We begin this week with the Moon in adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius in trine to Mars, Jupiter and Chiron, while opposing the Sun and squaring Juno. This can see the early morning hours brimming with hope, passion, enthusiasm, and wide eyed possibility. Mercury enters Gemini at 8:27 AM PST, seeing the planet of talk and thought back in it’s domicile and focused on communications, witty banter, and clever clap backs. There’s an expansiveness and motivation to this math that can be really encouraging around entering uncharted territory somehow. This can see a lot of drive, desire and curiosity, and the configurations suggest a build up of courage and an eagerness to explore something. There can be a passion around learning, higher knowledge and vistas here. With Mercury now direct and back into the area of your chart ruled by Gemini, things can begin to reset and get back on track, although many people will note that something is different in this area, and perhaps certain facts came to light during the retrograde that beg to be explored, accommodated or made room for. Mercury is strong in this face of Gemini, and eager to learn and gather information, so this cycle of Mercury can see increased curiosity and opens up channels of communication. Talking can become a bit easier now, and there is a desire here for lightness and shedding things that weigh down the heart and mind. Tomorrow early AM see’s the Full Moon in Sagittarius at 23 degrees. This may mark a closing out of something, perhaps a necessary separation from something or someone, in order to more fully enter into a period more tailored to our true will and destiny. 


This morning at 4:52 AM PST, the Full Moon culminates in Sagittarius at 23 degrees. This face of Sagittarius is ruled by the 10 of wands in the tarot (“the 10 of dicks”-I hope you read that in my voice). This card represents the last hurdle, the last mile in a marathon. It’s a labor of love and is passionately, even obstinately driven to see something through. This decan also speaks of sacrifice based on necessity, in order to achieve that which is desired. Knowing what you want is the first step, for here is where the will is perfected and the necessary sacrifices are made in order to actualize it. This Full Moon is sextile Saturn and square Neptune, which further emphasizes an element of sacrifice and a binding of energies to a desired and satisfactory end. This math can see people having a sort of tunnel vision and determination, and yes, this can be to the detriment of other things, but if you know yourself and know what you want, then what is sidelined by this math is inconsequential to your further self actualization. What endures is substantive and is not only essential to spiritual growth and initiation into higher levels of mastery, but to feeling good about who you are. The Moon also squares Jupiter once it enters Capricorn around 3 PM PST. This shows a fervent curiosity and enthusiasm, a thirst for gnosis and an obstinate drive to explore what we feel passionate about. This may mean may mean cutting out extraneous distractions and whatever is superfluous to our aims. Mars and Chiron also perfect a conjunction in Aries today at 15 degrees. This can see some vulnerability, perhaps due to our will and those of certain others not being in alignment, but this configuration shows a great deal of sensitivity and empathy, and does not indicate ill will or malicious intent. Mars in this face of Aries shows excellent leadership capacity and handles conflicts of interest skillfully and in ways that generate a win, and the conjunction to Chiron throws in the addition of empathy and sensitivity in the case of any raw feelings involved in decisive actions or energetic prioritization. Anything or anyone that is placed on a back burner or cut out now is simply a casualty of necessity. What and who remains in periphery does so due to being imperative to- (or in the very least conveniently adjacent to) your upward ascension and full self actualization. The Full Moon being in Sagittarius suggests an element of personal growth, learning, study, philosophy, freedom, and mental and spiritual expansion is involved here, which implies a draw towards interactions and endeavors that widen our lens on the world and have something to teach us. 


Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn squaring Mars, Jupiter and Chiron, while trine Uranus. This earthy lunation can see a lot of passion, but there may be some sensitivity, frustration, or vulnerability as these configurations indicate a sort of tunnel vision that may have certain others feeling sidelined or less prioritized. There’s a strong desire here for change, and a sense that something simple or humble contains worlds within it unknown to us. The lunar trine to Uranus suggests there’s something strangely liberating about this sort of economization and prioritization of our passions, energies or attentions. The Moon goes on to trine Venus and conjoin Pluto as well, indicating some pleasant surprises and/or some strong draws. In the very least, it can actually feel good to be simple, consistent, and sensible and (maybe surprisingly), what’s simple, consistent and sensible can feel good or have a powerful draw. A lunar sextile to Juno and trine to Venus suggests an interpersonal element to all this. However, the lunar square to Mars, and Mars and Chiron so close together shows the possibility of certain people being disgruntled, unhappy, or feeling vulnerable, frustrated or impatient. Venus is trine Uranus and Pluto and is also squaring Saturn, which can see a compelling draw to unusual people or situations outside our typical comfort zone. There can be a bit of an inhibition to combat, along with the possibility of having to mediate the fact that such intense preoccupations or fixations may limit our attentions or point of interest to whatever has us fascinated or engaged, which can see an almost guilty feeling around simply following organic instincts or innate pulls. It’s also highly possible we’re frustrated by our own inhibitions and shyness. Venus square Saturn has difficulty asserting itself or being confrontational, so this can see a shy violet kind of thing going on where there might be a strong point of fascination, or a strong desire, but perhaps a lack of confidence or something else in the way of doing anything about it.  Venus is also conjunct the North Node in Taurus, emphasizing the importance of self worth and the role that it plays in relationships, values, and acquiring what we desire. The pull, desire, or point of fascination or intrigue will only grow stronger as the trine between Venus and Pluto strengthens at the end of the week. As long as it’s something or someone who adds to and reinforces rather than detracts from and takes away from your sense of self worth and security, it’s a friendly rabbit hole that’s worthy of such fervent interest. 


We begin today with the Moon in Capricorn trine both Mercury and Venus, sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. It goes void of course at 11:41 am PST, seeing a lot to reflect on. Something or someone can have our attention, and we can feel pleasantly rapt and somewhat daydreamy. Security and consistency can be more important. A lunar trine to the North Node and the asteroid Pallas highlights reflection and strategy, so the wheels can be turning around something humble, meaningful, close to home, and important to you. The Moon enters cerebral and surprising Aquarius at 2:44 PM PST, where it forms a trine to Mercury, which can see communications highlighted. There may be some positive news in fact, as the Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter in Aries. This can see more courage, adventure, bravery and expansiveness in communications, and things can feel more friendly. There may be surprise visits or spontaneous gatherings. Maybe they’re planned for, but regardless, there can be friendly, perhaps even exciting or unexpected exchanges that can shake things up a bit, but in a way that boosts morale. It may even be very informative and illuminating, with a focus on high minded or out there “fringe” topics. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius square Uranus and Venus, conjunct Saturn, sextile Mars and Chiron. This has excitement, change , and surprise written all over it. This can see some restlessness in some cases, and the nervous system can be revved up. There’s a desire here for excitement and change. It’s possible to anticipate some out of the box or uncharacteristic behavior from certain people today. In the very least, it’s a spunky vibe. The Moon sextile Mars and Chiron is assertive, independent, brave, and ambitious, while the squares to Venus and Uranus suggests that relationships (personal, social, and business) can somehow be a catalyst for these drives. The lunar conjunction to Saturn however is another story. It’s painfully shy. Painfully so. Venus is also still square Saturn, and doesn’t shake free of this inhibition until next week. Venus is also now sextile Neptune, which takes the edge off a little bit from this square, and increases sensitivity, compassion, appreciation for art, beauty, music, nuance and subtlety, so in spite of inhibitions, this can see psychic links or make it easier to pick up on subtle cues, hints, and impressions. In some cases, these configurations actually increase the odds of people communicating indirectly for whatever reason, in spite of the otherwise spunky, assertive, freak flag flying configurations, because Saturn crunching the Moon and Venus for the time being induces cowardice and clings to safety. Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn on the other hand is compelling and transformative, and settles for nothing less than fearlessly authentic interactions. This aspect enjoys the frightening challenge that standing naked before another, both body and soul, poses, and desires a sort of deep transmutation, karmic retribution and mutual empowerment through a clean slate of justly conducted human relationships. Venus is also conjunct the North Node, which emphasizes the element of fate, destiny, and inevitability to whatever is unfolding right now for people socially and interpersonally. All in all, todays math can see some weird and interesting experiences, drives, downloads and impressions.


This morning see’s the Moon in unorthodox Aquarius trine the Sun in Gemini, conjunct Saturn and square Venus in Taurus. This can see some interesting discussions, or new channels of communication or weird topics being tentatively ventured into. It can all feel a bit weird and even a bit intimidating in some way, and there can be a lot of shyness, but there’s also a strong curiosity here, a desire for learning and gnosis is present with Mercury sextile Jupiter. Things can be very dynamic, and although Mercury in Gemini desires to keep things light and airy, the sextile to Jupiter craves intellect, wisdom, philosophy, expansiveness, and meaning in life. This can see a draw to spiritual and esoteric topics. The Moon enters ethereal and reflective Pisces at 4:02 PM PST, squaring Mercury, which can see a dreamy, escapist and reflective mode take hold. There can be some indecisiveness and a lot of sensitivity to the atmosphere. A lunar semi square to Mars can make it hard to know how (or whether) to act. There might be some emotional blocks that need to be busted through. A good time to just chill and meditate. 


Happy Fathers Day to all the daddy’s out there! Today begins with the Moon in sensitive Pisces squaring Mercury, seeing a dreamy, hazed out, moody, and wishy washy atmosphere that’s highly sensitive to stimuli, mystery, nuance and what’s left unsaid. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus and conjoin Neptune and Juno, which can bring some psychic downloads, epiphanies, or points of illumination and insight, particularly around relationships. This can see an increase in synchronicity, serendipities, and amplify the microphone of the universe. A great time for meditation, divining, and tuning in to the unspeakable galactic funk for insight and guidance. The trine between Venus and Pluto is almost exact, so issues of love, sex, intimacy, relationships, merging, money, possessions, natural born gifts, values, self worth, security, and energetic exchanges can be preoccupying topics for many as this aspect plays out and perfects tomorrow. Next week, it’s possible for some good news to roll in or for some conversations to get rolling, or for beneficial mutual agreements or arrangements to be struck that can come into alignment like a math equation and just make sense. A fresh page is turned next week as we head into Cancer season on Tuesday and Venus heads into talkative and busy Gemini to join Mercury on Wednesday. Look to the area of your whole house natal chart ruled by Cancer and Gemini to see which area of your life will be highlighted and blessed up during these transits. Communications can get a whole lot easier (and sweeter.)


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