We begin the week with the Moon conjunct Neptune and Juno in Pisces, while squaring the Sun in Gemini and sextile Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is trine Pluto now, an aspect which perfects tomorrow as the Sun enters comfort and security oriented Cancer. This indicates some powerful and persuasive forces are at work, and Mercury sextile Pluto is optimistic but very agile, light on it’s feet, and difficult to pin down. The Moon spends the majority of today in sensitive Pisces, where there can be high hopes and ideals with deeper emotions or instinctive drives running under the surface. This can be particularly the case interpersonally, socially, creatively, and/or in regards to finances, investments and values. Pleasure, beauty, compassion, art, music, love, and high level aesthetics can be a driving theme for much of the day, and there can be a preoccupation with certain unsolved mysteries or things or people that exert a powerful pull. On a subtle level, deep transformations are occurring, and intangible desires can exert a powerful and transformative effect upon the psyche and body. The Moon enters dynamic and assertive Aries at 8:37 PM PST, where it conjoins Jupiter, seeing a build up of optimism, passion and courage.


The Sun enters cozy Cancer in the witching hours at 2:14 AM PST, marking the Summer Solstice. The Moon in Aries is sextile curious Mercury in Gemini, and conjunct Jupiter and Chiron, seeing communications highlighted today in a big way. For some this can mean good news that boosts morale and increases courage and motivation. There is an eagerness here to learn, and an adventurousness that drives things. Venus in Taurus perfects the trine to powerful Pluto in the early morning hours, seeing powerful and magnetic pulls that are natural and organic. There may be a lot going on, but with this aspect perfecting, there can be some positive transformations going on under the surface, and even some fortunate occurrences. This aspect is strong for making financial and/or relationship decisions. With the Sun now in Cancer, there is a spotlight on the inner life, cultivating an inner circle, support system, and sense of security. Venus will enter a new chart sector tomorrow in the early evening, ending her square to Saturn, which will see certain blockages and inhibitions lessen, and increase curiosity. This can sweeten communications and make them a bit easier, taking the edge off of what may have felt intimidating previously. Energy builds as the day progresses, as the Moon in Aries conjoins Mars, which can see action and initiatives, and more courage and bravery. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars and Chiron while squaring Pluto. This can see an assertive energy, driven by powerful pulls and a desire to see change at a deep level. In some cases, this can see some spicy, competitive feelings or situations. There’s an excitement here around getting something into the bag or reaching a new level of success around something we feel strongly about with the Moon going on to sextile Saturn. Venus enters talkative Gemini at 5:34 PM PST, entering a new chart sector, and ushering in a cycle that is curious, communicative, and light on it’s feet. This will see the square Venus held to Saturn ebb off, which can feel freeing, like there is less in the way or less blockages and inhibitions socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially. The lunar square to Pluto can see intense feelings driving things, and we can be surprised by the strength, tenacity and endurance of our own and/or others emotions. 


The Moon enters sensual Taurus at 4:58 AM PST, seeing much of the day focused on practical things. There can be a subtle build up of excitement or an inkling that change and surprises are around the corner. The Moon later goes on to conjoin Uranus in the evening, which can see us primed to shake things up or in the very least, form some sort of strategy to set some sort of positive change in motion. Venus ceases her square to Saturn today, which can see less inhibition around exploring an avenue socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially we’ve been curious about. This can involve communications, opening up dialog, or things going on in our local environment or neighborhood. With the Sun in Cancer squaring Jupiter and semi square Uranus, there’s a strong desire here to expand and get more out of life, particularly in regards to emotions, or things close to home, the inner life, and inner circle. There’s a bravery here as well, and an optimism that things will turn out for the best. There may be something exciting, weird, or just unprecedented about whatever possibilities lay before us that can make us slightly risk averse or make us question what’s driving us, but with Venus now curious to learn, certain avenues can seem irresistible to pursue, and it can feel natural to want to learn more. 


The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Uranus, which can see some low key excitement and openness to calculated risk taking. There can be a lot of changes unfolding now on a subtle and even practical level. With the Moon conjunct the asteroid Pallas, there’s a strategic approach to certain things. The Moon goes on to square Saturn while making a semi square to Jupiter, which can see a quiet optimism and a need to be resilient and maintain a focus on maintaining the basic structure and integrity of our lives while we reign in small but perhaps exciting changes. The lunar conjunction to Uranus is more open to taking risks, but the other signatures indicate that this is gone about thoughtfully and with premeditation, planning and foresight. 


Today begins with the Moon in tactile Taurus trine Pluto, sextile Neptune, and square Saturn, while building a conjunction to Venus. This suggests a powerful, perhaps hidden, buried or secret longing, that has a sort of “extended release” to it as it slowly trickles to the surface to be explored. There’s a strategic and intuitive approach guiding things. Curiosity can grow as the day progresses. The Moon enters communicative Gemini at 4:13 PM PST, conjunct Venus while still holding trine to compelling Pluto, and going on to sextile Jupiter. This can see a persuasive energy, and there can be some encouraging trends around innocently exploring new avenues socially or interpersonally. There is an eagerness here to learn and uncover certain things, or to follow a certain curiosity to it’s natural conclusion. This can see the evening, witching hours and tomorrow brimming with curiosity, communications, and perhaps even something to smile about. 


Today see’s the Moon in multitasking and curious Gemini conjunct Mercury, Venus, and sextile Jupiter. Curiosity is boundless, and there’s an eagerness to learn, exchange communication, good news, or open up dialog that can open up worlds. This can see a fun, feel good vibe with a lot going on all at once, and perhaps some things to feel rightfully excited about on the social, interpersonal, creative or financial fronts. This math screams “positive news”, so hopefully everyone has something to feel optimistic about today. The Moon squares Juno while holding hands with Mercury and Venus, so relationships can be a catalyst here that make things more pleasant and entertaining. Something about the day to day life can feel more alive with variety, and discussions, banter, and clever back and forth can be highly entertaining. These are morale boosting configurations. Venus also has a growing sextile to Jupiter, suggesting a positive expansion is underway, socially and interpersonally. This aspect is also promising for creative and commercial endeavors as it strengthens over the coming days. 



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