We begin this week with the Moon in quirky Sagittarius square Mercury and Mars in Virgo, sextile Saturn in Aquarius, and trine Chiron in Aries. Venus enters Libra today as well, placing the planet of love in a sign she feels right at home within. It’s a mathscape that suggests managing optimism levels, and creating harmony, while keeping a close eye on a crisis, staving one off, or just managing a lot of details. The lunar square to Mars and Mercury in Virgo suggests a watchful eye and a readiness to take action at any moment. It’s an edgy vibe that deals with stressful, tense, (perhaps even somewhat dire) circumstances via satire and humor in an attempt to keep dread, madness, anxiety, and absurdity at bay.  With Venus now in Libra, now might be a good time to find yourself an apocalypse partner, if you don’t already have one. There may be some positive trends today that bring balance to a situation that has felt… out of balance. As I type this in an oxygen depleted environment that is hot as hellfire, I look at these maths and can’t help but think about what I’m going to do about exercise, oxygen, sunlight, and getting my dog to a place where we can access all of these things this week without being asked to “show my papers”. Optimism has not been easy, as things have felt pretty bleak. Personally, I’ve been locked inside an extremely hot box with low oxygen levels for the past several days, so not exactly feeling on my A game these past couple weeks. My dog needs me to remain alive so he can access breathable oxygen, go on runs, and eat healthy food, so protecting my dog is literally the only reason that I’m stick around and keep grinding. Whatever your version of this feeling is, this is the note we begin the week on.  Trying to maintain optimism, courage, and humor in the face of a poorly managed train wreck. The Moon in Sagittarius attempts to find some humor and hope in it all, while keeping a broad spectrum, vigilant eye on the unfolding doomscape in order to be ready for…..whatever comes next. This could be a busy day, and there might actually be some pockets of stability, balance, or things to feel modestly optimistic, hopeful, or relieved about today, with the Moon sextile Saturn and trine Chiron. (Maybe we’ll get a small ration of something akin to oxygen in my neck of the woods). That’s it for Monday folks. Good luck out there this week. 


Today see’s the Moon in later degrees of Sagittarius trine the Sun, square Venus, and sextile Jupiter, while squaring Neptune. This can see some vague worries or uncertainty, but also hints of optimism, and maybe some relief. It’s probably a good idea not to get too comfortable with the idea that you can rest on your laurels, with both Mars and Mercury in busy, problem solving Virgo, but do enjoy whatever relief, hope, or optimism that flows your way today while it lasts. Venus in Libra places the focus on pleasure and connecting with others, and doing so can boost morale and optimism levels and take the edge off of feelings of uncertainty or worry. Venus trines Saturn, and this can see some solid connections made that can create a feeling of solidarity or boost feelings of happiness somehow. It can feel good to have a support network. The Moon enters stoic and earthy Capricorn in the final hour of the evening, and this can see tomorrow hold some spontaneous encounters or communications, perhaps some last minute plans or changes in response to surprises. Best to keep a flexible schedule and expect the unexpected. 


Today see’s the Moon in grounded Capricorn, trine Mercury and Mars in Virgo, and Uranus in Taurus, while squaring Chiron. This can see some last minute problem solving, innovation, or spontaneous, unexpected happenings, or surprising communications. With the Moon square Chiron there can be a bit of vulnerability here, or at least an awareness of weakness, but the lunar trine to Mars is determined to improve things, improvise, and muscle through the day. With Venus trine Saturn, a sense of solidarity with likeminded others can increase feelings of stability within a changeable atmosphere. It’s possible some good news is even received. This can be a productive day in the very least, with a practical bent, but it can see a need to remain adaptable and innovate. There might even be some fun diversions. Tomorrow can be introspective, as there may be a lot to take in or meditate on, and we can be highly attuned to subtlety, navigating through instinct. 


Today see’s the Moon in serious Capricorn conjunct powerful Pluto and sextile sensitive and imaginative Neptune. Our instincts and intuition can be highly attuned to what’s going on, and there can be some intensity in the atmosphere. Mars in Virgo is in problem solving and prevention mode, and attempting to innovate solutions, prevent a crisis, and anticipate any issues that could arise. Uranus also stations retrograde at 6:40 PM PST, and will be retrograde until Jan 18 2022. Uranus stationing retrograde can change things. Sometimes this can be an abrupt change that takes us on a completely new path. There can be feelings of apprehension or nervousness. Some can experience these changes as positive and unexpected, others can experience changes that are shocking or jarring in a less positive sense. It all kind of depends on your personal natal chart how this will shake up your life and cause a lot of change to unfold, perhaps very quickly. The need to improvise, adapt, and innovate will be emphasized during this retrograde journey. Being in Taurus, this could have financial, practical, material, or physical implications. As the Moon enters the late degrees of Capricorn, it goes on to build a trine to Venus in Libra. This can see some positive interpersonal connections, perhaps some totally unexpected shifts in dynamic going on in regards to our relation to others. Venus forms an opposition to Chiron in Aries today however, and this can see a lot of compassion on the one hand, but may also pose challenges around harmonizing differing perspectives, values or agendas. This can create some feelings of vulnerability interpersonally, as our own needs, values, and desires and those of others can feel at odds from time to time under this aspect, but it can also emphasize the importance of tolerance and understanding. 


The Moon enters unorthodox and rebellious Aquarius at 1:49 AM PST, in the wee hours of the AM. Here, the Moon syncs up with Venus and conjoins Saturn, while squaring Uranus, and sextile Chiron. Perhaps there’s some unexpected shifts in dynamics, and maybe it’s for the better, in the very least, necessary for now. There can be a sense of solidarity through an unpredictable landscape, and it can feel good to have people on our side who have our back. There can be a sense of humanitarianism and compassion in the air, but also rebelliousness, quirkiness, and unpredictability. These are certainly weird times. There can be a lot of excitement, and the lunar conjunction to Saturn also suggests the potential for some seriousness, or some level of challenge, maybe hard work or diligence is required in some way. But there can be teamwork and cooperation as well, and everyone has different skills and resources to offer and contribute. Although this mathscape is fairly independent and wild, it can also highlight our interdependence on one another. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter, and opposes the Sun in 29 degrees Leo. This can see an emphasis on individuation, freedom, and humanitarianism. The Sun in the final degree of Leo can see a sense of urgency around these themes. There can be a generous and expansive atmosphere on the one hand, while the differences between others can be highlighted on the other. Venus attempts to harmonize and maintain diplomatic relations while navigating a sea change, and trine Saturn she is interpersonally and financially conservative, cautious and careful. These are some adventurous vibes to say the very least, so having Venus positively linked to Saturn can help create a stabilizing undercurrent and favors taking calculated risks. As we build up to a Full Moon in freedom fighter Aquarius, in which we will enter into Virgo season immediately afterwards, the themes of freedom, rebellion, truth, justice, and individuation are writ in large, -and in cartoonishly theatrical font. This lunation makes it loud and clear that the themes of Aquarius need to be recognized, fully valued, -and given their proper due. Mercury goes on to trine Pluto as well, and this can see a lot of details coming to light, and increase a sense of intensity and magnitude of things. This aspect is excellent for sleuthing, researching, investigating, illuminating,- and distilling bullshit. With Mercury trine Pluto, Uranus, and opposite Neptune, the Universe tires of fuckery and wants to bring common sense and honesty back into vogue. This aspect also makes any attempts to conceal or manipulate the truth stand out like a sore thumb. These aspects also make for a focused, innovative, and creative approach that can be good for problem solving and brainstorming.


The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs at 5:22 AM PST this morning, conjunct Jupiter. This can be a larger than life feeling Full Moon that could feel down right theatrical, perhaps even a bit absurdist or Gonzo in nature. At 5:43 AM PST, the Moon enters reflective, sensitive, and imaginative Pisces, where it opposes Mars in Virgo, and makes a minor aspect to Venus. There can be subtle tensions to navigate. There could be some lucky breaks or windfalls that come with (or follow) this Full Moon. Perhaps in some ways this is unexpected, but more than likely it’s due to a lot of effort, time, patience, or hard work. The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Virgo at 2:35 PM PST, highlighting all things Virgo, be it health, details, work, service, pets, crisis, crisis prevention, making improvements, perfectionism, worry, and being prepared. As the day wears on into evening, there can be a lot of sensitivity to the environment, and perhaps a subtle nervous tension in the atmosphere. Tomorrow there can be some worry wart vibes and a desire to seek and promote soothing and calm, or keep our ear to the ground and tune into our instincts. A sort of Full Moon hangover by the looks of it.


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