The Moon is in Scorpio opposite Jupiter and Uranus today, going on to trine Neptune. Venus shakes free of her opposition to Saturn and there can be a feeling of things improving, quite frankly, because they have to. This can bring levity and stability to situations.  Glaring flaws in certain situations and power dynamics have become obvious, but with Mars in Scorpio trine Saturn, integrity and sincerity rise to the top. The Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra making tense aspect to Venus in Virgo and a square to Pluto highlights tensions socially or interpersonally, and collectively, politically. Power overreaches or being overtly controlling are not a good look right now, and only serve to highlight the illegitimacy and insecurity behind a cause. Truth sells itself and doesn’t require a brutal enforcement, silencing, or campaigns of fear or attrition for widespread adoption and agreement. Such insecure maneuverings only make a naked emperor all the more obvious. This is as true on a micro scale as it is on the macro scale. Venus in Virgo highlights the importance of not forcing or attempting to control things or people and allowing what is truly organic, pure and good to emerge and flourish. The same can be said of love. It was St. Augustine, a Sun sign Virgo who said “He that is jealous is not in love.” For love itself, in it’s purest form, casts no shadow. Although there can be some heavier realities being grappled with by many, silver linings can shine through this week.


Juno, the relationship asteroid, enters Virgo today, emphasizing healing, perfecting and improvement in relationship dynamics, as well as relationships that center around healing, and the idea of healing, perfecting, and purifying the self so that one can better relate and be of service to the other. Virgo is also a sensual sign, placing further focus on the physical and earthy aspects of relationships. But improvement and refinement of the sensory experience is key, as is a shared desire to improve conditions and be helpful in practical ways. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:36 PM PST, where it will square Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Virgo, seeing a brief period of subtle interpersonal or social tensions, vague worries, frustrations, or doubts that can give way to more ease and broader perspectives. Focus on making constructive changes and being open to growth and advancement. Venus trine Jupiter can be generous and supportive, and encourages you to count your blessings and enjoy the little things that contribute to well being and quality of life. The beauty of the natural world can shine through the complex vicissitudes of life like a medicinal herb that grows through concrete. Give thanks and praises for what is good.


The Moon is still square Venus, while also trine Chiron, semisquare Pluto, and quincunx Jupiter, which can see strong feelings and a sensitive atmosphere, although it can be an emotionally healing time. With a little self control, it’s possible for deep truths and insights to be reflected upon and integrated, which can improve interpersonal dynamics, overall well being, or personal satisfaction. The Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron can see empathy, compassion, and synchronicity play a role in the events of the day. As the day wears on, things can feel more upbeat, and energy and vital forces can increase, which can aid in productivity, and getting the blood moving and endorphins flowing.


The Moon is sextile the Sun and Mercury as the Sun and Mercury perfect a conjunction at 25 degrees Libra today. Things can strangely be in flow today, even if there have been dynamics or situations that feel weighed down, slow to respond or less supportive than usual. Certain people or situations may simply need more time (Sun in Libra semisquare Venus in Virgo.) Regardless of this, there can still be good news or promising developments, ideas and discussions. The Moon in aspect to the Sun and Mercury while they perfect a conjunction can see helpful, well timed advice, sound council or supportiveness if you are navigating troubles (Moon square Neptune and trine Chiron.) Evening time see’s the Moon enter Capricorn at 6:55 PM PST, where it sextile’s Saturn, which can see a serious focus that emphasizes emotional maturity, wisdom and insight that can see a way forward through the fog. Tomorrow can see renewed energy, determination and purpose. 


Today can feel surprisingly encouraging given the Moon is in such a sober and realistic sign. It’s trine Venus and Jupiter while sextile Mars, which can see a hardworking and goal oriented energy that can feel rewarding or meaningful. There can be a somber and matter of fact energy to the day that is stoic, but also supportive. Mercury doubles down on this focused sense of purpose by perfecting a potent square to Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn while building an out of sign trine to Saturn. This math has clear vision and insight, with a machine like precision and efficiency? It can also see tunnel vision, with perhaps heavier or more serious topics being very preoccupying for some. There is a purpose and meaning behind this focused energy. It’s possible for buried facts to come to light, or for penetrating insights or powerful connections to be made. Certain dynamics can either be renegotiated to better terms or are changed as breakthroughs organically and necessarily arise. Changes can work out favorably. There can also be opportunities for enjoyment if you take the time to come up for air. Avoid too much brooding or negativity or being too hard on yourself later on (Moon square Chiron and semisquare Saturn.) Allow yourself to be human. 


The Moon is conjunct Pluto while trine Uranus, square Chiron, and sextile Neptune, which can highlight inevitable or necessary changes, or breakthrough processes. For some, this can be an emotional time, there can also be opportunities for honest, matter of fact disclosures, defining moments, or real talk, with Mercury in anaretic degree of Libra today. People can be getting something off their chests, or about to be doing so, as communications will be getting a whole lot more direct and to the point, or something recently integrated will be quietly but heavily implied or understood. The Moon enters humanitarian Aquarius at 11:06 PM PST, before Mercury enters Scorpio at 11:49 PM PST. This Mercury transit kicks off a cycle of intrigue, mystery, investigation, research, or clandestine agreements or developments. This cycle can also portend deeply felt shifts within power dynamics, and/or barely veiled conflicts of interests or power struggles. Good principles will win out in the end. Today can see some surprises in communications, or new, inspiring ideas or insights can emerge. Communications can be impactful and sincere, and there can be a focus on deeper topics. Venus trine Jupiter is generous, kindhearted, and down to earth.


The Moon in Aquarius squares Mars, which can ideally see an opportunity to transcend or rise above petty power struggles. It can also see an energy akin to Persephone escaping Hades, or an energy of liberation from dark forces or controlling, negative, or insecure influences. Venus perfects her trine to Jupiter today at 12 degrees, seeing an overall sense of goodness prevail, even if certain interactions with others or money or pleasure issues are slightly intense, tricky, or heavy right now (Venus sesquisquare Pluto). The Sun is at 29 degrees Libra today, preparing to make an exact trine to Saturn tomorrow. This can see defining new agreements, alliances, or decisive moments interpersonally or within leadership. The Moon square Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus can see potential tensions to navigate, but even if so, there can be something to smile about, or the silver linings of situations or things to be grateful for are very apparent. The early part sunday can be good for funneling energy into things that require physical movement.


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