Happy birthday to all my Sun sign Virgos out there! We begin this week with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, and opposite Mercury and Mars in crisis oriented, improvement seeking Virgo, still holding a tail end sextile to erratic Uranus in the first portion of the day. This suggests a lot of uncertainty in the face of a great many changes, while certain things feel like they're dissolving. There could be a sense of melancholy or vague worries, as the ground beneath us is shifting. There can be a lot to prepare for, and a feeling of "hangover" from the Full Moon.  We are now officially in Virgo season, and this brings the spotlight upon crisis management, health, quality control, stripping things down to their bare essentials, and being as prepared for anything as is humanly possible. The need to improvise and innovate and make rapid fire adaptations, perhaps under some pressure, can be highlighted here. The Full Moon along with Uranus stationing retrograde last week may have brought a lot of shocks or changes to the foreground. Now we enter Virgo season in full swing, and handling details, fine print, managing and preventing disasters or crises, and planning ahead become increasingly highlighted by this solarization of Mars and Mercury. A lunar sextile to Pluto later on suggests some rather dramatic transformations are underway, and although the sextile is harmonious, it doesn't change the heaviness driving some of these changes to take place. The lunar/Neptune contact can indicate a need to release certain things for the time being, and it can feel as if much is in the hands of the fates. Faith can feel tested, and there can be a nervous excitement and feeling of intensity around whatever is unfolding. Regardless of how these maths are impacting you, Mars, Mercury, and now the Sun in Virgo emphasize a drive to seek improved conditions, and also to be of service to others somehow. Venus opposite Chiron and trine Saturn exhibit great solidarity amidst vulnerability, weakness, or a feeling of helplessness. This can see great cooperative efforts in the midst of difficulties and challenges. People having other people's backs. Teamwork, cooperations, collaboration, and working together form a strong backbone through great uncertainty. 


This morning begins with the Moon in late Pisces, perhaps on a bit of a weary or sleepy note. Maybe just a bit of nervous exhaustion is present amidst a great many details to manage and much to prepare for, when there is also a simultaneous need for rest and recuperation. There is a need to "keep it pushin". The Moon enters Aries in the afternoon, to oppose Venus, and this can emphasize a need to coordinate with others and fuse together the wills and schedules of different people. There can be slight tension in the atmosphere, but the Aries Moon also provides a sort of "second wind" in the face of any nervous exhaustion brought about by the more retiring but nervous Pisces lunation. The lunar conjunction to Chiron strengthens the will and courage, in the face of challenges, and provides more willpower and focus. A tribe to the relationship asteroid Juno suggests some supportive relationships are in play here that can boost morale and even add a sense of adventure and expand our horizons and sense of optimism. This can make it easier to embrace changes and cultivate an outlook of grand adventure as opposed to dread. A lunar sextile to Saturn in the evening suggests some stability is achieved, or a commitment to change is set into motion. This can involve working in tandem with others somehow, and there may even be some pleasant exchanges or serendipitous meetings that await. Tomorrow can see much to adapt to, and getting everyone on the same page or working with differing schedules, timetables, agendas, and challenges can be the modus operandi of the day.  Mars in Virgo trine Uranus can see a lot to adapt to, and a lot of details to navigate and attend to amidst a great deal of unpredictability and change. It can all be a bit harried, but there is an atmosphere of solidarity and team work, amidst vulnerability.


Today sees the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, trine Juno, and opposite Venus in Libra. This can emphasize relationships with others, and a need for tolerance, compassion, understanding, and cooperation. There may be a lot of differing needs to harmonize, and at the same time, interactions with others can strengthen our morale, open up our world, and help us cultivate a feeling of hope and courage. With Venus trine Saturn now, solid alliances are being formed that can help us feel stronger where we have felt weak. This can see some very interesting alliances that remind me of Joe Cockers "I get by with a little help from my friends". There's a humanitarian and unusual or eclectic element to interactions now. With Mars in Virgo trine Uranus, it can be necessity or even crisis, or perhaps just the desire to seek healing or improvement, or to be of help or of service to those in need that are bringing others together right now. A lunar quincunx to Mars can see some irritability or nervous tension, perhaps due to all the changes going on and the amount of rapid fire adaptation it all reauires. Later on, the Moon goes on to square Pluto in Capricorn, and this can see some underlying growing intensity, as more dramatic shifts prepare to enter the fold.


This morning see's the Moon in Aries square Pluto, while sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. There can be a lot of generosity in these aspects. This can see some excitement and anticipation. There can be intensity perhaps, maybe even a certain element of drama, but there is also a sense of adventure and serendipity, perhaps even "fatedness" in the air. As the Moon enters the later degrees of Aries, it builds a trine to the Sun in Virgo, increasing a feeling of anticipation, and this can highlight a need or desire to get more grounded, settled, or rooted. The Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus in the evening, placing the focus on creature comforts and adding a more venusian element to the atmosphere. Grounding activities that add to a feeling of stability, such as cooking, self care, self nurturing, organizing, can help to feel more settled and prepared for a continuously dynamic atmosphere.


Today see's the Moon in Taurus, conjunct Uranus, square Saturn, and trine the Sun and Mars in Virgo. This can see a dynamic day, even though the Moon in Taurus is rather easy going, the lunar square to Saturn can suggest there is still much to adapt to, and a need to cultivate stability within change. The lunar Mars contacts can see a lot of energy in the atmosphere, and the Uranus contact can see yet more changes rolling in that create more interesting, exciting, or unpredictable elements. Excitement can be present, but there can also be subtle, challenging influences or dynamics to navigate. With Venus in Libra trine Saturn, and the Moon in earthy Taurus squaring Saturn and conjunct Uranus, it could be that new dynamics or people enter the fold, and this can shake things up in positive and dynamic ways. There may be subtle challenges under the surface that require maturity and resilience to navigate. There can be an earthy electricity in the air that can also require some restraint, discernment, or control somehow, but overall, this looks set to be an interesting, dynamic, and exciting day. 


Today, the Moon in Taurus makes trines to Mars and Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, a sextile to Neptune, and a square to Jupiter, while still conjunct Uranus. This can see a magical and selectively indulgent atmosphere, perhaps even some fated feeling meetings and encounters. There can be a feeling of serendipity, and a lot of positive chemistry and feel good dynamics can be present that can boost vitality, feed idealism and a sense of magic, beauty and enjoyment. We can be attracted to unusual people or places, and there can be an electric quality to conversations and a lot of inspiring back and forth. A sense of awe, wonder, fascination, and enjoyment of the little things can be present. This looks set to be an enjoyable, inspiring, and indulgent Saturday. Perhaps it's been well earned. 


Early morning we see the Moon in the final, most urgent degree of Taurus, trine Mercury and Pluto, while still squaring Jupiter. This can see some big ideas, perhaps even some positive events or good fortune that have inspired dramatic shifts in perspectives or even personal dynamics or undertakings. The Moon enters curious and talkative Gemini mid morning, to trine Saturn in Aquarius, and this can see some positive deals or collaborations unfolding, and perhaps there is a search for information or a need to exchange ideas. The Moon squares the Sun in detail oriented Virgo, and this can see a need for creative problem solving and a need to sort what is realistic from what is overly optimistic or unfeasible. This can see a busy or somewhat nervous atmosphere, maybe a lot of running around, errands, and communications to manage, but it's all in the name of cultivating more stability and navigating a lot of change. With Venus no longer aspecting Saturn, but strongly conjunct the asteroid Vesta, there can be some sacred interactions unfolding now, and inhibitions or restraints can be lessoning. Venus is in her prime element and exalted in Libra. You have come together, gathered, and assembled for a reason.  Mercury and Mars trine Pluto are thorough and driven to problem solve and get to the bottom of things. This can be excellent for research, but can also be amazing for having deep discussions and can see fascination and curiosity, but also acuity, good instincts, logic, and a good eye for detail, fine print. These aspects are also good for quality control and digging for excellent bargains we might otherwise overlook. Tomorrow can see some positive developments, interpersonally, as regards relationships, romantically, socially, or otherwise, or commercially, -even in the face of uncertainty, there can be hope, optimism and things to feel inspired about. 




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