The Sun enters Scorpio at 9:21 AM PST, where it will join Mercury and Mars and oppose Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, along with the Full Moon eclipse this Saturday. We kick off this week with the Moon in humanitarian Aquarius in square to rebellious Uranus. Thoughts and feelings can be on wider, collective concerns, and the building emphasis in Scorpio can see a focus on weighty, consequential, private, or intimate topics. Mars builds an opposition to Jupiter this week, which can see a feisty, honey badger spirit, but there can also be conflicts, games of power, projection, intrigue, subversion, mystery or other somewhat loaded machinations that can swell or reach points of climax or confrontation this week. The Moon gets closer to Saturn as the day wears on, seeing a serious and mature tone. Venus in Virgo still trine Jupiter is level headed, humble and helpful, and there can be a quiet gratitude for things that are going smoothly, along with some modest, select earthly indulgences. Venus here is down to earth, grounded, and kind to those in need. There can be a focus on extricating from difficulty, healing, improvement, or helping others to emancipate from or adapt through a crisis.


The Moon enters sensitive and compassionate Pisces at 1:33 AM to conjoin Saturn, which can see a lot of empathy for others, or a lot of feelings can surface that can feel like they need to be reigned in, controlled, or repressed somehow. The Moon in trine to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars can place a focus on privacy, behind the scenes communications, or mysterious correspondences that involve esoteric or fringe topics. There can also be an emphasis on spirituality, and people can be passionate about their faith, or private battles they are waging. There can be a focused determination. The Moon goes on to oppose Venus in Virgo and sextile Jupiter which can see a lot of helpfulness, generosity, and a desire to improve situations, help, heal, transcend, or do better. The need for compassion, understanding, largesse of spirit, and rising above baseness while also being true and authentic to the stirrings in your soul can be at the forefront of things. Mercury conjunct Mars can be passionate and direct and cut to the heart of things, but the atmosphere is sensitive and highly absorbent. Communications can be powerful, or news circulating can be unusual, loaded, or intense. 


The Moon is in Pisces conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus, seeing an imaginative and creative buzz in the atmosphere. The Moon is also opposite Venus, while Venus is quincunx Chiron and preparing to trine Uranus. This can see a focus on healing modalities and making adjustments and improvements. Better self care, care for others, and staying organized can be a bit loopy or unsettled at the moment, but there are some positive developments in spite of some tensions. Feelings can build up as the day wears on, with the Moon in minor tension to Jupiter and Mars and going on to sextile Pluto this evening. Powerful moods, instincts or insights can emerge. The Sun places a strong focus on communications, research, and psychic fortitude. Tomorrow the Moon enters martial Aries, seeing a more direct and confrontational frame.


The Moon enters Aries at 3:02 AM PST, and it’s first contact is tensions with Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury is opposite Jupiter and conjunct Mars, seeing people pushing the limits mentally or in regards to communications. Topics, discussions, news, or trains of thought can be edge lording or somewhat extreme or taboo. Take care to avoid getting sucked into unproductive arguments or going too far out on a limb due to overconfidence, but also, if you feel a need to get something off your chest or out of your system, find a good outlet and don’t overly suppress yourself. Conversations and expression can be spirited or delve into surprising territory. New information can emerge. Evening time see’s the Moon in tension with Mars, which can be a bit high rev, intense, or irritated. A brisk walk or something physical can help if you have trouble sleeping. Avoid over reacting to disagreements. If anger or irritation or a “mood” arises, it can just as quickly blow over if you let it (Moon in Aries.) However the Scorpio energy can tend to brood, fester, ferment, or fixate. There could simply be a bit of stir crazy energy, but it can also be healing or cathartic (Moon/Chiron)  late evening. 


The Moon doesn’t make a lot of notable aspects besides a conjunction to healing Chiron until this evening when it squares Pluto. So the build up to the Full Moon eclipse can be powerful and “werewolfy.” Tend to your own needs and avoid situations that try your patience. Venus is trine Uranus, and seeks a little excitement or doing something a bit different. This could be something as simple as eating a new dish, having a refreshing break from routine, trying a new healing modality, or connecting with new and interesting people. With Venus also quincunx Uranus, initially, changes could feel a bit uncomfortable, or perhaps changes or adjustments are made in order to create more personal comfort and well being. There could also be a health or healing component. Evening time can see some powerful instincts, truths, feelings, or desires emerge, a desire to transform a situation or embrace certain needs, emotions, drives, or proclivities. The Moon is werewolfing, and building up to a potent lunar eclipse in down to earth, sensual Taurus. Do what you can to feel at home in your body and enjoy yourself.


The Moon enters Taurus at 4:44 AM. (Interesting sidetone, computer caps lock 444 is $$$.) This full Moon has a certain zing, gusto and earthy sensuality to it. It culminates at 1:24 PM PST at 5 degrees Taurus. Interestingly, this degree is associated with the 5 of pentacles. A card of material troubles. However, the close proximity to Jupiter in the 2nd degree of Taurus, along with the opposition the Moon makes to the Sun, Mercury, and eventually Mars in instinctual Scorpio, highlights a deep instinct towards abundance. These signatures highlight the themes of valuing all that you have to work with, and being resourceful and wise with your gifts so that they multiply and enrich you. Jupiter in the 2nd face of Taurus highlights a prepared expansion, anticipating potential future trends in order to avoid pitfalls. All of this aside, this Full Moon could actually be highly enjoyable. There is also a lunar trine to Juno in Virgo, emphasizing helpful partnerships, or partnerships or marriages where there is a healing component, a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” sort of dynamic. This could also be work related for some. As the day wears on into evening, there can be a lot of physical energy, passion, chemistry, joy joy feelings, or irritation with the Moon opposite Mars and conjunct Jupiter. For some, conflicts, passions, or tensions are best sorted out in the bedroom. For others, this could be a strong creative chemistry, vigorous enthusiasm and pleasure, or magnetic charisma that can add a little something something to the weekend. 


The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, Uranus, opposite Mercury and Mars in Scorpio and trine Venus in Virgo while square Hygeia. Wow. What’s happening? This could be really pleasant. There is definitely a lot of chemistry or charisma in this math. There is also a deep resourcefulness and ingenuity here. There could even be something healing about certain situations. There could also be some tension, but this could simply take the form of taking creative and constructive actions. Overall, this looks like an enjoyable and beneficial Sunday, even if there is a lot of submerged intensity or magnetic energy.  It could feel nice also to whip certain things into shape or prepare or plan for something fun or enjoyable.


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