This morning begins with the Moon in Scorpio trine the Sun and Neptune, sextile Pluto, squaring up to Venus, Mars, and strengthening it’s square to Jupiter. This can see today begin on a note of subtle intensity but also hopefulness, passion, and optimism. There may be some intensity of feeling, but a simultaneous need to release control and allow the Universe to do it’s thing. There is also a lot of faith and optimism, and a feeling of hope on the horizon. The Moon heads into optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius at 2:08 PM, to square Jupiter in Pisces and trine Chiron, which suggests a lot of hope, a positive attitude, and a desire to expand and grow. There can be encouraging feelings, and high ideals. As long as we remain realistic and grounded in reality, this can see the power of positive thinking utilized to our advantage. Mercury sextile Uranus now, perfecting at 14 degrees, can see a lot of innovation to do things differently, and this also includes in regards to emotions. There can be new emotional frontiers being reached, and a lot being learned on subtle levels. This can also have practical/physical ramifications. Venus and Mars opposite Jupiter have worked to expand our courage and connect to our highest ideals, creatively, aesthetically, in love, and as regards our desires. Perhaps what’s been missing is belief that certain things are possible. There can be a feeling in the background this week that they are, with faith and effort. Venus and Mars in Leo are also spicy and competitive, but the opposition to Jupiter in Pisces alchemizes the quality and bandwidth of these tendencies, preserving and exalting their inherent innocence and nobility. All is ultimately subsumed to love. 


Today begins with the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Juno, sextile Saturn in Aquarius, while trine Chiron in Aries. Put simply, this can see courage and resilience to enter new frontier, emotionally or otherwise. Relationships to others can be highlighted quite a bit this week, and certain dynamics are transforming in subtle but powerful ways. Any challenges or blockages ahead, whether internally or externally, will require fortitude, consistency, and dedication. With the Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday, this indicates that challenges and blockages, and any ways we may have been fighting against ourselves and our own true will, are in a process of release-and wrenching free of, so that new, more exciting levels can be reached. Later, the Moon builds a trine to Mars and squares Neptune, which can see heightened feelings, and can make us more sensitive to the energetic stimulation and emotional or psychic impressions. We may be flirting with the idea of being more courageous and open emotionally. Thoughts and feelings we've kept private can factor in somehow, and we might entertain the idea of being more open and expressive. The imaginative faculties can be lit, and this can see a broad array of fantasies or visions that can be excellent fodder for our motivation levels. If certain unknowns or uncertainties make it somewhat challenging to express our emotions clearly, any heightened feels can be expressed in more subtle, less direct ways, or funneled into our goals. Venus is at 29 degrees Leo today, the most urgent and intense degree. Excitement and the passions can be palpable, and there can be some interesting dynamics going on under the surface of dynamics, beyond the superficial veil. Tomorrow see’s Venus shift into the more earthy, and practical Virgo, indicating a cycle about getting down to ‘bidness, and facing any said uncertainties head on by taking a more hands on approach. Securing the MF bag. 


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius trine Venus and Mars in Leo, with Venus at 29 degrees Leo, until it enters Virgo at 5:37 PM PST. There can be a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and motivation in these maths. Something can really be inspiring us right now, and optimism and faith levels only increase when the Moon makes a sextile to Jupiter. This is some pretty beautiful energy, and it can be easy to perceive all the beauty around us. Something or someone can really have us feeling lit AF. This is like some “See it. Want it. Need it. Gotta have it” type energy.  The Moon enters the material realm of Capricorn at 3:36 PM PST, and Venus enters the more physical dimension of Virgo at 5:37 PM PST. There’s definitely strong desire in this math, it’s pretty spicy, and with the Moon and Venus dipping into the material realm, these desires want to be claimed and made manifest. We can’t simply just want something- we have to go about getting it, which means working within the material realm, navigating all the nitty gritty details, and tending to all the basics of our desires fulfillment. Mercury builds an opposition to Pluto today as well, and this can see us fixated and maybe even kind of obsessed with something we have really high ideals around. We can feel compelled and impelled. We may need to break free from something within or without us in order to realize it in the flesh. This requires a surrender to the True Will, and an emotional metamorphosis. 


Today see’s the Sun make it’s annual ingress into warm and fun seeking Leo. Happy birthday Leo! The Moon in sober Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer, trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron. Perhaps it’s that with great desire and great passion, also comes great vulnerability. There can be some self doubt, and we can fumble a bit around our emotions. It can be hard to put them into words, although there may be a deep and strong desire to. This can see people wrestle with a desire to just blurt something out that they’ve wanted to say or share for a long time, as the lunar trine to Uranus wants to illuminate what’s been repressed, buried, submerged, denied. But maybe there’s fear, as doing so could leave us feeling weak or vulnerable somehow. A lunar conjunction to Pluto doesn’t make this any easier, as it only intensifies the feelings (for better or worse.) There could be something kind of exciting about whatever this is, but it looks almost tragicomic how it seems to be involving our deepest desires, but also simultaneously our deepest fears and vulnerabilities. This can see an interesting emotional alchemy take place during this build up to the Full Moon that can mark a process of pushing through all of our fears and blockages, due to being motivated by compelling forces, whether they be strong, unshakable desires, high ideals, compelling pulls, visions, people or goals.  This can see some surprising dynamics. Our approach to communications and approach to emotional dynamics can also be subtly but powerfully transforming. 


This morning see’s the Moon in serious Capricorn sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto, and this may see a desire to break new ground. It’s also perhaps that is just effortlessly a natural consequence of our own inner alchemy. Regardless, there is a conscious desire, and perhaps a compelling pull to lower a barrier more-a process that has been underway for quite some time now. These barriers may have been internal, external or all of the above, but this process has a deep and consistent, inescapable, -dare I say, even fated thread. The Moon enters free radical Aquarius at 5:12 PM PST. The Full Moon culminates at 7:37 PM PST, while conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, and Pluto out of sign, and of course opposing the Sun in Leo. Our True Will, whatever that is for you personally, requires great courage and fortitude now. This Full Moon marks us having more skin in the game, and this see’s a commitment made to the True Will that has been inevitable. Now we lay claim to it and own it. This can require exiting certain comfort zones and perhaps challenging ourselves in new ways. Building our courage, and rising to the challenges that our desires and True Will is inexorably attached to. We can feel simultaneously challenged and inspired. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, square Uranus in Taurus, and sextile Chiron in Aries. This can see shocks and surprises, perhaps some excitement, and it’s possible we feel encouraged by something. Perhaps this involves something we’ve put a great deal of effort, dedication, and patience into. It’s possible there can be some subtly encouraging signs that with continued effort and commitment, that breakthroughs and leaps forward can happen. There can be a lot of nervous energy with the Moon squaring Uranus, but the conjunction to Saturn keeps our feet on the ground and focused on realistic gains. There can be a bit of seriousness in the air, but the Sun and Mars in Leo can’t really help but gravitate towards things and people that make us feel joy. Even if there are some reality checks or just a feeling of challenge, it’s hard not to smile sometimes. If something or someone we desire also makes us feel challenged, spicy, or competitive in some way, this is meant to facilitate inner breakthroughs. Compete only with yourself. Out do your own personal bests, and don’t be consumed with the illusion you’re ever competing against externals. What and who is meant for you is already yours, you just need to energetically lay claim to it and “act as if.” This means rising to the challenge of becoming yourself. Our desires are meant to unlock new potentials inside ourselves and by rising inwardly in this way we will naturally draw them towards us. This means breaking free of our own inward resistance to them. Such resistance can come in the form of inner scripts like “I could never have that/do that/be that/that person would never want me/etc etc.” Release any such scripts. Replace them with “Thats mine. That’s me.” Or That’s my boo. We’re already dating. “ Or This shit is solid. It’s in the bag.” Sounds delusional to some of you sure, but acting as if is a really powerful form of vibrational alchemy. People would be surprised how much their own inner scripts are sabotaging the fuck out of their own peak fulfillment and self actualization. 


Today see’s the Moon in late Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo and building a conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces. With Mercury opposite Pluto, this can either see us wanting something or someone really bad, or there can be fiercely opposing opinions flying around. People can be reactive. There may be a need to blow off some steam through exercise or physical endeavors. This can be great for creativity. Our high hopes and idealism can feed our inspiration and enthusiasm levels as long as people can avoid getting sucked into pointless drama. With the Sun opposing Saturn now, it highlights the theme of being challenged by our own desires. There’s a strong and conscious desire here to make them real, to bring them down to earth. We have to be careful not to work against our own interests with too much self doubt, while simultaneously remaining realistic enough to tend to the very crops we are worshiping and pinning our hopes on. The Moon goes on to oppose Venus, while still opposing Mars and conjunct Jupiter. By 8:30 PM PST, the Moon enters sensitive and reflective Pisces. This can stimulate our ideals, particularly around relationships, finances, or creative projects. There can also be some vague worries and uncertainties or confusion here to contend with, that can see us wrestle with self doubts, perceived inadequacies, or perfectionism. This can see a strong desire to improve or to get something just right. Sunday ends on an imaginative, dreamy, and highly idealistic note, and there can be some serendipitous undercurrents and interesting things going on within the subtle, energetic realms of interpersonal dynamics. There can also be a lot of fine tuning or details to attend to. Venus in Virgo prepares us to enter new ground, and this can have real world, (in the flesh), physical implications. This cycle energetically prepares, aligns, tunes, sculpts, refines, and conditions us. 



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