive elements and to break away from them. There is a shift in dynamic with “the other”,  as deeper psychological realities are integrated. There can also be new and promising potentials or impulses emerging that can be exciting, enriching, enlivening or unexpected. This New Moon marks potent alchemical turning points. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:23 PM PST, to conjoin Mercury and square Saturn. A pressure cooker atmosphere that can require courage, conviction and moral clarity.


The Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct Mercury and has access to charm and diplomacy with a sextile to Venus. Today can see some positive news or creative inspiration that can boost morale or provide refreshment. Collectively, people seek levity and upliftment. The antenna are extended, curious, and eager to seek enjoyable, illuminating, or life enhancing stimulation. There can be honest disclosures, good humor, and a cosmopolitan, cultured atmosphere. It feels good to break out of mental ruts, enrich the imagination, and be more adventurous and curious socially, or creatively on your own. Responses to stimuli are creative and open minded, and people can seek broader understandings or wider horizons. Grittier realities can be giving rise to refreshing wholesomeness, straight forwardness, or unpretentious moral clarity. It's also possible that underneath a benign or innocent seeming exterior can be hidden depths, intrigue or complexity. Mercury sextile Venus adds a colorful dimension that is endlessly stimulating. This configuration eagerly absorbs fresh inspiration like a sponge. The evening ends on a wide eyed and curious note. Creativity, synchronicity and healing are in focus. The psyche seeks to resettle itself harmoniously around a complex and varied landscape that contains numerous possibilities to explore. 


Today can see a lot of inspiration and a lot of distractions with the Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune. If you can carve out some time to mentally explore new concepts, ideas, and approaches, it can help build new momentum. There is a philosophical, spiritual and explorative bent early on, and all kinds of unique and interesting rabbit holes to wander down. Finding traction can be easier as the day wears on. Catch the wave as the Moon sextile’s Saturn. The Moon enters earthy and driven Capricorn at 11:41 PM PST. Tomorrow can be pleasantly productive and down to earth. 


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Jupiter in Taurus and square Venus in Libra, while making a minor tense aspect to Uranus. Finding a groove and doing things a little bit differently can open new avenues for growth or even wind up being unexpectedly lucrative. There’s an eye on slow and sustained efforts and an organic pace. The Moon goes on to semisquare Mars in the afternoon.  There can be a desire to get a lot done or attack tasks with a honey badger like energy. Don’t overextend yourself or force the pace. Leave some room for spontaneity or the unexpected tomorrow. There may also be some important breakthroughs in the works. 


The Moon in Capricorn syncs up with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto today, which can see creative breakthroughs, or a powerful new wave of transformation unfolding. As the day wears on into evening there can be some spontaneous impulses that can result in some interesting talks, meet ups, or social situations. This can be creatively enriching, especially if things have felt stuck lately. There can be some moments of emotional clarity or an enlivened sense of direction and purpose or renewed motivation and drive. Something or someone can really make an impact, scratch an itch or hit the spot.


The Moon enters future focused Aquarius at 3:28 AM PST. There can be some profound shifts happening socially or collectively. The Sun and Mars are exactly conjoined, which can see intense drive, focus, and passion. This can assist with overcoming hurdles and effecting significant changes. This energy is relentless and really wants to sink it’s teeth into things and gain traction. Interpersonally or socially, people can be showing new sides of themselves or branching out in different ways. The Moon goes on to trine Venus in Libra, which can see some refreshing social exchanges, or inspiration through groups, community, or the internet. Networking, collaboration and cooperation can be a factor. Friends or like minded weirdos can be supportive, and inspiring, which can provide a boost. There can be some beneficial, fruitful, and enriching encounters, news or communications. 


The Moon is sextile Mercury in Sagittarius and Venus in Libra while squaring Uranus in Taurus as the day begins, which can see new and unusual approaches and unique social or interpersonal impulses reverberating. As the day wears on there can be a focus on the week ahead. There can be an electrical charge, with the Moon square Mars in Scorpio and going on to conjoin Saturn. This can see a strong desire to get things more sorted, streamlined and consolidated, and there may be looming deadlines, responsibilities, or obligations to clear away in the near future. Saturn has only recently stationed direct, so regaining a foothold in situations that may have lapsed or fallen off track due to needing to adapt to a lot of changes can see a need to remain focused and manage time and priorities wisely. This upcoming week can see a key phase of culmination and closure which can allow for tying up a lot of loose ends and clearing away baggage, which will allow for further growth and expansion in areas that may have been neglected, stalled, or delayed in recent months.


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