We begin the week with the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius, sextile Mercury in Libra, trine Chiron, square Neptune. The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune this week, indicating an acute awareness of problems, and fears around unknowns, along with a need to surrender and place trust in the divine that you are being guided. The early morning hours can see some beneficial contacts or communications, or positive news, prayers, or perceptions that can boost morale amidst confusing or uncertain times. As the day progresses we see a lunar sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, while also squaring the Sun in Virgo, and this can see a boost in optimism that can help motivate productivity, improvements, or increase efficiency. The Sagittarius lunation can add a sense of adventure or faith to things and even if there is a lot of uncertainty, or a lot of tension to navigate, there's also creative problem solving as well as a philosophical attitude, even if there are some demoralizing influences and things aren't exactly feeling 100 percent safe, certain, or secure. We can be brimming with ideas, and possibilities can be all over the place, with a lot of things being improvised. While we can be acutely aware of all of the things that could go wrong, there is also a determination to make the best of things and look for the silver linings in our circumstances. Late night sees the Moon square Mars in 29 degrees Virgo, and this can see a peak in tensions, or a key point in actions being taken, as this is the final and most urgent degree of Virgo. There can be a need to overcome pessimism. Mars changes signs tomorrow, entering partnership oriented Libra, and this can see a cycle where a lot of action is happening interpersonally, and there is a need to bring balance to situations. There can be subtle controversy or some vulnerability, insecurity, and things are being shaken up, but there is also solidarity, perhaps even across great distances,  cultures, or differences, and there is a sense of shared purpose or a common cause. 


Today sees the Moon enter stoic and serious Capricorn, making a sleek sextile to Venus in mysterious and instinctual Scorpio, while squaring Mars in 29 degrees Virgo, and Chiron in Aries, while going on to trine Uranus. There's a determined, somewhat secretive element in these configurations, and actions are being taken to ultimately create more balance, harmony and cohesion, but this can come with some upheaval, or there is a need to break free from something or someone. The lunar link to Venus is emotionally and financially conservative, and playing it's cards close to it's chest, or being strategic, -perhaps to avoid either making oneself vulnerable to attacks, or to avoid upsetting others. Venus is not the most comfortable in Scorpio, and can bring out extremes. This can see obsessiveness about something or someone, and can bring about submerged shadows or highlight the darker underbelly of love, but it can also highlight deep and mysterious bonds that transcend distance, time, resistance, challenge, silence, or tribulation. Venus in Scorpio is about a love of power, or the power of love. There can be some surprising or liberating experiences, or highly unconventional situations unfolding, interpersonally, financially, or creatively. Mars enters Libra at 5:14 PM PST, placing the emphasis on partnerships, interactions with others, and bringing a need for cooperation, harmony, and balance.


Today see's an earthy triplicity between the Moon in disciplined Capricorn, the Sun in conscientiousness Virgo, and Uranus in sensual, and practical Taurus. The Moon in Capricorn also makes a square to Mercury in Libra and Chiron in Aries, while conjoining Pluto. This could see a whole lot of changes underway, and perhaps some very big things are being contemplated or discussed, or plans are being formed that could involve experimenting with working together with others somehow. There could be some vulnerability or subtle tensions present to navigate, and a need for diplomacy, economy and practicality amidst some intense and dynamic undercurrents. There could also be some indecision to grapple with around practical matters. Later on, the Moon sextiles Neptune, and this can see feelings of relief, catharsis, letting go, and release, as well as highlight feelings of idealism, compassion, sensitivity, and longing. This can also see an increased focus on creativity. Things are definitely in experimental and unusual territory, and we may be following powerful instincts and using our intuition to navigate unusual circumstances and dynamic changes that require experimentation or innovation. Interpersonally, there can be a lot going on under the surface. Venus in Scorpio squaring Saturn can see some strong and enduring feelings present, but there is inhibition, shyness, or something that blocks expression or consummation, whether internally, externally, or circumstantially. Compelling forces could be at work in certain dynamics, and sublimation may be required for the time being. There could be something unusual or unorthodox about what's going on right now with relationships, finances, interpersonal dynamics, or creative endeavors that requires "making due" somehow. A lot of subtle undercurrents can be going on under the surface, and the Capricorn lunation has a stoic, solid duty, "taking care of business" vibe that can be experienced as somewhat somber, particularly through the first portion of the day, as there may be a lot of work to do, and a need to stay on a grind, adhere to a time table, and focus on the business at hand. The lunar link to Hygeia, the asteroid of health and healing, can highlight matters relating to physical, mental or emotional health somehow as well, and this can come up in conversation, and actions can be taken to bring more balance to these areas. Late night sees a lunar trine form to Mars, which will gather strength tomorrow, and this can bring a liberating feeling or see us enter new terrain somehow, particularly socially, interpersonally, or commercially. Musical chairs and dynamic changes. 


The Moon in Aquarius has brought a feeling of freedom and part of embracing freedom comes uncertainty. The only thing certain however, in freedoms opposite, is the fact that you know the limits of your engagement, and that the bars of certain karmic entrapments will always be there, along with their consequences, lest they are questioned and overthrown. Today the Moon is squaring Uranus in Taurus and trine Mercury in Libra while conjunct both Jupiter and Saturn. This can see a very experimental atmosphere, and this can take us into wild, unpredictable, or liberating territory. There may be some unexpected hiccups to deal with. The maths point to eliminating what has been a burden and weighing us down this weekend. The lunar conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius can see some work that needs to be done or a somewhat disciplined, perhaps subtly challenged mindset in the first portion of the day, but as the day wears on, things can feel more expansive and we can feel more open to taking the odd gamble or being less risk averse and more open to embracing an innovative or experimental approach. There can be some pleasant diversions, surprises, or conversations, perhaps even some serendipity is at work somehow. Communications can play a key role in today and there can be news and information exchanged that can be beneficial and perhaps help us feel more at ease about certain intense changes that have taken us into uncharted territory somehow. With Mercury trine Jupiter and square Pluto, weird times can see us guided partly by instinct and partly by serendipity, and changes going on interpersonally, financially, or commercially can feel larger than life and be making a big impact on our nervous system. Some communications can be laden with intensity, and with Mercury squaring Pluto this can highlight obsessive focus, power dynamics, or even fears around relationships or work partnerships, or just an intense preoccupation with something. Perhaps it's the unpredictable or uncertain nature of things right now that generates intensity, but the weekend seems to indicate that the focus shifts towards a more positive mindset and a more positively experienced intensity. 


This morning sees the moon in Aquarius trine Mercury in Libra while conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, and this can see idealism particularly high, and can see an amotionally generous atmosphere. There can be good news or positive or fortunate exchanges, with a friendly and perhaps somewhat indulgent atmosphere. In the afternoon, the Moon enters dreamy and imaginative Pisces, where it goes on to trine Venus in intense Scorpio, and this can see a reflective, restful, wistful and mystical mood descend upon the remainder of the weekend. With Venus in do or die Scorpio squaring off with Saturn and opposite Uranus in Taurus, relationships, finances and creative endeavors are being shaken up and experimental terrain is being entered. This can feel both exciting and scary but the Pisces lunation is inspired, creative and imaginative. With Venus squaring Saturn there is a holding back that is present so as not to turn the carriage into a pumpkin too quickly and to maintain a sense of proportion, realism and not walk any planks that can't be turned back from. The landscape is wild and it could feel like anything could happen. Mercury trine Jupiter and square Pluto could see downloads and exchanges of large amounts of information, or discussions revolving around intense or even taboo topics, and it's possible to be taken into confidence or to be placed into the role of confidant. It can be easy to over share, but these aspects have a knack for doing so with the right people. 


Today sees the Moon in Pisces trine Venus in Scorpio, conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus in Taurus.  This is a simultaneously restful and restless vibe, as we build up to the full moon tomorrow. There can be some changes to prepare for, but the Moon/Venus/Neptune contacts prefer to take it easy and focus on feeling good. There can be some pleasant contacts today, and the configurations tend to favor an easy going schedule as opposed to a demanding one or just having too much going on all at once. There's definitely a creative vibe in the atmosphere and there can be some highly unusual situations unfolding. The tail end of the weekend is restful but also energetically preparing for some more dynamic changes.


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