The Moon in late Leo squares Mercury in Scorpio in the early bird hours, and then enters Virgo at 11:39 AM PST. There’s certainly been a lot to take in collectively. The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio has seen a heaviness in the collective psyche that has brought out a lot of radical extremes, or deep thoughts. Venus in Virgo has leaned towards anxiousness, worry, empathy for the vulnerable, and strives to fix and improve things. Many long for more lightness and levity, as thoughts and information circulating have tended to be weighty, deep, provocative, or heavily preoccupying. A good day for thoughtfulness.  The Moon in Virgo opposes Saturn today, which can see a serious tone, with a lot of tidying up and sorting out to do. It goes on to trine Jupiter in Taurus in the late evening. It can feel good to get more organized, and to simplify things. This can see a stabilizing influence tomorrow, which can be very helpful and grounding, although there still may be some radical undertones as certain ideals are challenged or changed.


The Moon in Virgo is trine Jupiter and goes on to sextile the Sun in Scorpio and eventually trine Uranus and sextile Mars. The beauty in the natural world and life’s little things can provide solace and calm. Venus at 29 degrees Virgo today can see critical moments in talks and agreements. There is a strong desire to persuade others under these configurations, or in the very least, very strong feelings and power dynamics under the surface, as Venus is trine Pluto and will go on to enter Libra tomorrow for a prolonged charm offensive. Today can see positive and supportive trends, even amidst subversive influences. Evening time can see motivation to take action or get things done. There may be a need to break out of ruts or patterns, and a sensitive atmosphere, or thoughtful preoccupation, may be part of what has sapped energy or focus. 


Venus enters Libra at 1:30 AM, highlighting negotiations, diplomacy, and peace making efforts. There can be a growing need for more lightness and harmony. The strongest connection Venus is making right now is a trine to Pluto, which can see powerful undercurrents that need to be handled with care. Propriety and politeness can be tempering intense undercurrents.  The Moon trine Uranus can keep people on their toes, and it’s also trine Pluto and opposite Neptune, seeing an impressionable atmosphere. Be wary of manipulativeness or deception. Mercury still traverses the underworld of Scorpio, where it is square Saturn, sextile Pluto, and trine Neptune. This see’s a preoccupation with serious thought, spiritual concerns, secrets, the occult, and hidden things. Many people have been more quiet, preoccupied, or under the radar. The Moon inches closer to Venus and sextile’s Mercury tonight, seeing an opportunity for helpful or pleasant exchanges.


The Moon enters Libra in the wee hours at 12:08 AM PST, to conjoin Venus. This can be pleasant, but take care to avoid rose colored glasses. There can be efforts towards harmony, balance or diplomacy here, but there is still a lot of heavy handedness going on. Negotiating tricky power dynamics or subversive issues can still be a part of the picture. Mercury at 29 degrees Scorpio sextile Venus and square Saturn can see conversations flow easily, although topics can feel weighty or consequential. This can either see an attempt to lighten the atmosphere, overcome strained relations, heal rifts, or make a serious deal. In some cases this can see secret handshakes or other kinds of agreements that occur under duress, necessity, or obligation, but not necessarily out of organic agreement. Certain dynamics can feel lopsided. The Moon making some tense minor aspects to Mars and Uranus suggests some discontent or change stirring under the surface. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 10:25 PM PST, which can see truths surfacing over the coming weeks. This can also see increasing focus or discussions on philosophy, belief systems, religion, politics, law and worldly matters. The Sagittarius transits will oppose Saturn and eventually Neptune in Pisces, suggesting a need to be careful with information, communication, even simply speaking certain truths out loud can feel tense. There can be opposition to the truth, or challenges to ideologies. Regardless, a lot will be surfacing this month, and it could be a bit rocky at points, because people can really be daring to say certain things or talk honestly about topics that have felt taboo or off limits. As always, truth doesn’t mind being questioned, but a lie doesn’t like being challenged. Pick your battles with discernment.


The Moon is opposite Chiron, which can see sensitivity, vulnerability and compassion. The Sun conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus is feisty and filled with conviction. The Moon goes on to quincunx Neptune and square Pluto this evening which can see a desire to escape and a need for changes, possibly socially or interpersonally. There can be some deep insights or desires for metamorphosis. Venus in Libra continues to find balance and harmony while Jupiter in Taurus tries to anchor stability and navigate the more eccentric or turbulent energies. 


The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:39 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Saturn, which can see a lot of focus and endurance. There can be serious matters to consider, and as the Moon goes on to opposes Jupiter there can be a need to maintain a sense of proportion. Mercury sextile Venus is pleasant and enjoys philosophical conversations and seeks levity. 


The Moon is conjunct the Sun and Mars while opposite Jupiter. This can see a lot of passion and intensity, a philosophical depth, and spiritual enlivening. It could be easy to go overboard, so it’s good to have a sense of restraint or proportion. There can be some shocks or surprises, or a lot of action. Maybe some unexpected situations to deal with. For some this could be downright confrontational, or it's just that something can no longer be ignored. Regardless, there can be a lot of energy, and directing it into something can be quite productive, just avoid disputes or going over the top. There can be impulsiveness or unusual urges to shake things up with the Sun and Mars both opposite Uranus, as things may become bogged down. This can be exciting or it can be turbulent, depending on how it’s wielded, but there's a need here for beauty and divinity. The Moon goes on to oppose Uranus and trine Neptune, which can see a lot of creative inspiration, and an attraction to the unusual. 


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