We begin this week with the Moon in late Scorpio trine Jupiter and Neptune, sextile Pluto, and square Saturn in Aquarius and Mars which is fresh into Pisces. This is a passionate and imaginative signature that could be quite hopeful feeling, and could even be productive as well, although the trine to Jupiter and Neptune might see a late start to the day as these planets prefer to indulge and dream. Ideals can be stoked, and there may be some buried feelings emerging as they can be harder to disguise now, in the very least, from ourselves. The Sun square Pluto can see a powerful drive for change and transformation, and there can be more courage to embrace our authenticity. The Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius at 7:16 PM PST, where the lunar square to Mars is more pronounced. This can see optimism and adventurousness, but it’s possible we don’t know if our optimism is based, so the drive can be a bit muddled by a lack of conviction or certainty for the time being, but there are encouraging signs that provide creative and motivational fuel.


Today see’s the adventurous Sagittarius Moon trine Chiron and square Mars in Pisces, and the Sun makes it’s annual ingress into sensual and practical Taurus. This can see us excited and prone to fantasy, the imagination can be lit up, and there can be an optimism, spunk, or something that has recently fed into our courage, fighting spirit and a sense that something positive is culminating. With the Sun in Taurus now, the desire to bring fantasy into reality and to solidify the great visions that the planets in Pisces have on offer is increased. “I see it. I want it. I have to have it.” Even there is a feeling of weakness or vulnerability there is a desire to overcome this through will power, stubbornness and innovation. The Moon goes on to square Venus in Pisces, which brings attention to relationships, money, pleasure, creative and aesthetic concerns. These are imaginative configurations that are prone to dreaming and sometimes confusion, and the Moon square Venus is sensitive and shy but privately optimistic and beaming. Perhaps from behind the scenes support. Mercury in Taurus now conjunct Uranus and sextile Venus can be revealing surprising insights or observations socially, creatively, and interpersonally, and there can be much inspiration and excitement being stirred.  


Today see’s the Moon trine the Sun in Taurus, square Jupiter and Neptune and sextile Saturn. This can see a big hopefulness. Even if much of what we are experiencing now is going on in our imaginations, there’s strong desire to make it real. Juno, the relationship asteroid enters Pisces, giving relationships and what people seek from them a transcendent and larger than life mystical quality. A sense of magic is desired. The Moon enters realistic and sensual Capricorn at 8:52 PM PST, where it sextile’s Mars in Pisces, and this increases the desire to see fantasies brought to life, and the drive to manifest things into the concrete realm, and in the very least, to know what is possible. 


The Moon in Capricorn goes on to trine Uranus while squaring Chiron, and this can see an experimental approach, and it’s possible there is some vulnerability or sensitivity, perhaps due to small, calculated risks that have been taken, or that are being thought about. These could pay off better than anticipated or be received more pleasantly than we had feared, as the Moon goes on to trine Mercury and sextile Venus. This could highlight communications, socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially. The vulnerability is still present, but the Moon in Capricorn is measured and careful not to put itself out there beyond what it could stand to lose, so these movements are subtle, but powerful. This could see new dialogs or endeavors opening up. 


The Moon in Capricorn trine’s Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, sextile’s Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter, and conjoins powerful Pluto. Mercury in Taurus also sextile’s mystical Neptune, and this could see intuition heightened, and even see a psychic link or ESP experience or two. Today could see some pleasant and unexpected communications, perhaps some pleasant turns in certain dynamics. Calculated risks taken lead to subtle but powerful shifts. Optimism can be increased significantly, and the imagination can be running wild with unique possibilities and a quiet, cautious, but beaming hopefulness. This can see some powerful shifts occurring that have perhaps been long awaited. Today can see good news. The Moon enters Aquarius at 11:17 PM PST, and this can see some nervous excitement.


The Moon in Aquarius sextile’s Chiron and squares Uranus. There can be nervous excitement and something can be encouraging us into new and exciting territory or to embrace certain changes. With Mercury trine Pluto and sextile Neptune, it’s possible certain walls are coming down or certain boundaries are being tested or transformed in regards to communications or even commercial or creative endeavors. This energy is innovative, creative, experimental and filled with the unexpected. The lunar sextile to Chiron is hopeful and very encouraging, but to see things materialize fully, consistent effort or energy will need to be put in.


The Moon squares Mercury in Taurus while conjunct Saturn. This could see some realistic assessments. Communications are highlighted, and perhaps something requires a lot of concentration. We could be bracing for changes, and there is an air of realism in the day’s configurations which could translate to certain reality checks in some cases, but in others, we’re doing the practical work to brace for something absolutely beautiful. The Pisces lunation next week could see a lot of beauty, hope, optimism and idealism. So if today feels overly serious, stern or gives off wet blanket vibes, this too shall pass. The Moon goes void of course at 5:33 PM PST, which see’s Sunday evening a good time to reflect and prepare energetically for the week ahead.


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