Astrology From Mar 30-Apr 5 2020.

Mars enters unconventional Aquarius today. This places the emphasis on innovation and change. With Mars conjunct Saturn, and both Mars and Saturn squaring Uranus in Taurus, there is high concentration available, and the will to push through an unorthodox, perhaps even somewhat radical agenda, to instigate overdue reforms, even if it takes a long time. This week starts out with the Moon in Gemini square Neptune, which begins today on a bit of a spacey, impressionable, but creatively stimulated note, but it’s possible things are still a bit confused, fuzzy, or unclear. With Venus in late Taurus making so many aspects, it’s clear that foundations are being set into place for something completely different, and relationships and money are highlighted. This is definitely fertile ground for planting, in all senses of the word, even with obstacles and delays, there is the opportunity to make something promising happen. No matter what your situation is, if you take a look around and within you, you have a lot to work with, as this math indicates rich resources and abundant creativity. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will innovate around challenges, pioneer new trails, and perhaps even thrive because of them. There is a lot of pure power in these maths, and Mars and Saturn will continue to “speak truth to power.” Mars’s shift into Aquarius emphasizes  modern technology, innovation, social networking, community, social justice, experimental initiatives, individuality, independence, originality, bucking trends, rebelling against the status quo, and all things weird, out there, and odd. Mars in Aquarius is future AF.

Today the Moon enters sensitive Cancer, sextile Uranus in Taurus and squaring up to Chiron and the Sun in Aries. This can see some vulnerabilities or sensitivities, but also a certain radical detachment. There can be a lot of changes going on, and emotional undercurrents are shifting with the tides. It bares mentioning that Venus, planet of love and partnerships will enter dualistic Gemini this Friday, and will station retrograde in this sign in the second week of May. Venus here will highlight more than one choice, decision, or direction to take. Two paths. Two sides to a story. Two people. For some, this retrograde can be very complex in nature, and will require people to make a choice, take a decision, either between two people,  two value systems/factions/organizations/directions, whether financially, materially, interpersonally/relationally, or all of the above. Later this evening, the Moon in emo Cancer forms a trine to Mercury in Cancer. This suggests the possibility of some surprising communications, emotional revelations, disclosures, realizations, or epiphanies. Stir craziness is building. Empathy is important under the Cancer lunation, as people can be feeling more sensitive, emo, vulnerable, or impressionable than might be apparent.

Today can see the feelings magnified quite a bit, with a lunar square to the Sun, trine Mercury and Neptune sensitive, psychic Pisces, in opposition to amplifying Jupiter and intense, brooding, instinctive Pluto, in strategic Capricorn. Later this evening, the Moon also opposes strict Saturn and energetic, ire Mars in radical Aquarius. Don’t underestimate the possibility that some people are feeling really depressed, repressed, and oppressed right now. Perhaps a bit stir crazy, trapped ,cut off, or isolated from a sense of community or what the heart wants. Try to be compassionate with others, and if you’re the only company you have, remember to be compassionate with yourself. It’s possible something learned or communicated makes …quite an impact under this lunation. It’s possible also that it’s what is felt but not said, what is merely intimated. A lot can be going on under the surface of things, and people can be keeping much to themselves. The Moon/Mercury/Neptune links can see some thick psychic impressions, synchronicities, spiritual experiences, or telepathic links. Very surreal, highly impressionable math, and what we see, hear, or feel can be really magnified under these configurations. 

Today begins with the Moon in late Cancer, trine Chiron in Aries, square Uranus in Taurus, sextile Venus, and opposite Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. For purely divinatory reasons, I feel like mentioning that NINs “Locusts” just finished and went straight into the song “Where Is Everybody” off of The Fragile. I’ll have to re-listen to this when Thursday happens to see if this bares any meaning for me then. 
This math definitely reflects some powerful changes happening, particularly emotionally and interpersonally. “Together” by NIN just came on after “where is everybody.” I’ll leave links to these tracks at the bottom. Something new is erupting and it’s possibly really unexpected and maybe even refreshing, or invigorating. These maths look powerful AF. Around noon, the Moon enters gregarious and playful Leo, emphasizing the opposition to Mars and Saturn, the square to Uranus in Taurus, and the trine to Chiron. Perhaps there’s something to be excited about, that boosts confidence, in spite of delays, obstacles, challenges, or blockages. There is certainly courage, passion, warmth, and enthusiasm, with a lunar trine to the Sun in Aries.

(where is everybody)




After some WEIRD AF vibes with the Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, opposite Mars in Aquarius and trine the Sun and Chiron in Aries,  Venus moves into silver tonged and dualistic Gemini, the sign of the twins. Things are definitely weird as hell, and it’s clear that people will have to make choices or choose sides. There is a LOT of power and money involved, and things look set to have powerful, longterm implications, with this taking place immediately during potent trines Venus is forming to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Venus will station retrograde in Gemini the second week of May, and things can actually become pretty dubious, confusing, deceptive, delusional, highly impressionable, and unclear. It’s possible for people to be easily hoodwinked or deceived, or conversely, for others to engage in shady business, trickery, or fuckery under the aspects Venus will form during this long cycle. Things could get pretty tricksy, with the potential for double speak and double dealings, and general, overall confusion or fugazi. On the other hand, these aspects could also confer humanitarianism, compassion, and efforts towards doing the right thing (Venus trine Mars in Aquarius). But figuring out what that “right” thing is can be an area of confusion, conjecture, and experimentation. Venus presides not only over love, relationships, pleasure, money, and possessions, but also our core values, self esteem, and basic self respect. In the tricksy, mercurial sign of Gemini, which focuses on communications, thoughts, sorting through and processing rote data and information, general curiosity, solving puzzles, and exchanging ideas, there is certainly much to think about, and more than one possible direction to go in, perspective to consider, stand to take, or cause to champion (Mars in Aquarius.) With Mercury currently still in hazy Pisces conjunct Neptune, there is still a hell of a lot of confusion and lack of clarity, and much is still hidden from sight, or going on behind the scenes. This aspect, even in isolation, can make people feel pretty sensitive and impressionable psychologically, hazy, unclear, perhaps even totally bemused. It can also make it difficult to sort fact from fiction, but positively, it can make compassion and understanding easier to come by. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus is a mad scientist aspect, with Saturn wanting to put on the breaks on new, weird initiatives, and Mars pushing for radical revisions, there’s a whole lot of weird goin’ on. Venus’ long cycle in Gemini will highlight making choices between 2 things, directions, value systems, stances, or causes. We will need to choose very wisely and gather all of the facts, and try and figure out wtf is even actually going on anymore.  Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune is having a somewhat eroding and dissolving impact on thought processes, communications, information gathering, and really, our entire sense of reality. The issues, values, and choices at hand are all really HUGE, powerful, impactful, significant, and have longterm implications (Venus trine Mars,Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.) Mars forms a sextile to Chiron today, which creates a “social justicey”, humanitarian, healing vibe of championing the underdog and fighting the good fight. A mathematical signature that won’t take injustices lying down, but will stand up for itself and others, and champion just causes. Mars and Saturn square Uranus could actually see people radicalizing but it can also see authorities radicalizing, thereby causing people to radicalize in response, in a sort of tit for tat fashion. It’s a bizarre configuration worth paying attention to. It’s definitely showing it’s colors. In the words of Jay and Silent Bob..“Strange things are afoot at the circle K.”

Today begins with the Moon n late Leo squaring up to Venus in two sided Gemini. With Venus still trine Mars and Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury, planet of the mind and cognition conjunct Neptune in Pisces-we could have some very mixed feelings about some very powerful and compelling issues, and there could be an atmosphere of conflicted interests, compelling arguments, but a whole lot of confusion, fugazi, deception, or a lot that is being hidden.  With the Moon in passionate, expressive, and theatrical Leo squaring Venus in curious Gemini trine both Mars and Saturn in humanitarian, rebellious, unorthodox Aquarius, it’s clear that both regular, everyday civilians, as well as people in positions of power and authority are straight up off the fuckin’ chain, and everyone and everything is weird as hell. The cerebral air signs of Gemini and Aquarius really want to figure everything out, and it can be hard to know where to turn or what to do under the confusing haze of Mercy conjunct Neptune. In the afternoon, the Moon heads into anxious and fastidious Virgo, squaring Venus in Gemini, and trine Uranus in Taurus. Shit is getting weirder and weirder all the time, and this atmosphere may see us trying to comb through the details of things. The over all “radical” nature of the Aquarian/Uranus overtones can create some interpersonal tensions, or dissonance, and there can be new details and perspectives, and communications rolling in that can be surprising, but also complex to navigate. There can also be radical notions or differences in values or perspectives that create subtle tensions, or simply encourage detailed exchanges or the joint resolutions of puzzles. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like the confusion and general sense of being psychologically thrown off balance by cognitive dissonance, and a generally tricksy feeling atmosphere. Beginning Monday, it will be clear that things are being deliberately hidden and obscured.  With Mars and Saturn head to head and squaring the prince of whackness, Uranus, there is a low key atmosphere of “weird war” going on. Some feel a compelling ease to surrender to the pull of being told what to think and do, while others feel an equally compelling instinct to do the exact opposite of that. This can see people at odds with people, and people at odds with authority, and authority at odds with people. Others may follow directions on the surface but internally questioning and evaluating. I’d like to be able to say things will make more sense soon, but May brings a Venus retrograde. Best we can do is form sustainable psychological coping strategies. Anybody have a tank?

Today see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo, trine Uranus in Taurus, opposite Mercury and hazy Neptune in Pisces, and trine Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This can create an “unsolved mysteries” sort of vibe, and if anything is clear, it’s that there’s deception and confusion afoot, and people can also be easily deceived under these configurations, as impressionability is high. Quality control is key. These maths unfortunately illustrate a lot of illusion, fuckery, and trickery going on, but also, simultaneously, -there is the potential to see clearly and not have your entire sense of reality eroded in spite of the illusions being spun around you. In spite of thick fugazi, illusion, trickery, secrecy, theater, and mystery, there is a perceptiveness available that can assist with being able to penetrate below the surface, facilitate illumination, and clearly see the reality of what is being said and done. (Lunar trine to Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn.)  This math calls one to simply take a look around you, at the real and tangible reality that is right in front of you and can be verified with your own eyes, and see if this reality matches that of whatever narrative is being spun around you. All is not as it seems. 


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