Today begins with the Full Moon in weird, unconventional, and detached Aquarius, exact at 8:59 AM, culminating at 11 degrees,-(Interesting side note: the Moon also entered Aquarius yesterday at 11:11 AM PST.) It squares Uranus Taurus, opposes the Sun in Leo, sextile Chiron, and trines Juno in Libra. A sesquisquare to Venus in late Gemini is also present. This can see people needing some space, as this full Moon is a somewhat liberating influence that indicates a desire for some self exploration. It’s a bit of a vibe of “finding oneself” or figuring out where you feel you belong. There can be some minor tensions present, and a bit of rebelliousness in the air, as people grow more weary of constraints or rules. The lunar trine to Juno hints that there is a drive for change perhaps motivated by others, but it also emphasizes a desire to get along harmoniously in spite of great differences. With Mars exalted in Aries, it’s place of strength and dominion, growing in power due to the squares to Jupiter and Pluto, and eventually, Saturn- there is a growing push for independence, as well as growing pushback to any inhibiting, constrictive rules or authoritarian forces. This full Moon emphasizes a desire to individuate, as well as feel free to experiment, or shake free of any oppressive or restrictive ruts or influences, and be able to do things a little differently. It’s a good chance to take some time to breathe, innovate, experiment, follow some whims, and not worry so much what others may think about it. In the afternoon, the Moon sextiles Mars in Aries, placing further emphasis on independence, individuation, and breaking away from the crowd or the norm, or having to answer to others somehow.

Here I go again on my own.  The evening see’s a lunar trine to Venus in Gemini and it’s possible we’ve got our eyes on future possibilities and potentialities interpersonally, and this lunar link can indicate thoughts or communications regarding our shifting interpersonal and social landscape. Relations can feel somewhat distanced and detached now, but that’s to be expected when there’s been somewhat of a sea change occurring, both internally and externally. This is naturally going to reflect itself in the interpersonal and social spheres. There can be a passionate drive to let some fresh air in, experiment, and change things up.


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius dance with Venus in late Gemini, and this can see a detached changeability in the interpersonal sphere. This can see an air of change blowing through the social and personal departments, and a desire to experiment, widen our social network, or perhaps dip our toe into the water of making some social or interpersonal changes, and connecting with more like minded people in new, innovative, or untried ways. This can also see a draw to the unusual, the unconventional, and can see personal and social dynamics be a source of surprise, change, innovation, and experimentation. Things may have a somewhat detached feel, with the Moon and Venus both in cerebral air, but come evening time, the Moon enters sensitive and reflective Pisces, which can see us in an imaginative and sensitive frame, perhaps reflecting on the various changes going on around and within us. Mercury leaves emotionally preoccupied Cancer for lighthearted and creative Leo around 8:34 PM. This cycle should help lighten up the thoughts, and see communications take on a more playful, warm, and child like tone. This closes the evening out on a pleasant and tranquil frame, where there could be certain longings present, but also an awareness of various possibilities.


Today see’s the Moon in meditative and solitary Pisces, making a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. With the Sun in creative and expressive Leo trine Mars in Aries, and Mercury having just entered into Leo, this can see the thoughts drift in a more playful direction. This is an imaginative and innovative energy that can see us reflecting upon our creative, romantic, expressive, or competitive prowess, and perhaps dreaming up ways we could be more courageous as well as seek more fun and play in our life, or simply express ourselves with less inhibition. The lunar sextile to Uranus can stir the imagination, and make us receptive to some out of the blue inspirations or psychic impressions. We could be hungry for inspiration and keen to hunt it down and follow it. With Mercury now opposition to Saturn in late Cap, there can be some initial inhibitions to work out, particularly when it comes to communications. This influence won’t last however, and is fading fast, so it can be a lot easier for people to approach communications with more courage and benevolence, -and less intimidation or inhibition. The evening rolls out on a lunar conjunction to Neptune, while making a semi square to Saturn, which can see us working to dissolve any remaining feelings of intimidation or inhibition, and embrace the idea of cultivating more courage and expressiveness.


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, sextile Jupiter and Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, and square Venus in the final, most urgent degree of Gemini. This can see a focus on making inner changes and building inner resilience, perhaps driven by certain particular others, or certain social or interpersonal possibilities. Or in the very least, fantasies or visions we may have around these things. Certain things have to fully dissolve, whether these be hang ups, habits, patterns, relationships, ruts, insecurities, excuses we tell ourselves, etc etc…before we can embrace a particular direction or possibility more fully. These configurations definitely embody an inner transformation triggered at least in part or in full by our desire to see changes in our social or interpersonal dynamics. Perhaps this goes both ways, and certain changes in our social or interpersonal dynamics trigger changes within ourselves. Whichever is the case for you now, emotions can have a powerful momentum now that can lead to some intense experiences, even if just privately, and there can be a lot of intuitive downloads. Venus entering Cancer tomorrow can indicate a significant shift in personal dynamics, and perhaps the birth of new ones, or at least a new chapter. New interpersonal beginnings.



This morning see’s the Moon move into assertive Aries at 6:05 AM PST, getting the day off to a more energetic start. The Moon trines talkative Mercury in fun seeking Leo which could see a creative and impulsive, fun seeking flare to the day. Venus leaves indecisive Gemini for the more comfort and security seeking Cancer at 8:21 AM PST. The Moon squares Venus, which indicates some action being taken on the interpersonal front, and the Moon conjunct Chiron shows courage that is enhanced by it’s trine to Mercury in Leo. There could be a boost in courage and a decisiveness that was lacking before.  Later the Moon goes on to trine the Sun in Leo as well, suggesting our will is in harmony with our emotions. This can be a creative and talkative day, and there can be an impulsiveness to it. Emotions may be more involved than is apparent, and in the very least they can be enhanced or enriched in some way, with Venus now in the sensitive and gentle sign of Cancer. Venus here is more comfort seeking, and appreciates coziness. This weekend can see an impulsive streak, with the Moon and Mars in Aries taking the lead. Know when to reign it in so you don’t wind up following a wild impulse at the expense of a longterm goal. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries forming a passionate conjunction to Mars and Chiron in Aries, an opposition to Juno in Libra, and a trine to the Sun in creative and competitive Leo. Lunar squares to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn magnify the intensity here as well. Going along to get along isn’t really an option here, as it’s clear that freak flags must be flown. There can be a lot of passion behind communications under these configurations, and things can be entertaining to say the least. There’s certainly a focus on creative expression, having fun, and seeking out more entertainment and joy. There can also be a sort of edgy, competitive vibe present for whatever reason, but the passions are definitely stoked. Saturn may put the breaks on certain passionate impulses this weekend somewhat, when the Moon makes a lunar square to the planet of duty and discipline late this evening. That’s ok, because when you’re finally able to indulge in whatever fun or passionate inclinations are bubbling up, you’ll be able to do it without any guilt. It may just be that there are certain things to get out of the way first. 


Today can see the passionate impulses of yesterday hit somewhat of a wall or have to be put on ice briefly, as the Moon in Aries conjuncts Mars but squares Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. This energy can be funneled into clearing the decks or finishing up loose ends. The Moon sextile’s Venus in cozy Cancer around 4 PM PST, before heading into sensual and earthy Taurus in the evening. This can see a day of concerted effort to take initiatives that make it possible to enjoy ourselves without anything getting in the way, interfering, weighing us down, or mucking up the gears. The Moon in Taurus sextile to Venus in Cancer can see a pleasant enjoyment of creature comforts and indulging some of the good things in life, in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. There can also be something new or novel about connections being made, with the Moon’s conjunction to Uranus. Certainly refreshing or emotionally rejuvenating. It could be we’re simply preparing ground for some new chapter interpersonally or socially to be able to unfold. Removing any remaining blockages or liberating ourselves from any stifling influences can be a theme. Next week can begin on a note of dynamic change. 


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