Today see’s the Moon in earthy and stubborn Taurus making an indulgent, perhaps lazy square to Jupiter Rx in Pisces. The early morning can be sort of dreamy and wistful with a lunar sextile waning off to Neptune, but a lunar trine to intense and laser focused Pluto can see a sort of doubling down on a particular direction or train of thought, feeling or sentiment. The Mars/Saturn opposition which peaked last week may have brought certain things to a halt, and it may take the better part of this week to truly get back on the horse again and regain steam, so a large part of this week may revolve around tapping back into motivation and energy levels which may have lagged a bit under competing priorities or busy schedules. Some people may have pushed ahead against the current that insisted (or forced) a slow down, others may have checked out of certain activities temporarily to avoid burn out and regroup. Regardless of how you handled the energies of these highly charged, and somewhat draining and conflicting aspects, there's been a lot going on internally for people, and in some cases there have been some very polarizing energies to mitigate, both within and without. Mars and Venus both in Leo instill a desire for self determination, and won’t give up easily when it comes to bringing back an energy of joy, vitality and aliveness. The show must go on. Even if it requires resisting our own inward inertia, or outside forces or circumstances that challenge or drain the energy, the lunar trine to Pluto and square to Jupiter shows high ideals and a focused determination to keep on keepin’ on. There may be a bit of a preoccupation with something, or a mystery that catches our attention, but the energy is there to bring renewed commitment to gathering strength, energy, and courage, one day at a time. Tomorrow can bring out our curiosity and can see a more interactive or communicative landscape.


Today see’s the Moon in talkative, multitasking Gemini, making a trine to Saturn in unorthodox Aquarius, and sextile to Venus in Leo and Chiron in Aries. This can be a potentially healing energy. It places the focus on pleasure and enjoyment, while blending maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity nicely. However, Mercury, now going forward and ending it's cycle in Gemini at the end of this week, returns to 23 degrees today, once again perfecting it's square to Neptune. This, combined with the other aspects, can make fuckery and fraud stand out like a sore thumb. It's important to be discerning, as this aspect is shady, manipulative, fraudulent and deceptive at worst, confusing, imaginative, sleepy and loopy at best. It can be creative and sensitive, -but also beguiling, so it's best to be realistic and discerning and be aware that there's a large potential for fuckery floating around. It can be easy to miss details, and there can be a lot to keep up with. Don't be taken in by silver tongued salesman with snakeoil. On the plus side, it’s possible to approach sensitive or complex subjects with a compassionate but detached objectivity, and Venus and Mars in Leo insist on a heart centered approach, but also instill courage and confidence to hold our ground in the face of any demoralizing influences. Later, the Moon sextile’s Mars which brings more energy, gusto, and enthusiasm into the atmosphere, and even though we are still dealing with Mars/Venus/Saturn opposition, and the Venus/Saturn opposition is also perfecting today at 12 degrees, suggesting there is still some reserve, holding back, inhibition, or some other obstacle or blockages to overcome, there can be a renewed determination to make things more interesting and liven things up a bit. This can see a playful and lighthearted curiosity, alongside the healing influence that the Moon/Chiron contact brings.  Late evening closes out with a lunar conjunction to Mercury, which can see some healing communications. Perhaps there is good news, or a message of love or good will that fortifies the spirit, touches the heart, or encourages us in some way. There can be some positive and beneficial contacts made today, and overall the day can be pretty productive, motivated, and positively charged.


The wee, early morning hours see the Moon in Gemini still sextile Mars in Leo, trine Saturn in Aquarius, and conjunct Mercury, but also squaring up to Neptune. It’s possible something or someone has stirred the feelings, and perhaps there’s some uncertainty around how to approach this, or even what we actually feel about it. There are some things that we just can’t know with any certainty, and so today can see people a bit loopy, or wistful. When it comes to certain situations or interactions, we may need to simply accept that we need to just “feel things out” as we go, and follow our intuition and inner knowing. The Moon/Mercury/Neptune contacts are the main players in today’s mathscape, and it can be a bit of a magical mystery tour. There can be a lot of uncertainty, and a nervousness over unknowns with the Moon squaring Neptune that can almost be sort of moody, flailing from high hopes to despair over various “what if’s.” Venus and Mars both squaring up to Uranus ultimately want to be free from any pressure, rules, restrictions, impositions, judgements, or being told what to do, how to feel or who to associate with, and slowly but surely, the planets of love and passion become more confident and self assured as they inch closer together and pass through the trials, tribulations, and inhibitions of Saturn. This evening, as the Moon perfects it’s conjunction to talkative Mercury while trine Jupiter, can open a floodgate of communication. Tomorrow see’s the Venus/Uranus square perfect, which can see caution thrown to the wind, or some other surprising or shocking moves or developments interpersonally. Whatever is going on this week, it’s very out of the box, unorthodox, surprising, passionate, experimental, or unexpected. 


The Moon enters emotive Cancer at 6:51 AM PST, emphasizing the lunar trine to Jupiter in compassionate Pisces while still holding a link to Mercury. This can see a lot of feelings being shared. Venus in passionate Leo perfects her square to unpredictable, shock rocker Uranus today, and this could see some unexpected developments or heated dynamics. Anything is possible under these aspects, and it’s very “present”, spontaneous, impulsive and in the here and now. This could spontaneously deepen dynamics, or see a show of rebellious independence, but whatever the case, the Moon makes some minor aspects particularly in the earlier part of the day that indicate a rather spicy, passionate or emotionally charged atmosphere. Later, the Moon squares Chiron which could suggest some sensitivity, vulnerability and the potential for some butt hurt. With the New Moon in sensitive Cancer tomorrow, take care how you handle people or dynamics under this lunation that are best described as “delicate.” Even though Venus and Mars are both reaching a full on “FTW I DO WHAT I WANT” following your bliss/ heart type of moment, try to be graceful and gentle if that means somebody somewhere might feel slighted or disappointed, as people can be more sensitive to certain dynamics (or sudden exits) than is apparent. 



Today see’s the New Moon in Cancer at 6:17 PM PST.  The build up can be a bit sensitive with the Moon conjunct the Sun in comfort seeking Cancer, while sextile unconventional wild card Uranus and square Chiron. It’s possible that someones independence or detachment has someone else feeling wounded or weak in some way, or the general emotional unpredictability of certain bonds, attachments or dynamics could be bringing out vulnerability. A lunar trine to Neptune later on adds some wistfulness to the mix, while an opposition to Pluto could have us feeling intensely about something. This new Moon is relatively "quiet", but there can be some internal intensity. It can be challenging to release any attachment to outcomes with the Moon/Pluto opposition, or there could be external factors or personalities that are having a hard time releasing attachment. We may crave more certainty or security in a situation. With both the Sun and New Moon squaring Chiron now, this can see a certain self protectiveness, but also a lot of empathy or understanding for others. This New Moon plants a new seed in the area in your chart ruled by Cancer, and Mercury will follow suit on Sunday to give this area a lot of considered thought and evaluation. This can see some quiet new beginnings, but could, in some instances, see something else go out "with a bang" simultaneously. No matter what area is ruled by Cancer in your chart, this New Moon, and Mercury’s entrance into this sign this weekend brings attention to our inner, emotional world, and what and who makes us feel nourished, secure, safe, and rooted. There may be something intense or perhaps emotionally complex that has our attention here, and there could be certain things we know we need to release or transform in order to follow our bliss more completely.


Today see’s the Moon void of course for the first part of the day, holding only a trine to reflective Neptune and an opposition to penetrative Pluto. This can see a cozy, restful, and retiring vibe that can be good for exploring the feelings and perhaps even the dark underbelly of certain things. There could be some intensity lurking under the surface that can compel us inward in order to sort through complex emotions, drives, or instincts. This can be a very intuitive day and good for connecting with our inner guidance systems, as we may need to. Mars has finally relented in it’s opposition to Saturn, and our energy and drive can begin to feel more consistent. This also bodes well interpersonally, as things that have been very stop/start can also begin to gain traction. The Moon enters gregarious Leo at 5:21 PM PST, where it will oppose Saturn in Aquarius. There may be some challenges or resistance to going after what we want, whether this resistance is internal or external, it’s a subtle wet blanket vibe, but it will be more and more difficult to resist the call of following our bliss and staying true to ourselves, and the coming aspects will bring plenty of resolve to extricate ourselves from any self imposed limitations, inhibitions, restrictive influences, or challenging circumstances that may have been holding us back, energetically or otherwise. 


Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo, conjunct Venus, Mars, opposite Saturn, square Uranus, and trine Chiron. Holy moly. With both Venus and Mars no longer opposing Saturn, this lunar/Saturn opposition can represent a line in the sand about something. We may have felt restricted or held back in some way from pursuing more joy in our life, and today can represent a moment where something has got to change. The lunar opposition to Saturn can produce a feeling of being lonely or cut off from others, while the lunar/Mars/Venus/Uranus aspects can see an experimental, and impulsive vibe, and a desire to take risks in the name of excitement and change. Mercury, planet of communication, leaves dualistic Gemini for emo Cancer at 1:35 PM, shifting our thoughts to a more tender place during this Mercury cycle, where we can do a lot of thinking and perhaps communicating about our feelings. There can be an erratic energy to the day that can make it hard to maintain any structure if you prefer to have a regular routine, but it’s Sunday, and it could be nice, and perhaps even necessary, to do something a little spontaneous, adventurous, or experimental. As long as it doesn’t make anything vital you have going on fall to pieces, why not live a little? Maybe the Leo lunation can get people into the good kind of trouble. In the very least, things could get pretty interesting. Venus and Mars meet and perfect their conjunction this evening, around 8 PM PST, at 18 degrees. Monday suggests there could be some sweet contacts or connections involved, and confidence and energy levels can be on the up and up now that Venus and Mars have finally embraced and are no longer impeded or held back by Saturn.


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