Astrology For The Week Of April 22nd-28th 2019

We begin this week with the Moon in expansive and optimistic Sagittarius, heading towards a conjunction with generous Jupiter, and trining Mercury in the early morning hours. A lunar opposition to Mars in Gemini amidst all this suggests good humor and a positive attitude, in spite of potentially challenging, frustrating circumstances that perhaps have us slightly on edge. A lunar square to Neptune, and Neptune’s square to Mars may add to a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, or lack of clarity about the way forward. Certain things need to simply be “waited out.” 

With both Venus and Mercury conjoined to Chiron, all in Aries, there could be a lot of sensitivity in the air, but the potential for clearing the air, and bringing healing to situations is very much available. There could be very forthright communications about sensitive topics, and a feeling of vulnerability, as well as empathy, can permeate interpersonal communications and involvements under these configurations. 

The Sun now in Taurus conjoins Uranus, suggesting some radical readjustments are in the works. There could also be some rebelliousness in the air, in some cases, alienation, or a feeling of being an “outsider” in some way, but ultimately, due to the presence of Saturn and Pluto, also in earth signs, rebelling for the sheer sake of it, or acting out for the sheer sake of it, simply isn’t going to fly. 

Changes are certainly happening, and are inevitable, but any changes made now will have to pass a “maturity test” or a “reality check” of sorts, to be viable, and to pass. One thing is for certain. We cannot continue to keep doing things the same way we have always done them, simply because it’s the way they have always been done. New rules need to be written and applied.

Tuesday the 23rd, see’s the Moon, still conjunct Jupiter, form a trine to both the Sun and Uranus.  Around noon, PST, the Moon, now in the late degrees of Sagittarius, forms a square to Venus and Chiron. Although things are looking essentially positive and optimistic here, and there seems to be an atmosphere of “anticipation,” there could be some interpersonal tensions, blockages, and sensitivities to navigate. 

Around 4 PM PST Tuesday, the Moon shifts into serious and determined Capricorn, eventually throwing in a square to Mercury. There could be some indecision, or an impasse of sorts to contend with, or perhaps we feel burdened by some information or communication we receive, or perhaps there is a short journey we have some responsibility to undertake. Something or someone can throw a spanner in the works, in some way that we don’t expect. This could stoke some vulnerabilities, or perhaps leave someone feeling sensitive, unsettled, or simply misunderstood. 

Pluto, planet of power and transformation, stations retrograde today.
Aside from that somewhat noteworthy event, Wednesday the 24th see’s the vibe from the latter part of Tuesday carry over, only the impatience begins to grow when Jupiter forms an opposition to Mars in flighty Gemini. We could be anxious to get something over with, and the high-strung feeling could be rather uncomfortably amplified. There could also be way too much going on at once, a lot of communications to contend with, and a general harried impatience in the air. Take extra B vitamins and deep breaths. Maybe blow off some steam by getting some fresh air via a hike or a jog. There could be a whole lot of nervous energy or restlessness to contend with, musical chairs, or perhaps just a lot of waiting around and spinning our wheels. 

Later, around 1 PM PST Wed, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, lending us some emotional fortitude through some potentially destabilizing circumstances. The Moon inevitably conjoins Pluto as well, so there are definitely some powerful transformations afoot, and perhaps an air of drama, intensity or extremes. 

In the evening, the Moon sextiles Neptune, bringing some healing relief to the table. This can help sooth, settle, and calm. Ahhhh.

Thursday the 25th, there seems to be some relief in the air, as a lot of the tense aspects have tapered off, and an energy of calm stability begins to settle in. There are still some intense transitions in action, but it is a grouping of configurations that say’s “I think we’re getting this under control now.” There may be some positive news, or in the very least, communications are congenial, even if there are still some sensitivities to be worked out. 

Although some changes being made can feel intense, it appears they are for the best. Later on in the evening however, a Lunar square to Uranus can indicate some stubborn or erratic behavior. Someone may be resistant to the “new status quo,” or even going against their own best interests. This could require careful handling and/or diplomatic negotiation. 

With the Mars/Jupiter square, something or someone can be trying our patience, or standing on our last nerve. There may be a need to achieve or complete something so that we can enjoy ourselves, so developing self discipline and curbing impatience wherever possible will be helpful. Outbursts or temper flairs will only slow down progress, compound stress, and waste precious energy reserves.


Friday the 26th, see’s the Moon in detached Aquarius, forming a reasonable, charming, and compassionate sextile to Venus and Chiron in Aries. Sometimes the best way to work passed peoples defenses or lower their resistance is to simply be gracious, kind, compassionate, understanding, and let them tire themselves out. 
Later on, late Friday evening, a motivating and confident Lunar trine to Mars joins the Lunar sextile to Venus and Mercury, boosting morale, and lending a can do attitude. It looks like some sort of victory or agreement, (however small) is finally reached. 

Saturday the 27th, see’s Mars in Gemini sextile Mercury, and Mercury form a square to Saturn. One step forward and one step back? On the one hand, we can be making forward progress with something or someone, and on the other, someone could also be stubbornly stuck on certain ideas, and doing things the way they always have done them, and perhaps unwilling to see other perspectives. This could simply translate to progress that is just extremely slow, with a lot of communication (or cognitive) blockages to remove or work around. But the motivation and courage to rise to the challenges is there. 

An evening Lunar sextile to Jupiter adds some emotional generosity, joy joy feelings, and boosts morale. A pleasant way to wind Saturday evening down. 

Sunday may see some wildcards, perhaps of a pleasant variety, with a lunar sextile to Uranus throwing some interesting surprises or unexpected leaps forward into the mix. Later on in the afternoon the Moon slips into sensitive, and emotive Pisces. Sunday evening see’s Mercury trine Jupiter, bringing  with it some positive news, travels, or communications, and expanding our world in a positive way, and in the very least, giving us hope. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a most triumphant week. See you next Monday!  


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